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Basis and Dangers of Sleep Apnea - Sleep Apnea Risks and Threats - Effects of Sleep Apnea

There is no age or gender criteria; anybody including female, male, old, young or yet kids can be a victim of sleep apnea. Furthermore, several threats are as well linked with both types obstructive and central apnea.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Threats

You can be a victim of Obstructive Sleep apnea in case you are:

o    Obese
o    Have some relation with a sleep apnea patient
o    Above 65 years of age
o    Male Gender
o    In a Smoking habit
o    A Pacific Islander, Hispanic or Black

Besides above, you have higher chances of sleep apnea if your neck is fat, septum deviated, retreating chin or inflamed adenoids or tonsils (children having this symptom have sleep apnea in general). In case the muscles of your throat are prone to loosen up extra than usual, your airway can be lessened or blocked while you sleep. Several other health issues including allergies can create congestion in your nasal area and this blockage can as well pave way to sleep apnea syndrome.

Central Sleep Apnea Threats

Similar to as obstructive, central sleep apnea is seen more often in males over 65.  On the contrary, it is usually linked with severe diseases, for instance brain or spinal damage, neurological or heart diseases or stroke.

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