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Sleep Apnea and Cardiovascular Disease | Sleep Apnea is the Cause of Death - True or False?

Sleep Apnea and Cardiovascular Disease | Sleep Apnea is the Cause of Death - True or False?
Lots of people all over the world having severe sleep apnea might get nervous over this extreme consequence of sleep apnea that it may cause death or not? On the other hand, it is equally important to be aware of the possible threats presented by this general sleep problem to be able to safeguard yourself.

Nevertheless, unpredicted death may occur from heart-related problems but the threats linked with heart problems and sleep apnea are diversified and complicated. It is obvious from so many studies that heart problems and lack of sleep are interconnected. However, the thing that is not apparent is that one of the two diseases is the cause of another.

The reality is that anyone's disease can serve as the stimulus for others most of the time. Some latest research studies can help resolve whether sleep apnea is a cause or death of not.

Recently, two studies have been published in the "Sleep" journal that mentions that there are higher threats of premature death to sleep apnea patients from any other disease and not only from heart problems as compared with people having no sleep problems.
Sleep Medicine center "Yale" conducted a research study of 1000 plus people and discovered that there are higher risks of death or stroke from any medical reason to the sufferers of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

Similarly, Toronto University research discovered that there are 4 times more stroke risks to people having severe sleep apnea condition.

Several other research studies have found that people having heart problems along with persistent sleep apnea are at greater threat of heart malfunctioning as compared to other normal people.

The Process of Sleep Apnea Affecting your Heart

In sleep apnea, patient breathing is regularly interrupted and in reality, the patients undergo regular intervals during sleep when their breathing is halted altogether.

When this frequent halting of your breathing occurs during sleep, the patient surely go under rundown of required oxygen intake that understandably puts great pressure on the heart, which strives hard to provide continuous blood flow to the body.

When this procedure repeats itself on and on, every night, the continuous strain on the heart may turn out in fatal heart malfunctioning. Your heart may become enlarge or go for a week and you may stop working due to blockage.

Studies have pointed out that around half of the heart failure patients were also suffering from severe sleep apnea.

Which comes first, Sleep Apnea or Heart Failure?

Regardless of the studies that prove that the heart patients were also the sufferers of sleep apnea, however, it is not every time apparent, which of the two conditions arriving first.

Many of the heart diseases can be caused due to undue pressure put on the heart by interruptions in the breathing process. However, the correlation between heart diseases and sleep deficit is not always straightforward in every case. 

Heart patients also suffer from a high degree of pain or anxiety. Both of these conditions are not favorable to have a sound sleep at night. The situation is further worsening as we know through research studies that sleep deficit can also be a cause of promoting heart sickness but it is always the reason for the malady.

Other Healthiness Penalties of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea can pose potential dangers to your health in many other forms such as severe injuries or even death

Sleep apnea creates tiredness that can result in extreme daytime drowsiness, weak decision power, and dull responses and reply periods that can produce outcomes in the form of accidents, job-related harms, droppings to the ground, wrong medications, and much more.  

Instability of chemicals balance may as well take place in the sleep apnea patient’s body having acute sleep apnea syndrome that can result in the fluctuation of the levels of blood sugar and hormones almost regularly.  These changes can cause depression and anxiety and consequently, suicidal thoughts or drug abuse may overwhelm the affected person.

So, we can answer “True” to the query, “Sleep Apnea is a potential danger of death?” However, correct and suggested cure of the syndrome can minimize or even eradicate the symptoms that can possibly minimize the threats of allied stroke and heart-related diseases.

Ways to Minimize Healthiness Threats

Is it possible to treat sleep apnea at an early stage and prevent yourself from likely to develop emerging heart diseases? There is no sure reply to this query up till yet, however, research studies are continuing and new discoveries are regularly coming out.

A research carried out in the U.K at the Oxford Center provided proof that sleep apnea patients whether suffering from mild or moderate condition are at considerably higher chances of developing heart sickness.  On the other hand, MD, Malcolm Kohler, the leader of the research study indicated that CPAP treatment can provide heart benefits to the sleep apnea sufferers.

In case you realize that you are suffering from sleep apnea, seek an expert analysis and healing immediately to reduce your chances of developing heart-related diseases.


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