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Risks of Untreated Sleep Apnea - Cancer Mortality Risk Rises Up due to Sleep Apnea

Risks of Untreated Sleep Apnea - Cancer Mortality Risk Rises Up due to Sleep Apnea
The latest research states that cancer mortality risk has been risen up due to sleep apnea, which is a common irregular breathing syndrome during night.

Though earlier research studies have linked irregular breathing with elevated threats of several diseases such as depression, heart diseases, hypertension, and premature death, etc. But, this is one of its kind studies that tell us about the link between increased mortality risk due to cancer and sleep apnea.

The study conducted at the Wisconsin University and headed by Dr. F. Javier Nieto confirmed about 5-folds increased occurrences of deaths due to cancer in sleep apnea sufferers in comparison to those, who have no sleep apnea symptoms. This is an exact result that was first found in research study on animals.

Dr. Javier said that the clear link between sleep apnea and cancer is obvious but still a lot of work is required to prove that cancer or its growth is relevant to sleep apnea.  He added that however, studies on animals have exposed the fact that insufficient oxygen supply that describes sleep apnea encourages cancer development.  The recent study advocates that sleep apnea is clearly connected with human mortalities due to cancer as well.

The medical scientists studied 22-year mortality statistics of 1522 employees of Wisconsin. The contributors underwent polysomnography (a whole night sleep test) and several other examinations at 4-year gaps.

After the modifications of several factors such as smoking, BMI, sex and age, etc, Dr. Javier discovered that the cancer-related mortalities were linked with the existence and graveness of sleep disorder breathing. Sleep apnea sufferers died due to cancer at 4.8 time higher rate as compared with people having no sleep apnea issues.

These relations of cancer with sleep apnea were the same after leaving 126 people who had been using CPAP device and therefore, were healthier among normal-weight people than overweight people.

Dr. Javier said that in our broad-spectrum analysis, sleep apnea was found linked with the increased cancer death rate.  However, further studies are required to duplicate these outcomes. And if the association of cancer deaths and sleep apnea is confirmed in future findings, the analysis and cure of sleep apnea in sufferers having cancer will possibly be signified to extended life.

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