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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Snoring Home Remedies – Prevent Your Snoring the Natural Way

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The following guidelines will certainly help you have improved sleep at night, regardless of who is suffering from snoring  between both of the bed partners.

While snoring, the formations in the upper throat, tongue, uvula and soft palate shudder against the adenoids and tonsils. It can be because of several reasons:

Obese people snore more and it’s for the reason that added fatty tissues constrict the airways.

Taking alcohol just before going to sleep is one more reason as it is for relaxing the throat muscles.

Nasal obstruction due to allergies and cold is another reason for snoring as extra mucus and swollen tissues get in a way of smooth breathing.

Learn How to Stop Snoring, the Natural Way?

Maybe simply changing your sleep position is all that you require, however, the real goal is reducing your weight, which is most of the times is the sure way of having peaceful night sleeps.

Instead of sleeping flat on the back, it is helpful to purchase some additional pillows in order to support your head up while sleeping at night. Another way to keep your head up than the rest of your body is to put some wooden pieces under the top-end legs of your bed.

While there is no surety that you will remain in that pose during your sleep, however, try to sleep on your sides and to keep yourself in that position, hold the pillow between your arms. It is important because if you sleep on your back, it will block your air passages by making your soft palate and tongue relax next to your throat’s back.

If holding a pillow does not work, you can sew a tennis ball in a pocket of your pajama’s top. The tennis ball will prevent you from tossing on your back during sleep.

Make use of antihistamine or decongestants in order to overcome your nasal congestion, in case it is making you snore.

You can use nasal strips easily available in the market to help your snoring. You may feel awkward but who is there to watch you?  Before going to sleep tie those nasal strips by reading the instructions given with the packet. They will ease you by keeping your nostrils open, thus increasing the flow of air.

Take a water-glass and mix in it a drop of peppermint oil and gurgle (abstain from swallowing) with this mouthwash to contract the inside layer of your throat and nose. It is particularly helpful if you are suffering from a temporary cold.

Sometimes, a neck brace can be used to keep your chin protruded and throat unbending, which keeps your air passages open and check your snoring.

Trim down dirt, mold, pet dander, and other allergens, etc. to lessen nasal staleness by cleaning drapes and floors. Often change pillow covers and bedsheets etc.

Tea of herb stinging nettle is recommended by herbalists for treating chronic snoring patients who are pollen allergic. It heals the inflammation of such patients. Buy its dried leaves from the food stores and boil a cup of water and pour 1 tbsp of these leaves in it. Cover it and let them soaked for 5 min.  Sieve the mixture and take a cup of it before going to bed.

Avoid alcohol and heavy diet at least 3 hours before going to bed as these things are the reason for relaxing the muscles of the throat above normal.

Shedding only 10% body weight can ease up the upper air passage constriction and as a result help reduce snoring. So, make an effort to lose some weight.

The mucous membranes of the throat get disturbed by the smoke of tobacco, which results in the airway narrowing. The congestion in nasal areas is also a common problem for smokers.

Stop taking sedatives or sleeping pills as there are drugs that can increase the snoring. So, it is better to take advice from your therapist for a substitute.

Dryness in the air is also a contributing factor for increasing your snoring.  So, in order to remove dryness from the air, you can use a steam vaporizer or humidifier in the room where you sleep as per the instructions given by the manufacturer.

Another thing that you can do before going to bed at night is to take a bowl and fill it with boiled water and then cover your head with a towel and bow on the hot water bowl keeping your nose about 15 cm above the water. And now take deep breaths from the nose for several minutes.

Fighting Your Snoring – Save Your Relationship

If a snoring person happens to be your bed partner, then there is a chance of conflict in your relationship. But, you should also keep in mind that there are other partners as well who have successfully handled this situation. Therefore, before you get completely disappointed with the situation, there are various simple ways available to handle the snoring of your loving partner.

Earplugs can be a solution. There are various kinds of economic earplugs available in the market. They are also quite convenient and only after a while you will get used to them.

Various forms of sleep aid, white noise devices are available in the markets that are certainly very beneficial while sleeping with a snoring person. These machines generate other comforting sounds, such as ocean waves, highway traffic, rain, wind, and music, etc. that mixes with snoring sound.

Turn yourself perfectly facing against your partner so that you have the advantage of having a sound sleep at night.

What is the right time to inform you doctor about your snoring

If your snoring is quite loud and in large amounts, it is a possibly serious situation that must be treated. While breathing, if your breathing is stopped for short intervals during night accompanied by heavy and noisy snoring, then you should inform your therapist so that he can check you up for sleep apnea.  

Also, inform the therapist if at times you wake up breathless or with headaches or if you feel drowsiness throughout the daytime. Oxygen levels in the blood are reduced in the case of sleep apnea that ultimately paves the way to inflamed heart and hypertension. From time to time doctors suggest CPAP machines for nighttime use. Further, surgical procedures can also be applied.


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