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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Cure Your Snoring - Simple Solutions to Stop Snoring

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There are chances that you are also a snorer like the 45% who snore at times or probably, you are aware of somebody who snores. Such people are found to be a source of ridicule; however, on the other hand, snoring is a severe issue.

A snoring professional MD, Daniel Slaughter at “Capital Otolaryngology” in Texas says that snoring can make serious damage to one’s marriage life as the snoring of one partner restricts the other person having a sound sleep at night, which ultimately show the way to detached bedrooms.

Mr. Daniel added that snoring is not only an annoyance but the majority of people who have snoring problem also have OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) in which breathing is disturbed at intervals during the night sleep, which further raises the threat of mounting heart-related sickness.
A neuroscience professor, Mr. Sudhansu Chokroverty says that it can be risky to indulge in over the counter treatments and self-medication as a large number of anti-snoring solutions are advertised without enough scientific researches that can give weight to their claims.
On the contrary, he suggested the following natural alternatives and changes in lifestyle to get rid of snoring.

Sleep Pose Adjustment
When you lie on your back, your soft palate and tongue bottom fall down towards the throat back wall, which leads to a snoring sound. However, if you adjust your sleep pose to your sides, it may ease in preventing your snoring.
Daniel says that a full body length pillow is a simple solution. It not only provides support to your whole body but also allows to sleep on your sides and certainly capable of making a big change.
Professor Chokroverty says that alternatively, you can stitch the tennis balls in the back pockets of your pajamas top to restrict yourself sleeping on your sides, which ultimately helps you cut snoring. However, if still snoring does not stop, this may be due to OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) and you should consult your therapist for the check up.

Weight Loss

Daniel says that losing weight may help but not to everybody as non-obese people snore as well. If you believe that you started snoring after the weight gain then you must strive to lose weight as it may help. The thick neck constricts the throat’s internal passage, thus more prone to fall while sleeping and results in snoring.

Drinking Alcohol
Professor Sudhansu says that alcohol and tranquilizers lower the passive characteristic of your throat’s back muscles and you are more prone to snoring. The snoring becomes worse if alcohol is taken a few hours before going to sleep. Even normal people who have no snoring problem are likely to snore after taking alcohol.

Good Sleeping Habits

Bad sleeping habits have an equal result as of taking alcohol, Danial says. For instance, lengthy work hours without having enough sleep causes over-exhaustion, which tends you to have profound and tough sleep, which ultimately makes your muscles to flop and that is what produces snoring.

Nasal Openings

Sudhansu says that if you have a nasal problem, treating it possibly will help reduce snoring. Think about water running in a thin hose. If the hose is narrow enough the water will run through it quickly.

The nasal routes work in a similar pattern. In case your nose is blocked with cold or other reasons, the air will surely try to flow fast and thus a snoring sound is produced.
Daniel says that a hot shower bath before night sleep can prove beneficial in opening the nasal routes. Also, rinse your nose with saltwater while showering. It is equally beneficial and can be used with neti pot as well.
If the existence of your nasal problem is confined to the nose only and does not lie inside the soft palace, then nasal strips can help open up the nasal ways.

Pillow Adjustment

The presence of allergens in your pillows and in your bed can be a contributing factor in your snoring malady. Do you remember the last time you cleaned your ceiling fan or replaced your pillow?

Reactions caused by an allergy due to dust mites can also make you snore. When pet animals sleep with you, you also inhale their dander in the breathing, thus another source of snoring.
Daniel elaborated that if you feel fantastic throughout the daytime but blocked during the night then these allergies are likely to be the cause of your snoring.
Clean the pillows after every 2 weeks and change them occasionally so that the possibility of allergens and dust mites can be reduced to the least. Pets should also be kept outside of the bedroom.  
Sudhansu says that the special pillows meant for prevention of snoring can be used carefully as they may be useful if they support your head otherwise they can create pain in the neck as well.

Prevent Dehydration
Drinking lots of fluids is critical as the secretions in the nasal areas become stickier at times you are not well hydrated and as a result snoring increases. The Institute of Medicine recommends drinking 16 cups daily to men and 11 cups to women.
On the whole, Daniel says that simple routines like getting enough sleep and sleeping on your sideways, avoiding alcohol particularly before going to bed and taking a shower of hot water in case of nasal clogging can produce a big difference in the prevention of snoring.

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