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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

100 Home Remedies for Sleep Apnea and Snoring - Say Goodbye to Sleepless Nights Once and For all

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100 Home Remedies for Sleep Apnea and Snoring - Say Goodbye to Sleepless Nights Once and For all

In this disease, breathing is stopped for a short time, while you are asleep. This condition is occurred because of some obstruction in your respiratory system. The patient is at higher risk of heart attacks, stroke problems, and even death.

Several other fatal diseases are also linked with it such as diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure. Sleep deficiency occurs due to regular interruption in sleep at night, which leads to lethal errors in carrying out daytime chores that include driving as well.

So, it's crucial to treat this disease at the earliest. Several natural home remedies are given here that can treat your sleep apnea and snoring well.


1) You have insufficient sleep.
2) You awake a number of times gasping for fresh air.
3) You have reduced memory and feel great trouble in getting your focus.
4) You create loud sounds of snoring while sleeping.
5) You feel the need to pass urine regularly during the night.
6) Your throat gives a feeling of dryness.
7) You feel dizziness and headache throughout the daytime.


1) Remove any allergens from your home for instance cigarette ashes and smoke, dust, pets hair, etc. Daily clean the air of every room of your house with filtration units. This step will facilitate you to respire in the clean and fresh air.

2) Practice yawning as this procedure helps in widening your throat.

3) Breathe in steam intensely for ten minutes through the nose when you are getting ready to sleep to avoid congestion. Deal congestion with decongestants, saline drops, neti pots, nasal strips, and nasal sprays.

4) In order to keep up the level of humidity in the bedrooms, make use of a steam vaporizer or humidifier.

5) A Vicks VaporRub balm can also be applied on the affected chest to open the obstructed nasal paths.
6) Make your habit to take yogurt every day. It also helps in snoring.

7) Calcium supplements are also sleeping enhancers. Your therapist will advise you on the right amount of dosage.

8) The most important mineral that is required to regulate muscles in your body is magnesium. So, make sure if you are consuming sufficient magnesium daily as sleep apnea is a difficulty in your upper throat muscles.

9) It sounds comical but singing works. Make an effort to sing some couplets of a song for a few minutes before going to bed. This practice may as well put a halt to your snoring habit. This an effective snoring remedy.

10) The techniques taught in yoga for breathing can also be utilized to treat apnea at home as they effectively crackdown airways. By utilizing these yoga breathing techniques, you may find out betterment in your apnea.

11) Practicing proven throat exercises on a regular basis can also provide you comfort in your sleep apnea. These throat drills also provide strength to your muscles to check the obstructed air passages in the throat, mouth, or nose. These proven exercises can also facilitate minimizing your snoring and encourage peaceful night sleep.

12) The blowing of a balloon is also a good exercise for treating your sleep problem. Breathe in deep air through your nose and breathe out into a balloon through your mouth. Go over this drill several times a day. This process will allow the correct flowing of air through your nasal areas while you sleep at night.

13) Try to play Didgeridoo daily for half an hour to overcome your breathing problem.

14) You can also make use of acupuncture techniques in combination with other treatments for the cure of your breathing obstruction.

15) Improved Vitamin C and Vitamin D consumption can make better your message routes between the brain and several other parts of your body.

16) The muscles of your tongue also need to be strong, otherwise, your tongue will fall back the inner side of your throat because of its weight. Exercises of the tongue are meant to resolve this issue.

17) Drinking sufficient water appears to be a treatment for every disease because your back throat soft palate will likely become gluey if you aren't properly hydrated. This glueyness will clog your nasal areas and the flow of air will be blocked as a result.

But, you need to unblock any blockages to ease up the airflow. This glueyness will make your sleep apnea and snoring even worse.

Therefore, keep yourself properly hydrated by drinking a sufficient amount of liquids daily including water to curb snoring as dehydration can result in the softness of palate and gluey nose.

18) Make an intentional effort to respire by way of your nose if you are habitual of breathing by way of your mouth, which helps in improving your snoring problem.

Bedtime Alternative Therapies

1) Keep yourself away from heavy foods and caffeine especially two hours before taking sleep.

2) Loud sounds disturb sleep even to people who are not aware of them in their sleep and are unable to recognize these noisy sounds in the morning. A noise screen is perhaps a better alternative and can be a big relief for these patients without using a CPAP device.

3) If you sleep on your back regularly, this is not good for your sleep problem. Rather, attempt to sleep on your right or left sides. This step will possibly safeguard the airways from obstruction.

4) Attempt to buy a firm mattress for getting better back, neck, and head support. You can also make use of pillows, which are particularly manufactured to stop snoring.

5) Stitch a tennis or golf ball on your upper sleeping garment back pocket in order to stop yourself tossing on your back.

6) At night, you can put on an oral device identical to the mouth guard commonly recognized as mandibular advancement. With this device, your lower jaw will push out that broadens the air passage and minimizes snoring. Research proves that this device is helpful (more than 90% of the time) to minimize snoring.

7) If you feel like that mouth guard is expensive then you can try an economical snore guard also known as OTC. Before using it, you will have to boil it first. Its function is the same as that of a mouthguard. However, the mouth guard lasts longer than the snore guard.

8) A glass of milk before getting ready to sleep is also supposed to help cure snoring.

9) Having a bread slice with some sort of spread before sleeping is also considered to help cure snoring.

10) The most effective way to make the muscles of your jaw stronger is to chew gum or hold a pencil or pen with your teeth before you sleep until you start feeling an ache in your jaw. In this way, they will remain in the firmer state while you sleep and prevents the opening of your mouth.

11) Treat your sleep apnea without CPAP device can also be utilized to treat your nasal airway obstruction while you sleep at night.

Lifestyle Changes for Sleep Apnea

1) Fatness these days is a primary issue that most of the time paves the way to this sleep quandary. So, observing a diet plan with exercise is the most wonderful remedies, which you can practice to overcome fatness. This step will certainly facilitate you to overcome your sleep problems.

2) Every morning, while your stomach is empty, try to take one tbsp of honey mix with half lemon juice in a warm water glass. This alone will help you overcome your fatness problem and provides better sleep.

3) Keep up a steady sleep schedule to facilitate relaxing and sleeping better.

4) A frequent exercise program will also assist you in overcoming your snoring problem as hale and hearty people rarely snore.

5) Defiance and aerobic exercises can also assist in reducing the symptoms of sleep apnea.

6) As you are now committed to making your style of living better, so if you smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol, try to get rid of these evils, which are a big reason for your sleepless nights. Not to mention these vices and sedatives obstruct the supply of pure oxygen to your brain.

7) Avoid dairy food products, which have lots of fat such as milk (non-skimmed) as its solidity grasp the mucus at the backside and don't allow it to discharge completely. Thus, such heavy foods must be avoided especially before going to bed.

8) It is apparent that sleeping or anti-histamines pills or other types of sedatives must also be avoided as they support elevating the snoring symptoms.


1) Sulfur is beneficial in treating nightmares and severe sleep difficulties, particularly for people who have rashes on their skins that aggravates in warm temperatures. This treatment is specifically suitable for people who favor living in a chill climate and firmly disapprove of any sort of restraints.

2) According to the holistic point of view, a flower Vervain can be utilized for treating sleep problems as its extract provides a soothing effect to people suffering from sleep problems.

3) If you feel trouble breathing while asleep then Sambuscus should be your choice. The treatment with Sambucus is greatly suitable for people who have asthma or obstruction in the nasal passages, feel suffocation, and get out of the bed abruptly.

4) Homeopaths recommend the Arsenicum album to overcome difficulties like fatigue, lack of strength, discontentment, and breathing difficulties that aggravate during sleep.

5) Homeopathic treatment is based on changing your diet. They propose that extra enthusiastic and charming people should make use of Lachesis. They further emphasize that moderate people should make use of opium. They advise the patients to avoid allergic diets and sugar.

6) Opium is most suitable for people who are a bit bewildered because of their sleep illness. It is also given to people who have the symptoms of narcolepsy (having the tendency of slumbering throughout daytimes) and sleep apnea.

7) A nutritional supplement 5-HTP or 5-Hydroxytryptophan is also suggested to sleep apnea patients as this sleep disorder is found to have connections with low levels of serotonin. Therefore, therapists recommend taking a capsule (100-300) of 5-HTP (which is a serotonin forerunner) before going to bed.

8) The doctors prescribed spongia to people, who most of the time complain about snugness in their chests. It is also useful for treating breathing indications that are aggravated by chill breezes.


1) A half glass of Indian juice of gooseberry can be drunk before sleeping.

2) One tbsp of honey mixed in warm water can be taken before sleeping. Honey is beneficial in the treatment of apnea as it minimizes the throat swelling due to its anti-inflammatory characteristics. It provides lubrication in the areas of the throat and as a result guard snoring, which is a very usual indication of apnea.

3) Honey also encourages better sleep and comfort. Additionally, it keeps a check on your bulkiness. Overcoming your bulkiness is a fundamental step in treating your apnea.

4) Powder of black pepper mixed in a warm water glass along with honey can be used before sleep. Sip this mixture gradually to help cure your nasal area obstructions.

5) Coconut or Olive oils are considered to give good sleep if massaged on the body before sleep.

6) Due to its anti-inflammatory characteristics, onions consumption is good for sleep-related problems.

7) Consumption of a few walnuts daily will also help you in your sleep.

8) Passion Flower stirs up peace and sleep. It eases pain and the contraction of muscles. It works both as a painkiller and a tranquilizer. It can assist you well in getting sound sleep at night if taken (30-60 drops) about an hour before getting ready to sleep.

9) Useful and non-toxic herbs are found in a product called SerenitePlus that encourages vigorous and better sleeping models. This product is manufactured painstakingly to get pleasing effects and sound sleep at night.

Besides snorers, SerenitePlus can be taken by their partners and other people to get the advantages of deep sleep.

The addition of SerenitePlus along with other home remedies will provide you better support and usefulness. So, before your apnea and snoring become worse, get yourself in action to reap the benefits of natural herbal remedies to help cure your apnea.

10) Chamomile is another useful herb that provides relaxation in the nerves and muscles, brings about sedation, and encourages sleep. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that help in opening the blocked air passages that bring about snoring.

Take two tsp of chamomile (dried) and add it to a glass of warm water. Wait for some time and cover it and then strain.

Now, pour a little bit of cinnamon powder and honey. Take this mixture for about an hour before getting ready to sleep at night.

11) You can use Valerian to have a sound sleep at night. It serves several functions such as reducing blood pressure, improves digestion, influences relaxation and sleep, removes spasms, etc. 

It has the ability to pacify cramps and hypertension, menstrual pain, anxiety, and several other sleep disorders, etc. 

Valerian is highly effective as it not only can provide you a sound sleep at night but also can save from extra dizziness in the daytime.

12) Ayurveda tells us that cinnamon can help cure your sleep apnea problems due to its sedative characteristics. Take one medium-sized cinnamon stick and one tbsp of crushed ginger and put them into a glass of water. Now, boil this mixture, filter, and put in honey as per your taste. Take this drink every day before sleeping.

13) You can also mix 1-2 tsp of cinnamon in the shape of a powder in a water-glass glass and sip it every day only one time.

14) A paste can also be made with water and the powder of cinnamon. Apply on the chest and forehead to open obstructed airways. After some time, remove the paste with the help of water. Apply this paste as and when required.

However, people who are under other prescriptions have to check with their therapist before using cinnamon in any form.

15) Hops have similar antiseptic properties like chamomile. They bring sleep and reduce stress. They are wonderful for sleep quandaries, which are caused due to headaches, indigestion, restlessness, tension, or anxiety.

16) Eucalyptus is another useful herb to minimize snoring. Drink its tea daily.

17) Put in a small amount of lavender oil in a warm water tub and breathe in steam just before going to bed. It's a very famous treatment for dealing with symptoms of sleep apnea. Its relaxing, sedative and soothing characteristics help to clear the throat blockages and allow you to have good experience with your sleep.

18) You can place a tissue soaked with a small amount of Lavender oil underneath the pillow.

19) Another way is to put in a small amount of oil of Lavender in a diffuser while going to sleep.

20) Tea can also be made of dried buds of lavender and drunk twice or thrice daily. Pour two tsp of dried buds of lavender in a warm water-glass. After 5-10 minutes of coverage, filter and put in some amount of honey. Your lavender tea is ready to be drunk.

21) The anti-inflammatory characteristic of garlic facilitates in the reduction of inflammation in the nasal airways and makes you feel comfortable while sleeping. It is also useful in reducing inflamed tonsils and as a result, stops snoring. 

Engulf 2-3 garlic cloves daily with water emptied stomach until the soreness and symptoms settle down. It should also be used in foods. Supplements of garlic can also be taken but only after checking with your therapist.

22) Drinking a few drops of olive oil prior to sleep will help curb snoring. However, some time is required to fully get rid of snoring. Nevertheless, it will reduce the noise and your bed partner will feel more at ease. Oil of olive is among a few of the most wonderful therapies to overcome snoring.

23) Make an oil with 2 portions of olive oil and 1 portion of chamomile. Use this oil to rub your neck a few times every day.

24) Drink a cup of tea of elderberry or Sambucus before going to bed. Their expectorant properties help in the clearance of airways. They reduce daytime tension and provides soothing sleep at night.

25) Another wonderful herb is peppermint, which opens blocked air passages. It is anti-inflammatory, thus treat soreness and provides clear and comfortable breathing. It also stops snoring. Gargle with the mixture of the small amount of peppermint oil and water before sleeping.

26) You can also make a tea by taking one tbsp leaves of peppermint smashed in a warm water-glass. Let it cover for about 10 minutes. After that sieve and pour a small amount of honey. Take this tea while it is still hot.

 27) Turmeric and milk is a good combination to help cure your blocked passages. The tryptophan amino acid in milk is a good sleep promoter. Similarly, the anti-inflammatory characteristic of turmeric demote soreness in the airways and as a result, you feel comfortable breathing while asleep.

Take one tsp of turmeric in a form of powder and add it into a bowl of milk. Boil this mixture and let it there for 5-10 minutes on a little fire. Take it off from the stove and put in some honey. Take this drink about half an hour prior to getting ready for sleep.

28) Take a handful of sage and put it in the water. Boil and then let it chill. Filter this liquid and gargle with it before sleep. You'll observe a decrease in snoring just after using this remedy for few times. This is included in the effective home remedies to reduce snoring.

29) Bath of Epsom salt before sleep is considered the way to have the blissful night sleep by naturopaths. The Epsom salt contains magnesium, which improves inflammation and develops a sensation of comfort in breathing.

As a result, you take pleasure in sleeping. Take Epsom salt about two bowls of it and mix it well in the semi-hot bathing water. Take bath with this water for 15-20 minutes an hour earlier than sleep. Make use of this treatment 2-3 times every week.

30) Almonds contain magnesium in high quantity and develop comfort in the muscles and encourage deep sleep. This is a straightforward home treatment for improving respiratory tract blockages. Consume daily around a cup of almonds in any form such as soaked, roasted, or dried.

31) Apply the butter of almonds on a toast and eat it an hour earlier than sleep. You can drink water after eating almond butter toast.

32) Lobelia is suggested as a breathing stimulant that elevates breathing adequately to stop the decrease of oxygen in the blood occurs because of the inhibition of muscles.

33) A herb named Thyme is suggested due to its positive effects on the performance of pleural. You can add a bark of cramp and chamomile with thyme to calm down the neck muscles. This mixture will also help raise the nervous signals' amounts to the thoracic diaphragm.

34) Another herb Jamaica releases pain provides relaxation and interrupts the unrelenting lines of thoughts. It's a wonderful remedy for lifting pain and depression. Hops and Valerian may also be combined in equal quantities with Jamaica.

35) The most beneficial and widespread herb that can eradicate snoring is ginger. It increases the discharge of saliva that covers the throat area and also soothes the inflamed air passages. Ginger can also be used with honey to work as a lubricant to get rid of snoring.

36) Peppermint essential oil when inhaled with steam helps in reduced snoring. Air passage congestion is unblocked due to it that helps in opening the blocked tracks and provides comfortable breathing and reduce snoring.

37) The bark of oak includes tannins, which help in throat betterment and to reduce snoring. Take 2 tbsp powder of oak bark and mix it in a bowl of water and then boil. After that, you can use it to rinse nasal areas and gargle throat areas.

38) The root of Oregon grape contains antimicrobial properties. Put 2 tsp powder of Oregon grape root in a bowl of water and then heat it to boil. Rinse nasal passages or gargle throat.

39) The primary reason for snoring in the majority of people is inflammation in the airways, which can be minimized with nettle. You can make its tea by taking dried leaves of nettle (1 tbsp) and mixing in a bowl of boiled water. After some time, sieve and consume this tea daily earlier than taking sleep.

40) Villosa Dioscorea, commonly known as wild yam can be used to soothe inflamed throat because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

41) Olive oil, ginger, and honey can be used to make the nasal spray. Combine it with drops of saline water and effectively unblock your nasal passages.

42) You can make the muscles of your throat firm by utilizing several foods such as seaweed, lobster, green mustard, scallions, leeks, horseradish, and peers, etc.

43) Marjoram and thyme are herb foods utilized in several herbal treatments to fight against various healthiness problems. Problems related to respiration are cured best by a proven record of thyme, whereas asthma, bronchitis, cold, and cough are well treated with marjoram. They both provide ample solutions to overcome snoring.

Essential oils are also prepared by these and can be put in a diffuser placed close to the snorer bed just some while prior to sleep. Dried shapes of marjoram and thyme can be utilized to prepare tea and taken daily to overcome snoring. Capsule forms are also available of these herbal foods and can easily be sought from the local store of herbs over the counter.

44) Fenugreek is an organic decongestant. It makes the tough mucus softer and disappear. It is of great help to clean the toxins from the body. Fenugreek is well recommended by therapists all around the world for treating airways quandaries, surplus production of mucus, and congestion in the nasal areas.

45) Containing organic anti-inflammatory characteristics, onions can treat indications of flu and cold. It is also an antioxidant and thus deals well with congestion in the throat and nasal areas.

46) Garlic and horseradish having hot influences dramatically help to dry nasal areas and to check the surplus production of mucus. Thus help in improving the flow of air and unblock the sinus and curb snoring.

47) The seeds of sunflower in a raw form, which contain vitamin E are also found to be beneficial in treating sleep apnea. Take two ounces every night. Take lesser amounts if your stomach doesn't work quite well.

Chew properly or you can also grind these seeds in a grinder and mix up some honey for flavor. Vitamin E taken in the form of capsules showed no benefit toward apnea (maybe due to oil becomes stale.)

48) A good number of pieces of evidence showed that when Capsules of Betaine HCL (1-2) were taken with Pepsin after each meal improved apnea symptoms. Increase 1-2 capsules additional after each meal if you find difficulty indigestion.

It is difficult to suggest the exact number of capsules you should take as it varies from person to person. Adjust what will suit you well. There is a number of other health benefits attached to it including weight loss.

49) You can make a tea of lemon balm that functions as a sedative and provides soothiness and relaxing effect that assists to have a sound sleep at night. It can also deal with nervousness and strain as it also works as a relaxant and encourages excellence in sleep. Take this tea before sleep for getting improved sleep.  

50) Get rid of Gluten from your diet and you will be amazed to observe, how this precaution alone not only eradicate your snoring and apnea symptoms gradually but also improve overall health including improved brainpower and decreased weight.

51) The drink of the herb Kava Kava is well-known in history and is widely used to treat apnea. It provides calmness to the body and mind and offers improved sleep. It is also used to deal with nervousness and tension. 

The roots of this herb are found to be enriched in ingredients that are beneficial to health when consumed in the supplemented form. 

However, it should be taken after the therapist's advice as it has connections with the damage of the liver.

52) A Chinese remedy with San'o-Shashin-to herb has some evidence to treat apnea. After going through experiments, the research scholars came to the point that this herb has properties for improving apnea as it put positive influences on the upper air passage while asleep.

53) Some people claim that the intake of vitamin B12 tablets (1200 mcg) daily improved not only their lethargy, tiredness, and long hours of daytime sleeping difficulties but also eliminated their apnea. As sleep apnea disease can become the reason of stroke, so you should consult the doctor before using it. Do not fear of overdose while taking (1200 mcg) as the surplus will be passed out in the urine.

54) The American herb called skullcap is taken with passion flower to reduce anxiety and getting relaxing effects. It works as a sedative. However, its positive effects on treating apnea are yet to be researched more.

55) The vinegar of Apple Cider is an effectual remedy for apnea and works in several ways. It is an organic detoxifier and expels toxins and several other poisonous and detrimental agents out of the body. It also helps in lowering the blood pressure and regulates wide-ranging functions. Both magnesium and vitamin C are included in it that help considerably in preventing this illness.


Most of the home remedies for treating sleep apnea presented above are not detrimental to health other than few. Even in severe conditions, they can be supporting and improve overall health.

However, it would be safe and wise enough to continue using the prescribed medicinal therapies when trying these new home remedies and keep the track of improvement.

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