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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

CPAP Treatment with Chin Strap – Learn to Use a Chin Strap

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Chin Strap is a solution for those CPAP patients who sleep with their mouths open.
The use of a Chinstrap can overcome opening of mouth issue in such people. Chin Strap does not allow the CPAP to deliver air to flee from the mouth opening.
Inhaling and exhaling air via nostrils is the best method of sleeping. Nonetheless, lots of apnea sufferers are used to breathe from the mouth due to congestion in nasal areas, the structure of the jaw, or deviation of the septum.
Your sleep therapists can also be of great help in overcoming your nasal problems.
The following details will assist you well in getting sound sleep, in case you are not aware of how to keep your mouth closed while sleeping.
Here you will discover:

§  About the most excellent chin straps,
§  Making of a chin strap
§  Using a chin strap
§  Reviews on chin straps
§  Several other solutions for mouth breathers.

Helena C from the U.K. narrated her story that how she came over her mouth breathing problem by using a chin strap. She told that before she was just using the “Swift FX Nasal Pillow Mask” and as a result, she was facing severe dryness in the morning. She was also facing disruptions in her sleep several times at night due to mouth dryness.

Then she used a chin strap and her mouth dryness problems started to improve with fewer sleep disruptions and less dryness in mouth sensations in the morning. After that, she realized that she should make her chin strap tighter so that she could be sure of the closing of the mouth. The result was much-improved sleep and far less dryness in the mouth. 

Why Breathing from Mouth is an issue?
Mouth breathing does not adhere with CPAP as the air is not able to pass through your air passages with the right amount of pressure.
Breathing from the mouth has been proved to negatively affect the CPAP users for the reason that the right amount of air is unable to pass by way of your air passages.
Dryness in the mouth is one more bad effect that occurs due to the inability of sleeping with a closed mouth.
How to overcome your mouth opening drawback while you sleep?
You require a way out to overcome your mouth opening drawback and let not the CPAP air to flee.  Here are some solutions.
1)   You can learn how to respire without opening your mouth. But it may little difficult for you.
2)   You can use a full face CPAP mask. This mask will make breathing with a closed mouth a child-play.
3)   You can also utilize a chin strap. A chin strap is utilized when several patients find it costly or find some difficulty in using a full face CPAP mask.
4)      Mouth taping is also an option for keeping your mouth closed while sleeping at times full face CPAP mask or a Chin Strap does not perform.

Top Most Chin Straps
It is normal that your mouth remains open and rest while sleeping, particularly when you use CPAP. Therefore, in case you are not comfortable with a full face mask, then you should try a chin strap.
There are chin straps that are most of the time inconvenient and lots of them are not efficient. However, the ones that are effective for someone else may also be effective for you. You need to first test it.
It has been observed that several chin straps are painful or useless most of the time. However, what doesn’t work for you may not necessarily don’t work for anybody else. So, you need to check it.
Test out the following chin straps that are particularly manufactured for CPAP users:
§  ResMed Chin Strap about which few sufferers opine that it is not compact and simply slip around to a great extent. However, it is just okay for many others.

§  §  Premium Chin Strap from Respironics has an enhanced system that keeps your chin on the upper side rather than on the back, which is a root cause of your apnea 

How You can Use a Chin Strap

In order to maintain your jaw closed, the chin strap must not be too tight, however, it should also not that much tight that makes it difficult for you to talk.
The following video will help you on how you can use a chin strap successfully, in case you already don’t know how to use it.
It can be really challenging to find an excellent and convenient chin strap. Whenever you wash your existing chin strap or buy a new one, you have to begin with the process of fitting:
§  Initiate with a loose-fitting strap.
§  Put your thumb half-inch far from the strip, then split the strip and put it at your thumb.
§  In case you are a male, then don’t bother about getting your hair caught. For females, acquire a piece of cotton or you may take it from any old cloth and enfold it in the region of the strap that will be next to your hair and sew it with the chin strap.
§  Make an attempt using a strap at a convenient stiffness, while you are ready for sleep. You should not bother that you can still able to open your mouth while awaking. Straps are not surely made to compress your mouth closed. They are supposed to grasp your jaw at resting and closed position.
§  Use the strap at your convenient tightness. It shouldn’t be an extra firm, just a kind embrace. Make an attempt at a variety of positions and stick to what’s okay for you.
§  Don’t haste. Spend some time and try it out and it will be just okay.
Some people use bandages; however, a chin strap is more advantageous in the sense that you don’t have to adjust it again every night.
How you can create your own chin strap?
If you are the type of person who loves to create new things then you can create the most excellent chin strap for yourself. This immense thought goes with Mr. Reno Tom, so all the tribute goes to him.
The thought of creating a chin strap appears straightforward and it possibly will or will not suit you, however, it certainly works for many sufferers having issues of snoring or mouth breathing.
Begin with a small number of easy exhibitions to comprehend the working of a fresh chin strap:
§  Primarily, tighten your teeth. Now, swallow a mouthful glass of water.

§  Now breathe with tightening teeth and open mouth.
§  We are not trying to ridicule you. So, do not worry about it. We just want to show you that you can still breathe quite well with your mouth closed and jaw folded pretty tight.
Now, the question is how can we stop breathing from the mouth?
Attempt the following easy workout:
ü While keeping your teeth join but not tight, open your lips somewhat to able to respire through them softly.

ü At this moment, while breathing, put your finger immediately below your base lip in a parallel fashion and drive gently upside and inside in opposition to your lip. You will notice that it requires a minimum pressure to shut your mouth and prevent you from breathing.
We are hopeful that you are by now understand that it is a lip and not a jaw and if somebody grasps his finger all night crosswise your lip, you will have your issue resolved.
Here, you will have to expend a few dollars and check for some days. Visit a fabric outlet and buy sufficient one-inch wide elastic to enfold in the region of your head and still have somewhat left over. You settle on the color of your choice and also acquire a few safety pins.
Now, here is the stupid element: enfold the elastic in the region of your head and tie-up with a safety pin. You can also sew strips or Velcro dots on the elastic in place of safety pins.
You need to go it crosswise your chin, immediately under your lip, and lope at little bit upside direction to the backside of your head. If you want, you can also tie it up to the headgear backside from sliding down.
You need elasticity to apply sufficient pressure onto your lip to maintain it bunged, but not too much. It should be comfortable.
Alright, so use it for some days and observe if it is working. And if it works, then you will have to create an actual chin strap for your breathing.
Keep in mind that creating a fresh chin strap this way is for anybody having breathing issues with a closed mouth. Therefore, if Respironics or Resmed chin strap is not appropriate for you, then create a new one applying this method. You are most likely to be amazed positively.
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