Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea – In Lab or Home Sleep Apnea Test - Which One is the Best Option

Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea – In Lab or Home Sleep Apnea Test - Which One is the Best Option
Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea – In-Lab or Home Sleep Apnea Test - Which One is the Best Option

Visit a Physician

A certified sleep apnea physician makes a diagnosis of your Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) by carrying out a home test or in-lab test. A certified physician has the expertise and training in making a diagnosis and curing your sleep apnea.

Your sleep physician will require being aware of your symptoms if they started whenever you acquired the weight of left working out. You can inquire from your relative, roommate, or partner if they know the time you made choking sounds or snored loudly.

It maybe necessary for you to maintain a sleep diary for at least two weeks. In this diary, you will write down the time of your going to sleep every night and the time of your waking up in the morning and the number of times you woke up during your sleep in the night. Your therapist will be able to observe your sleep that may provide him hints in making a diagnosis and correcting your sleep issues.

You sleep therapist will also determine things that are causing you to sleep apnea worse, for instance:

o   Substance abuse
o   Mental health disorder
o   Medication use
o   Medical condition
o   Any other sleep disorder

Sleep Apnea Testing

Your certified physician will evaluate your sleep pattern objectively before making a diagnosis. The following testing options are available.

All Night In-lab Testing

You will need an all-night stay in a bed at the sleep center in this kind of testing.  You will be tested while sleeping and sensors will be hooked up to your various body parts. 

The function of the sensors is to record your movements and breathing, heartbeat, and brain waves.  Therapists normally suggest this type of testing in severe cases. 

This is a costly choice, however, covered by several health-related insurance plans.  All night in-lab testing offers your therapist full knowledge regarding your sleep.

Home Testing

Sufferers who have no other medical conditions but high risk of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) can be considered for home testing. 

In this testing, you sleep in the convenience of your home and a small-sized monitor gathers your sleep data. The home testing equipment is not as much complicated as is utilized during in-lab all night testing. 

The sleep center representative will demonstrate how you can hook up the equipment on your own. Once your home testing is completed, you can hand over the equipment personally to the sleep center or you can also mail it.

There are several other types of equipment and applications that claim to have the capability of detecting sleep apnea. However, they may produce unreliable results. Therefore, you must talk about this equipment and application with your doctor.

Once you home testing or in-lab testing is completed, you will have to set an appointment with your doctor to talk about the results.  In case of sleep apnea is detected, your therapist will talk about curing choices with you.

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