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Monday, May 15, 2017

Travelling With A CPAP Machine | CPAP and Travel | Choose the Best CPAP Machine for Travelling

Travelling With A CPAP Machine | CPAP and Travel | Choose the Best CPAP Machine for Travelling
Do you have to take a trip abroad? Are you scheduling a holiday overseas but you are frightened that you are unable to do so because of your sleep apnea?

In the case you are suffering from sleep apnea, you may require taking a trip abroad with your CPAP.
You should not spend a single night without having a CPAP device as your sleep apnea symptoms may return at any time.
Note: A CPAP device for traveling is lighter and smaller than a regular CPAP device. They are specifically manufactured for traveling by train, airplane, or any other method of travel.
Traveling Guidelines for CPAP Users
Going on a long journey with a CPAP can be quite difficult if you are not prepared.
If you go on long trips with your CPAP devices, it can be fairly hard without preparation.
However, in case you require carrying your CPAP device with you, the following guidelines will hopefully be helpful for you with no worries at all:

CPAP Device While you Fly
Don’t forget to keep your CPAP device with your hand baggage while to travel in an airplane.
While you are traveling by airplane, always make sure that you hand-carry your CPAP travel device as the danger of loss or damage is on the high side. Majority of CPAP devices for travel will fit in a handbag and skid simply beneath a plane’s seat. Several CPAP travel devices have the equivalent size of 2 video cassettes simply placed over each other.
You may put your CPAP for travel device in the checked baggage; however, it will remain open to the risk of missing the flight or misdirection. Therefore, I would preferably carry one more thing with me than to take a risk.
Electrical Compliance Worldwide
You are required to take special notice to the electrical compliance of your CPAP for travel devices worldwide.
Nearly all of the European counties utilize 220-240 v and 50 Hz, while Canada and the U.S. utilize 110v and 60 Hz. Therefore, you need adapter plugs set, which can connect your CPAP for travel devices to any plug worldwide.
Distilled or Tap Water for Your CPAP for Travel Device while Travelling?
You can use clean, bottled but not mineral water or just tap water for your CPAP device while you travel rather than keep on bothering about distilled water.
You may require de-mineralizing the tank of your humidifier with vinegar often; however, this is easier and safer than always carry distilled water while you travel.
Select the most excellent CPAP machine for traveling
The following are the most excellent and the smallest CPAP machines for travel.
§  HDMZ1
§  APEX iCH (with built-in humidifier)
§  Transcend EZEX
§  APEX (XT Fit)

One more thing that you should consider is durability. Whenever you are choosing a CPAP device for traveling, always choose the one with a durability feature in mind.
Accessory Kit for Your CPAP Travel Machine
Remember to carry accessory kit for your CPAP travel machine, such as an additional small sized connector for tubing and the mask, an extension cord and an extra fuse. You will probably require a duct tape in case anything does not fit correctly.
Also bring other stuff, for example:
§  surge protector
§  an extra mask
§  an extra power cord (you may pack the machine and forget to put in the power cord)
§  an extra hose and filters
§  15-20 feet extension cord because you may not find the outlet where you want to be

Think about the Height of your Destination
Regarding change of heights while traveling, you should ask your CPAP manufacturer in case your CPAP device requires any kind of adjustments.
Without adjusting your CPAP device according to the altitude of your destination, it is quite difficult to get the proper sleep apnea treatment.



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