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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Mouthpiece versus Snoring Mouth Guard for Treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea – Are they same?

Mouthpiece versus Snoring Mouth Guard for Treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea – Are they same?
The number of sleep apnea patients have been increasing day by day and they are normally been provided CPAP device, which is considered the standard treatment for OSA for years. 

Unluckily, a lot of patients do not discover their mask comfortable and leave their CPAP treatment or look for substitute therapeutic methods. Among the many, one substitute method is a mouthpiece for sleep apnea, which is also recognized as a mandibular advancement device. 

Recently, some misunderstanding is found among common people in understanding the difference between snoring mouth guards and mouthpiece for sleep apnea. So, we will discuss the similarities and differences between the two devices in the following paragraphs.
Resemblances between Snoring Mouth Guard and Sleep Apnea Mouthpiece 

The two devices resemble each other a lot. In principle, both the devices are mandibular advancement devices, which plainly mean they both grasp the lower jaw in a little bit frontward position. 

In the majority of the cases, the front teeth of the lower jaw go a little bit beyond the upper teeth. Consequently, the surrounding muscles of the throat become tight.

Nearly all the snoring mouth guards and mouthpieces for sleep apnea are custom-fitted according to a person’s mouth somehow or other. Normally, a dental surgeon fits devices that are particularly used for sleep apnea and infrequently used for snoring. 

However, you can fit snoring devices on your own without any help from a dental surgeon. Most of the units (particularly made for treating sleep apnea) are fitted by dental surgeons and are created by getting an accurate impression of the teeth that provide an image. 

The custom-made mouthpiece is then created with the help of the image. Most of the time, the devices fitted by dental surgeons provide improved fit than that you fit on your own to overcome snoring.
Many techniques are used to fit a snoring device. Maybe the most famous technique is heating the device in warm water for a particular time and then gets an impression by simply biting into it. Normally thermoplastic substances are used in the creation of these devices and are generally known as ‘boil and bite’ mouth guards.
So, what are the dissimilarities?

At the same time as they possess many similar characteristics, however, there are a small number of dissimilarities that must be indicated. The proposed use of the two is the foremost dissimilarity. A mouthpiece for sleep apnea is a therapeutic device that is normally utilized for treating OSA

Some important steps are required to be completed for getting an accurate diagnosis. Here, a mouthpiece for sleep apnea may be recommended but it depends on the type and extent of sleep apnea.

A mouth guard for snoring can be bought from the internet without a recommendation and is proposed to heal the kind snoring.  The kind snoring construes that your snoring is not like sleep apnea, which damages your healthiness, though it can annoy others to some extent. 

These kinds of devices are fairly effectual as they silent the normal snoring sounds, however, you should be careful because it can be a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea, which you are believing as normal snoring. 

This is the reason, it is suggested that you should primarily visit your therapist before trying such a snore silencing device, even though you are sure that you do not have a serious snoring problem.

One more, dissimilarity is the general make-up of every device. The majority of times, the mouth guards for snoring survive ranging from 6 to 24 months but it depends on the usage and the method of their design. 

An acrylic resin material is used in the manufacturing of mouth devices for sleep apnea, which is frequently utilized for creating dentures. This material is tough and can survive daily usage for a lengthy period.

The prices are also different from these devices. Sleep apnea mouthpieces are more expensive than the snoring mouth guards. The sleep apnea mouthpieces can start from US$1500 and go upward but it depends on the particular model of your choice. 

On the other hand, snoring mouth guards can range around US$50 to US$100. Remember, that you will have to swap them in few months, therefore, buying more than one piece at one time is a wonderful idea particularly if the vendor is offering you a discount for buying more than one-pieces.

Can you cure your sleep apnea with a snoring mouthguard?

Here you may be thinking that why you can’t use a mouth guard for snoring to cure sleep apnea. In the end, they are fairly the same in character and appear to function similarly. The snoring mouth guard, you can get for US$100 or even less, whereas, on sleep apnea mouthpiece, you have to spend many thousand dollars. What should be the choice?
In the treatment of sleep apnea, a therapist has to be present there to assess the overall impact of the mouthpiece. The doctor can adjust the device as required and finally make a decision about the effectiveness of the device. 

The sleep apnea treatment must be supervised by a therapeutic professional, or more precisely by a sleep specialist. If you treat sleep apnea on your own with the help of a snoring mouth guard, it can lead to extremely bad consequences.

In case you want to save money and therefore willing to replace your device, you should first talk with your sleep specialist for assistance, who will further guide you in this replacement?


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