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Overview of an In-Lab Whole Night Sleep Testing

The whole night in-lab sleep testing offers a certified sleep doctor with the most comprehensive assessment of your sleep pattern. In this testing, you will have to stay all night at a hotel room, hospital or a sleep center.

This whole night in-lab sleep testing, which is also recognized as polysomnogram, keeps track of your breathing, heart beats and brain waves. It also graphs your level of oxygen in blood, limb movements and eye movements. This information aids your therapist to diagnose and prepare a therapy plan.


A certified sleep practitioner may suggest the whole night in-lab sleep testing to:

o   Check for your breathing disarrays together with sleep apnea
o   Assess behaviors throughout your sleep because of parasomnias
o   Make a diagnosis for hypersomnia or narcolepsy together with MSLT
o   Calibrate of titrate the CPAP pressure levels in sufferers who get continuous positive airway treatment for breathing disarrays while they sleep.
o   Find out the reason of the non-functioning of the sleep therapy

The sleep specialist may suggests a home sleep testing in place of all night in-lab testing for a number of patients who are supposed to have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).  A dissimilar equipment is used in a home sleep testing, which you can set-up by your own.

On the other hand a whole night in-lab sleep testing is the method to make sure that get the accurate assessment of your sleep disarray.  You should talk with your sleep specialist in case you feel like you may require an in-lab sleep testing.

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