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Sleep Apnea and Social Security Disability - Am I Eligible to Get Sleep Apnea Disability Benefits?

Sleep Apnea and Social Security Disability - Am I Eligible to Get Sleep Apnea Disability Benefits?
Sleep Apnea and Social Security Disability - Am I Eligible to Get Sleep Apnea Disability Benefits?

Just in case you are facing severe difficulties, for example heart related issue, due to your sleep apnea; you can be eligible to get the disability benefits.
A widespread sleep apnea is a state, in which breathing is halted for a short time during your sleep at night. A frequent sleep apnea symptom is snoring loudly together with breaks and subsequent choking noise. However, it is not compulsory that every person who snores must also suffers from sleep apnea.

Kinds of sleep apnea

Two kinds of sleep apnea exist in general. The highest frequent kind is “Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)” that takes place whenever the throat’s back muscles get loose and become the reason to obstruct the air passage. Snoring and obesity are normally connected with OSA.

One more, relatively less frequent kind is “Central Sleep Apnea”. It takes place whenever a portion of your brain (central nervous system) halts communicating correctly with the muscles entail with your respiration. It can be connected with specific types of brain destruction or heart failure.

Types of Sleep Apnea: What Are The Major Types of Sleep Apnea?

Complexities of sleep apnea

Regardless of the fact that lots of sufferers do not recognize their apnea, a number of them have serious disorder, wherever, they consistently get wake-up because of their obstruction in the breathing and as a result enjoy a very small amount of night’s sleep. 

Yet many people are not conscious of their disturbed sleep due to sleep apnea, they most of the times, feel exhausted throughout the daytime. Sleep apnea sufferers may as well feel headaches, dejected and ill-tempered while they wake up in the morning.

Other than that sleep apnea is a great deal extra severe than simply sensing weary and heavy snoring. Whenever a patient discontinues respiring throughout the apnea incident, the levels of O2 fall down in the blood, which is called hypoxemia. 

These ups and downs in the levels of O2 can show the way to a state known as “pulmonary vascular hypertension”, in which the pressure of the blood is elevated in the veins carrying blood to the heart from the lungs and as a result the heart can stop working or becomes large in size.

Pulmonary hypertension - causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

Eligibility for getting sleep apnea disability benefits

Sleep apnea is no longer in the disability listing of the Social Security Administration, however, mental weaknesses, heart related issues and disorders related to breathing are still in their catalogue of disability. 

You will be considered eligible for their benefits of disability if you fulfill their criterion mentioned in their catalogue because of sleep apnea. A number of methods by which you can fulfill the listing criteria for intricacies developed by sleep apnea are heart failure, pulmonary hypertension, behavioral problems, mood disorders and serious cognitive defects.

According to their catalogue 3.09, which mentions that a person is eligible routinely for benefits of disability if he has “chronic pulmonary hypertension”, which means that the pressure of the main pulmonary artery is => 40 mmHg. 

They have a long criterion in their catalogue 4.02 regarding the qualifications of disability for chronic heart failure and lastly the catalogue 12.02 that ensures natural mental disturbances, describes the criterion required to be eligible for disabilities on the foundation of mental problems such as anxiety, depression, memory issues and cognitive troubles.

ü A damage of cognitive capability of as a minimum 15 IQ, troubles in social activities, focus or moving, routine actions, phantasm or confusion in respect to place or time, thinking disorders, memory issues.
ü troubles in concentration and completing things, difficulty with relationships, restrictions in the activities due to impulsive disorder, short-tempered, depression, mood disorders, personality alterations, behavioral issues, or
ü An acute natural mental turmoil, which has existed as a minimum 2 years and considerably, influences the capability to accomplish simple activities, getting psycho-social help or having on medicines, incapability to work beyond the encouraging living atmosphere for the period of at least 1 year with a proof of the necessity for the continuation of the same atmosphere.
Many sleep apnea patients are not likely to be eligible as per the catalogues described above, however, one more way is there to get eligible for the disability.

4 Things You Need to Know about VA Sleep Apnea Disability Claims

Assessment for “Residual Functional Capacity (RFC)”

In case, you do not fall into any of the eligibility categories for disability benefit of SSA catalogues but still suffer from sleep apnea, in that case SSA will see your RFC. The residual functional capacity of yours is assessed by SSC to find out the type of work, you can still do in spite of the restrictions apparent from your health reports and conditions.

The Social Security Administration will see your fatigue level during day and the ways it influences your capability to function. In case of enough drowsiness in the day, you possibly will not be able to drive a vehicle or operate risky, weighty machinery. 

The SSA will then assess other medical condition, which influences your working capability such as; you cannot pick up enough weight if you suffer from heart related issues. The SSA will make a RFC examination report for your mental health if you are having trouble with relationships, focusing, memorizing or contemplating.
Your claim for disability benefits can be denied by SSC if it discovers that you’re eligible of doing any work that you were doing before any other work. 

On the other hand if it concludes that your treatment or impairment has the symptoms that are restricting your working abilities and you are not able to perform any job, in that case it will award you the disability benefit under the allowance that is known as medical vocational allowance.

Residual Functional Capacity in your Social Security Disability Case: What Does it Mean?

Sleep Apnea and Social Security Disability - Am I Eligible to Get Sleep Apnea Disability Benefits?


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