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20 Most Weird Hotels & Resorts of the World – Most Amazing & Unusual World Hotels

20 Most STRANGE Hotels in World You Won't believe Actually Exist! Most Weirdest Hotels

1) Attrap’ Reves Hotel, France
Attrap Reves hotel is in fact are translucent, expandable, comfortable and environmental friendly plastic pods that are constructed by way of recyclable substances to establish contact with nature. These airy bubble domes are not meant for visitors who are looking for privacy. On the other hand, they are best for starwatching and perhaps not best for honeymoon makers.
Attrap’ Reves Hotel, France

2) Hotel Unique, Sao Paulo Brazil
Hotel Unique is located in the core of modern area of Jardins, Sao Paula, Brazil. It is distinguished in the middle of the sky together with its majestic construction.
Hotel Unique, Sao Paulo Brazil

3) Hotel Jested Czech Republic
Hotel Jested was constructed in 1960s, appears more like a structure of any science fiction movie rather than a night spending place. It is spread over 1012 m above the level of sea and provides amazing panoramas of the surrounding countryside of Czech Republic. The interior railings are built by waste steel rods, thus offering an industrial sensation. 
Hotel Jested Czech Republic

4) Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji.
Have you ever thought about living in the sea? Well, you can do this and a lot more in the Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji. The suites are constructed in such a manner that offers deep sea enthusiasts, limitless panoramas of the underwater sea.
Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji.

5) The 9 Hours Capsule Hotel Kyoto (Japan)

The 9 hours capsule hotel in Kyota, Japan is surely not suitable for claustrophobic patients. In the capsule you sleep alone that has a friendly sleep control mechanism. This sleep system asserts to provide sleep beats, which helps you sleep better.

The 9 Hours Capsule Hotel Kyoto (Japan)

6) One by the Five, France
The shrewd strategy of one of the rooms of “One by the Five”, hotel, France makes a delusion that the bed is soaring and is connected to the wall instead of sitting on the floor and that you may not fall off it.
One by the Five, France

7) Sun Cruise Resort Donghae, South Korea

If you ever wanted to live in a cruise ship but fear the sea, then Sun Cruise Resort in Donghee, South Korea will possibly your rejoinder.

The Sun Cruise Resort call itself the foremost extravagance cruise ship on the face of the earth, where you will find all the things that you undergo in an extravagance cruise ship. Here, you can even find a sky room that offers great panoramas of the sea.

Sun Cruise Resort Donghae, South Korea
8) Spitbank Fort Portsmouth, England
Sitting in the heart of the sea, the Spitbank Fort at Portsmouth, England is an idiosyncratic spherical solid construction. Formerly, a fort is now changed into an extravagance secluded island hotel offering facilities of fire pit, sauna and a pool on the rooftop.

A supposed ghost as well live in this fort, which will provide you an exclusive experience.

Spitbank Fort Portsmouth, England

 9) The Aurora Express Fairbanks, Alaska

Don’t panic on skipping your station while snoozing on the train for the reason that this train does not really move. The owners Susan Wilson and Mike have renewed an old Alaska railcar into an exclusive B&B hotel. Each and every room is adorned with ancient themes of Alaska. The train resides on a 700 feet railway line, which supervises the Fairbanks city, Alaskan Range and Tanana River.

The Aurora Express Fairbanks, Alaska

10) The Balancing Barn, England
The Balancing Burn, England is situated one or two miles away from the Suffolk coastline. The most unique characteristic of this hotel is its construction. The one half of this edifice is strongly fitted on the land, while the remaining half is hanging on the brink.

The Balancing Barn, England

11) Wigwam Motel Holbrook, Arizona

You may not find Wigwam Motel extravagance; however, it provides separate teepees, which are comfy and pleasant. Frank Redford, who was inspired by the culture of local Americans, started constructing these motels in 1930s from corner to corner of America. However, only 3 exists these days.

Wigwam Motel Holbrook, Arizona

12) The Grand Canyon Caverns, USA
Get away from it all in this single room 22 stories underground. There are plenty others above ground but none as quiet or as secluded as this one.
Leave all your worries behind by sleeping in this lonely room, which is 22 floors under the ground. You will find lots of others that are above the ground; however, not any of them is as silent and isolated as this underground lonely room.

The Grand Canyon Caverns, USA

13) Kokopelli’s Cave Bed and Breakfast Farmington, New            Mexico, National Monument

Kokopelli’s Cave B&B is a single room cave dwelling. In the year 1980, this cave was exploded out of a Cliffside. Three openings were kept for electricity and airing.
You have to step down the 100-feet under the ground cliff with the help of a ladder. However, you will have to sign a waiver of liability before staying.
Kokopelli’s Cave Bed and Breakfast Farmington, New Mexico, National Monument

14) Hotel Parchi Del Garda, Italy
Hotel Parchi Del Garda, Italy is situated in the core of theme parks of Lake Garda. All the rooms are made lively by the 4D special effects. Stay here and feel the experience of special 4D effected rooms.
Hotel Parchi Del Garda, Italy

15) Jules Underwater Lodge Key Largo Florida
Jules Underwater Lodge Key Largo, Florida is an ancient research study laboratory and the foremost under the water hotel in the world.  The hotel resides on 5-feet off the floor stilts of a hot sea, encircled by multitude of sea life.
You will have to dive 21-feet underwater to get inside the room. The water could not rise up and flood the apartments because of the condensed air. Novice divers have to acquire a scuba course of 3-hours certificate before diving.
Jules Underwater Lodge Key Largo Florida

16) Livingstone Lodge, UK
People, who are enthusiastic about watching wildlife, while staying in their cottage or in a jeep, can do so in a Livingstone Lodge. You will be taken in a jeep to watch the wild beasts like zebra, giraffe etc. roaming about in a park covering 100 acres. After that, you will stay in an extravagant cottage. However, the sun will not be as hot as in Africa.

Livingstone Lodge, UK

17) Tianzi Hotel Hebei Province, China

The 10 story Tianzi Hotel was constructed in the year 2000. Fu, Lu and Shou portray Chinese gods. These gods symbolize good luck, affluence and long life.
It is considered as the biggest image hotel worldwide. You can enter the hotel from the right foot of Shou.
Tianzi Hotel Hebei Province, China
18) Benesse House, Japan
Benesse House, Japan is actually a museum and good for people, who are willing to spend their night there. A Japanese designer Mr. Tadao Ando constructed this latest museum after getting inspiration from Mr. Nobuko Fukutake, a millionaire. The museum consists of 12 rooms and is open 24/7. You will be amused by the sculptors and the close by beach and gardens.

Benesse House, Japan

19) Mira Mira, Australia

The Mira Mira, Australia is an extravagance dwelling in surrounding of bush land. It provides three unusual abodes. First one is a cave that is under the ground and can be reached by way of a door resembling a mouth of a troll. Second one is a retreat of a Zen resembling bush style garden of Japan and the last one is dreamlike wooden cabin obviously overwhelmed by Gaudi.

Mira Mira, Australia

20) Sandcastle Hotel, Weymouth, UK

Sandcastle Hotel, Weymouth, UK was constructed completely from sand. The hotel was completed in seven days in 2008 by the hard work of four sculptors. It stalled there until the upcoming heavy downpour.
You can book your night at only 15 dollars and go to sleep while watching the stars and wake up with a wave smacking at your door. It is not suitable for visitors who do not like receiving sand in their bathrooms or who do not like outdoor toilets.

Sandcastle Hotel, Weymouth, UK
20 Most Weird Hotels & Resorts of the World – Most Amazing & Unusual World Hotels 

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