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20 Most Incredible Hotels & Resorts of the World – Most Outrageous & Unusual World Hotels

Legoland Hotel, California is a hotel constructed by using plastic bricks that we all like much. It is equally entertaining for young and old. Lego sculptors are surrounding the hotel, which took more than 3 million pieces to create. There are 250 rooms consisting of different themes such as adventure, kingdom or pirate.

Legoland Hotel, USA

2) Karostas Cietums Liepaga Latvia

Karostas Cietums Liepaga, Lativa was actually a military prison, which was constructed in the year 1905. It kept in prison, the Stalin’s time enemies and lately, the KGB’s, revolutionaries etc.

Once, Bush said that the qualities of a good hotel were ethical staff, tidiness and security.  But, Karostas smashes that basis principle of warmth. Here, the guests have to live a prisoner’s life, sleep on the untidy beds and eat prisoner’s food together with receiving mistreatment from the guards.

Karostas Cietums Liepaga Latvia
3) Godiva Chocolate Suite New York
Godiva Chocolate Suite was planned by Godiva and is made completely from chocolate. Even the walls, the lamps, the artwork, the bed and armchairs are all made from chocolate. In 2008, for the purpose of celebrating Valentine’s Day, the chocolate suite was shifted to the Bryant Park Hotel.
Delicious as this taste, instead of sleeping, this suite appeals more for eating.
Godiva Chocolate Suite New York
4) Hotel Lindenwirt, Rudesheim, Germany
Hotel Lindenwirt, Rudesheim, Germany is located the center of an ancient town Rudesheim providing opportunities to fall asleep in a wine barrel. Six enormous barrels that once used to hold; more or less 6000 liters of wine have not now decorated with bathrooms and beds.
Hotel Lindenwirt, Rudesheim, Germany
5) Neemrana Fort Palace, Alwar, near Delhi, India 

Neemrana Fort was initially constructed in 1464 but decayed in 1947 during the independence of India. However, the remains of fort were restored in 1986 and rebuilt in an eye-catching way, while maintaining its healthy cultural history. It was opened for the public in 1991 and is considered as the prettiest legacy of India.  Neemrana Fort is a multifaceted wing of 7 palaces constructed twelve levels up a hill, together with looming gardens, 2 ponds and the country’s foremost zipwires.

Neemrana Fort Palace, Alwar, near Delhi, India 

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6) Hotelmovil
You can find Hotelmovil hotel anywhere as it is a mobile hotel. Its 11 bedrooms allow up to 44 people to sleep in this double story trailer. You can draw your bed at the back of the truck and enjoy sleeping in a truck.
Have you ever needed to pack up your luggage and leave your city? What you feel about to pack up your entire hotel?
7) Juvet, Valldal, Norway
Juvet, Valldal, Norway hotel is actually a countryside hotel, the rooms of which are fixed in the jungle. It has 7 isolated glass boxes lodges’ stilts over the pine, aspen, birch jungle. Whenever you enter the door, you will feel like natures dashes to welcome you by way of enormous landscape windows, however, the interiors are rather smooth.  The Valldal rives falls down just at outer side and you will find sauna and public hot tub, absolutely simple, to make sure the striking loveliness of the surroundings takes main focus.
Juvet, Valldal, Norway
8) Hotel de Vrouwe van Stavoren, Stavoren Netherlands
The hotel de Vrouwe van Stavoren, Stavoren, Netherlands have 4 two persons wine caskets modernized rooms together with regular facilities and a sitting room with attached bath.  
The once stored 14500 liter wooden caskets as yet reek like the wine of Beaujolais. Regardless of the small rooms, they are strong and airtight.
Hotel de Vrouwe van Stavoren, Stavoren Netherlands
 9) Verana, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Comfortable and enclosed by pure nature, Verana, Puerto Callarta  has a wonderful spa together with ten rooms spread over 5 acre land. 4 V-house structures are lately constructed, which provide panoramas from the balconies, over the jungle canopy and neglecting the Banderas Bay. The structures narrows towards the land, making insignificant structure footprints, which reduces the environmental harm. You will also find a spa and an infinity pool that offers yoga, massage and facials.
Verana, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

10) Ryugyong Hotel, Pyongyang, North Korea
The Ryugyong hotel is also recognized by “hotel of doom”. It was once wished to be the highest among the worldwide hotels. But, unfortunately, the construction was cancelled due to financial reasons in 1992 for this 3000 rooms and 105 story building, however, restarted in the year 2008.
 Rather than turning out to be the highest among the worldwide hotels, most of the people consider Ryugyong as the most badly planned construction worldwide. It is the most ridiculous thing to think about who would ever desire to reside here?
Ryugyong Hotel, Pyongyang, North Korea

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11) IKEA Sovhotell, Stockholm, Sweden

IKEA Sovhotell is suitably situated in the heart of the IKEA shopping mall. It a sigh of relief for those people who have been exhausted, while doing shopping and are about to fall down.
The IKEA Sovhotell offers relaxing music, sleep masks and pillows to the tiresome customers to revive. You will find the bridal suite, double and single beds there. It appears that the company was fed up with rousing customers sleeping on the mattresses.
IKEA Sovhotell, Stockholm, Sweden

12) Husky-Lodge, Schwyz, Switzerland

The Siberian Huskies’ fans do not have to pass through the Arctic Circle to make friendship with these dangerous but adorable canines.  At Husky-Lodge, they can now sleep in the cabins made of wood containing wood burning stoves alongside the kennels of the dogs. You can now link with them in their running around in the fields, woods, mountain trails and training. In winter, they draw sledges and in summer they draw carts and bikes before they return back to their kennels.

Husky-Lodge, Schwyz, Switzerland
13) Hobbit House Boulder Canyon, South Dakota
This fanciful tree house is enthused by “The Lord of the Rings”. On the black hills of South Dakota, the 16 feet high suite shows of a gauntlet supporting the majestic one ring, a Sauron mask, elvish inscriptions, hobbit slippers and circular windows and doors. Chateau De Soleil, the 4 bedroom dwelling, the side of this suite holds Gandalf sized adults or Frodo sized kids.
Hobbit House Boulder Canyon, South Dakota

14) Hayema Heerd, Oldehove, the Netherlands

In the northern side of Netherlands, there is a farm house near Groningen that provides bed & breakfast straw based dwelling to the visitors. In the hayloft dorm, you will find a bed of straw, or a castle of straw having curtains hanging around the bed, soft skins of cow spreading on the floor and chandeliers.
The owners, Hans & Wil Hoogeboom have also formed an igloo made of straw having a glass so as to visitors can watch the stars from the convenience of their beds. The clean straw sheltered by cozy mattresses and sheets, turn these beds into a convenient, springy and spongy experience throughout the year.

Hayema Heerd, Oldehove, the Netherlands

15) Underwater Shark Tank Paris
Close by the Eiffel Tower, the visitors sleep with the sharks in the underwater shark tank. A partial association with Ubi Bene, a French firm and Airbnb has created an underwater suite that allows 2 persons to sleep in a glass capsule. A glass capsule is 33 feet underwater inside a 3 million liter water tank, which is encircles by 35 sharks. However, be watchful that in this place, besides being a guest, you have to self-serve yourself as well.
Underwater Shark Tank Paris

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16) Ice Hotel Quebec City, Canada
A Nordic practice, Hotel de Glace is derived completely from 500 tons ice and 30000 tons snow. A peaceful below zero hang about in the ice complex in the Laurentian mountains contains artistic lighting, winter décor, outdoor saunas, arctic spas, heated bathrooms, fireplaces, snow carvings, complex ice sculptures, 44 thematic suites. The surroundings are igloo type and the complex endures only for 3 months.
Ice Hotel Quebec City, Canada
17) Le Voyage Extraordinaire, Nantes, France
Le Voyage Extraordinaire is founded on the basis of writings of a native fiction founder, Mr. Jules Verne, and designed to serve as a memento of his journeys. On the bathroom’s top, there is a huge wooden case, containing a double-bed together with a children’s bed, which can be reached by a ladder. You will also find a kitchen together with an electronic library in the lounge containing the composed works of the author.

Le Voyage Extraordinaire, Nantes, France
18) Turkish Caves Cappadocia, Turkey
The 5th and 6th century caves buried in the cliffs of limestone in the Cappadocia area are converted into a Turkey’s Yunak Evleri, 5-star hotel. Nearby 19th century Greek mansion, 40 luxury hotel suites are remade; these confidential extravagant lodgings display stone fireplaces, archways, nooks and leveled plateaus, and exceptional doors and windows engraved into the fantastic scenery.
Turkish Caves Cappadocia, Turkey
19) Hotel Viking, near Reykjavik, Iceland
You can now direct your inner Viking in a themed Hotel Viking, near Reykjavik, Iceland. The traditions, arts and crafts of Faroe Islands and Greenland are themed into the 42 rooms of this hotel. The Viking hotel has lately included 14 conventional cottages; however, they offer latest bathroom services.  In June, the hotel also hosts the yearly Viking festival. The taxidermy walls of the dining room made of wood serves good Viking type of banquets. The Viking hotel also provides facilities of cave room, spa pool and sauna having a wall of rock.

Hotel Viking, near Reykjavik, Iceland

20) Hotel Pilatus-Kulm, Lucerne, Switzerland

In 2010, the hotel Pilatus-Kulm was renovated to its ancient splendor. You can reach the hotel situated at the top of the mountain through a cable car, or through the steepest railway of the world that runs throughout the summer.  Visitors can enjoy the stunning views and fresh mountain air from the rooms and in the dining room, named Queen Victoria after her visit in 1868; the guests can enjoy the tasty meal. Snow Park in the surroundings offers funs like snowbikes, airboards and toboggans.

Hotel Pilatus-Kulm, Lucerne, Switzerland

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20 Most Incredible Hotels & Resorts of the World – Most Outrageous & Unusual World Hotels

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