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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

20 Most Outrageous Hotels & Resorts of the World – The Best & Unusual World Hotels

1) The Liberty, Boston, Massachusetts, US
The Liberty, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
The Liberty hotel in Massachusetts was once a jail but to some extent has washed away its earlier image.

Where it offers an Alibi bar and a modern restaurant, the ex-jailhouse aspects have also been well-maintained, containing 3-story curved windows, catwalks, and the leftovers of the jail lockups.

2) Kakslauttanen Hotel, Saariselka, Finland
Kakslauttanen Hotel, Saariselka, Finland
Unbelievable snow igloos are small ice hotels, where guests can enjoy warmth even in an incredible chilly place. Most astonishingly, you can appreciate the starry sky and Northern Lights from the glass igloos. 

The hotel is located just about at the northern tip of Europe appears to be as some science fiction garrison constructed on the world’s edge to endure its downfall, but in fact, it is simply a soothing small spot to relish the attractiveness it surrounds.

3) Hotel Cas Anus, Antwerp, Belgium
Hotel Cas Anus, Antwerp, Belgium
Joep Van Lieshout created this rare place to spend a night; a Cas Anus is an art sculpture that looks like a huge intestine. On the inner side, you will find a hot water bathing facility, an electric heater, and a double bed.

4) Featherbed Railroad, Clear Lake, California, USA
Featherbed Railroad, Clear Lake, California, USA
An old-fashioned 9 railroad caboose bed-n-breakfast accommodation is available by the side of the Clear Lakeshore in northern California. All the 9 rooms are dissimilar in appearance. 

There is a TopiCaboose, a Casablanca themed cabin, and a new Orleansbordello Caboose.

5) Bivacco Gervasutti, Mont Blanc, Italy

Bivacco Gervasutti, Mont Blanc, Italy
Hanging in the Mont Blanc ridge is a miracle of architecture. It was named Bivacco Gervasutti, after the Turin born mountain climber Giusto Gervasutti, and substitutes a reasonable timber housing constructed in his reminiscence in 1948.  

Not anyone can access to it, only those visitors who hike the Val Ferret can undergo the capsule.

6) ION Luxury Adventure Hotel, Nesjavellir, Iceland
ION Luxury Adventure Hotel, Nesjavellir, Iceland

The Ion Adventure Hotel is situated in Selfoss amidst the scenery of lava fields and mountains provides environmentally friendly extravagance and an unequaled chance to discover the most excellent of Iceland. 

All the rooms provide full wall windows so that visitors can entirely enjoy the splendid view of the unique Nesjavellir.

7) The Woodpecker Hotel, Vasteras, Sweden

The Woodpecker Hotel, Vasteras, Sweden
The Hotel Woodpecker, locally recognized as Hotell Hackspett is one more creation of the artist Mikael Genberg. It is located 13 meters above ground in the grandest 130 years old oak tree in Vasteras. 

The hotel is anchored to the tree without a single nail, in its place it is hanged from 1.5 tons wires and offers lovely sights all over the park.

8) The Witchery by the Castle, Edinburgh, ScotlandThe Witchery by the Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland

The Witchery by the Castle is one of the most popular hotels in Scotland. James Thomson's Witchery is amongst one of the most outstandingly distinctive dinings in the town, concealed in an assortment of ancient constructions at the Edinburgh Castle gateways. 

The “Witchery by the Castle” has turned out to be a much-loved Edinburgh establishment because of its spectacular decoration and fabulous meal.

9) Hang Nga Guesthouse, Da Lat, Vietnam
Hang Nga Guesthouse, Da Lat, Vietnam
The construction of the Da Lat’s Hang Nga Guesthouse looks like a tree and rooms are themed like animals. It can not only glamorize but also motivates visitors to exceed their bounds. 

As well identified as the “Crazy House,” the guesthouse is an artwork, which is beyond the imagination of the people.

10) Entre Cielos, Mendoza, Argentina
Entre Cielos, Mendoza, ArgentinaAt the bottom of the Andes in a vineyard is the latest “Entre Cielos” hotel with 2 restaurants, modern suites, and a luxurious spa. It is encircled by growing vines in 3.2 hectares; the grapes provide popular local Malbec wines. 

The hotel can arrange several activities like snow-shoeing and rafting, kayaking, horseback riding, bird watching, yoga fitness, outdoor pools, bicycle trails, vineyard tours, etc. 

The terrace bathtub and roof window provide fantastic scenes of an enormous glittery sky.

11) Strahov Monastery, Prague
Strahov Monastery, Prague
The Strahov Monastery, was constructed in 1142, is situated in the center part of Prague. You will not observe any monks or nuns in the lobbies as it has been turned into a hotel. 

There are 12 suites in the old-cum-new stylish building of the 17th century. All latest conforms are available here, such as the internet, mini-bars, T.V., etc.

12) Aydinli Cave House Hotel, Göreme, Turkey
Aydinli Cave House Hotel, Göreme, Turkey
Aydinli Cave Hotel is situated at the top of the ancient village in Goreme was opened in 2008. The 14 suites are carved from traditional stone and natural rock. 
Natural décor is used in the rooms and some parts of the cave resemble 750 years old constitution.
13) 21c Museum Hotel, Louisville, KY
21c Museum Hotel, Louisville, KY

The purpose of 21c Museum Hotel,
Louisville, Kentucky was to engross artistic touch in everyone’s life, which exactly it has been doing since 2006. The total space of this museum hotel is 9000 sqft. 

You will find lots of galleries with contemporary artistic work. Each and every one of its 90 suites entails collage, painting, or a photo.  

It was originally a bourbon and tobacco warehouse of the 19th century but now provides the rising artists of the world to showcase their work
14) Propeller Island, Berlin, Germany
Propeller Island, Berlin, Germany
The German artist, Lars Strochen is at the back of this perplexing Propeller Island hotel. Each and every suite is different from the other and provided facilities out of your dreams. 

A room segregates a bed into two with a large guillotine, while another uses a big plastic bag for a bath. 

You will find a room fully adorned with fragments of mirror, a suite having coffin beds, and a cheerfully tinted prison cell.                     
15) The Beermoth, Inverness-Shire, U.K.
The Beermoth, Inverness-Shire, U.K.
The Beermoth, Inverness-Shire is a creatively transformed Commer 1950
fire truck in a hotel in 2011. It has a wooden floor, double-bed of Victorian brass and stove for burning wood. It also provides you lots of fresh air.

16) Earthship Biotecture, Tres Piedras, New Mexico
Earthship Biotecture, Tres Piedras, New Mexico
The Earthship Biotecture is constructed from sustainable and recycled materials. It grows its own food, produces its own power, and recycles its own water. 

It opened in 1997 for the visitors to sleep in the durable pods but was there since 1960. It is fully operational with facilities such as Netflix, Apple TV, and Wi-Fi, etc
17) La Balade des Gnomes, Durbuy, Belgium
La Balade des Gnomes, Durbuy, Belgium
It appears that the owner of La Balade des Gnomes has been inspired by fairy tales, mythologies and perhaps from his psychoanalyst to fashion 10 wonderful visitor’s suites. The Trojan Horse simply the start of such rooms. 

On the third, the floor is the strange room, where you will see a timber made boat sailing in the pond.                

18) Seaventures Rig Resort, Pulau Mabul, Malaysia
Seaventures Rig Resort, Pulau Mabul, Malaysia
A rig of oil is established on the Coral Triangle top, which is one of the most remarkable dive locations of the world. However, this is not creating any harm to the environment. On the other hand, it is a dream hotel for enthusiast scuba divers. 

The divers go under the water with the help of a lift and then proceed through the ridge system. You can enjoy all of your dives in the same staying cost without any additional costs. 

Besides, underwater enjoyments, the hotel provides BBQ nights and live bands, etc.     
 19) Sala Silvermine Underground Suite, Västmanland, Sweden
Sala Silvermine Underground Suite, Västmanland, Sweden
The Sala Silvermine Underground Suite is the world’s deepest 500-feet underground hotel, which was chopped from the rock in the 18th century. Its only room contains natural silver furniture. 

Certainly, this isolated suite is not at all suitable for Claustrophobic patients. 

When you check-in, the guide will offer you a short tour of the Silvermine. Afterward, you will have to bear the 36 degrees continuous temperature until morning along with the probable side-effects of fear and aloofness.

20) Kumbuk Hotel, Buttala, Sri Lanka
Kumbuk Hotel, Buttala, Sri Lanka
A somewhat distorted elephant hotel stands aloof on the bank of Kumbukkan Oya River. The Kumbuk hotel is a strange eco-friendly hotel built entirely from twigs and grass and the cool breeze sways it softly just like a bumbling pachyderm.

Then people can live in this 2-story construction. Adjacent Yala Wildlife sanctuary will provide you views of actual elephants.


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