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20 Most Craziest Hotels & Resorts of the World – Most Unusual and Quality World Hotels

20 Most Magical Hotels & Resorts of the World – Most Bizarre & Unusual World Hotels

1) Villa Cheminée, Cordemais, near Nantes, France

In the close proximity of the biggest thermal plant, Cordemais powers station chimneys in France, there is a typical 1970s accommodation, which has been fixed on the 15 meters high tower that looks like a Duplo play station for children. Mr. Tatzu Nishi, a Japanese artist fashioned this edifice, which is now open for holidays renting. Two people can accommodate in the room with a heater and a kitchen.  A small garden at the outer side of the housing offers your fantastic panoramas of Loire.

Villa Cheminée, Cordemais, near Nantes, France

 2) The Egyptian House, Penzance, Cornwall, UK

In 1798, after the campaign of Napoleon in Egypt, the Egyptian house was build in style and it dates back from 1835, the time when a native mineralogist was looking someplace to accommodate his museum. It is adorned with Egyptian, lions and eagles busts, which makes it remarkably unusual from the houses of the sea captain on the chapel street. The landmark trust refurbished it to offer housing in 3 packed in apartments. The highest apartment offers panoramas of St. Michael’s Mount through a little window.

Villa Cheminée, Cordemais, near Nantes, France

3) Mountaintop Cabin Italian Alps

An architect Mr. Giovanni Pesamosca from Italy designed this straight-forward cabin made of wood and steel and can be acquire free of charge. It can accommodate nine people at a time.

The rescue volunteers constructed this snow resistant and tent shaped cabin in a single day with the help of a helicopter. It was created in the honor of the climber who once fell from the mountain.

The isolated Mountaintop Cabin is suspended at 8300 feet above a Foronon Buinz Mountain in Italy and shows off the views of the amazing Julian Alps peaks. 

Mountaintop Cabin Italian Alps

4) Casa de Uco Mendoza, Argentina

Casa de Uco is located in the Uco Valley, Mendoza, Argentina, and the home of quite a few high class wine resorts. People are calling Uco Valley as the next Napa Valley.

Different types of rooms are available in this 16-room hotel together with spectacular private rooms having terraces apparently hovering on the lake. A number of rooms are quite large and have big bathing tubs.

Casa de Uco Mendoza, Argentina

5) Longitude 131 Yulara

At the site of Longituge 131 Yulara, Australia, you will find the rust shaded Ayers Rock at the precise east west situate of Uluru, which is the most well-liked appeal in Australia.

However, the hotel is the most lavish and provides fantastic panoramas of the surroundings of the desert spreading over 6 miles and 1000 feet high Uluru. You will be able to view these scenes through the full sized windows provided in the tent shaped cabins.

Longitude 131 Yulara

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 6) Explora Rapa Nui Easter Island

The Explora Rapa Nui hotel on Easter Island is a spectacular and was given the name after a diver, Mr. Posada de Mike Rapu. The structural design characterizes curved, innovative shapes developed into the hotel by using organic substances just as raw wood and concrete. The extensive windows and open floor designs provide view areas from all sides of the rooms.

Explora Rapa Nui Easter Island

7) Langholmen Prison Hotel Stockholm, Sweden

The Langholmen Prison hotel in Stockholm, Sweden provides visitors an opportunity to live a day as a prisoner together with prison rules and fake gang rebellions. You are free to decide on comfortable suites or lockup rooms having gibberish beds, debarred windows and caged doors. Charismatic police force wearing cap and striped pajamas are there, so you could not dare to break the laws.

Langholmen Prison Hotel Stockholm, Sweden

8) Tierra Chiloe Patagonia, Chile

The Tierra Chiloe Pantogonia, Chile is noteworthy due to its attractive simplicity construction and lavish run away in a remarkable situate of Patagonia and Atacama Desert.

This hotel occupied an old house of 2 years of age along with its structural composition, which was somewhat solar powered and mounting high on the ground. It looks like the conventional rising dwellings of the area.

On the northern part of the Patagonian archipelago, Chiloe, the biggest island is enclosed by multicolored fishing rural areas and deep bluish water.

Tierra Chiloe Patagonia, Chile


  9) Robot Hotel Nagasaki, Japan
The robot hotel Henn-na is the foremost hotel in the world that is totally staffed by robots. It is situated in the theme park of Huis Ten Bosch.  The robotic staff speaks strange English and Japanese languages.

There are robots in the reception, concierge, porters, restaurants, even room assistants are also robots, who help in while checking in and also inform you about the weather, lights and temperatures. If any of the robot breakdown, real human beings are also there to serve you.

Robot Hotel Nagasaki, Japan

10) Tierra Atacama, Atacama, Chile

Tierra Atacama hotel is located in the Atacama Desert and is encircled by visually attractive surroundings. The landscape of Atacama is like Mars. The 32 rooms Tierra Atacama is designed in a modest and modern way, which includes rough hewn wood, adobe and local stone. The striking panoramas of the volcano will amuse you.

Tierra AtacamaAtacama,Chile

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11) Null Stern Hotel, Switzerland
The Null Stern Hotel, Switzerland is the foremost zero-star hotel in the world and is situated in Teufen Appenzellerland. The slogan of this hotel is ‘the only star is you’. This hotel has two big rooms where 14 people can accommodate with shared bathrooms. There is a lounge but no windows.

Null Stern Hotel, Switzerland
12) Vina Vik San Vicente de Tagua, Tagua, Chile
The Vina Vik San Vicente de Tagua hotel has a spa and its 22 suites are hanging on the top of the hill and are encircled by vineyards. The suites and visitor rooms are all equally attractive and charming. The swimming pool, gardens and a big living area makes it exclusive. All the visitor rooms have floor to ceiling windows, which offer clear panoramas of the environs.

Vina Vik San Vicente de Tagua, Tagua, Chile

13) Kadir's Tree Houses, Turkey

Kadir’s Tree Houses are located in the village of Olimpos, on the Turkey’s peaceful turquoise coastline at the last part of the pine trees dresses valley.  These tree houses are plain bungalows made of wood and are fixed in between the branches. These tree houses have been in high demand with the backpackers and their popularity is increasing each day.

Kadir's Tree Houses, Turkey
14) The Lalu Qingdao, China
The Lalu Qingdao, China is a kind of hotel in which the “Ocean View Suite” comes at the lower side among the variety of accommodations available such as impressive, “Presidential Suite”, “Cliff Villa” or “Sea Villa”. 
There are 6 restaurants that serve a variety of cuisines and an outstanding spa.

The Lalu Qingdao, China

15) Hotel Saratoga, Cuba

Hotel Saratoga is the coolest place in all of Havana. You can get some wonderful views from the pool at the top of the roof and in some way it offset the noise of the traffic and hustle of the town. The hotel is better than many others in the town; however, the food is average.

Hotel Saratoga, Cuba

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16) Nimb Copenhagen, Denmark

The best place in Copenhagen is Nimb, which is a hotel of 17 rooms and compete the most excellent world boutiques.

The Nimb hotel is constructed at the border of the popular Gardens of Tivoli. In 2008, it was refurbished and its fresh look is ageless. The first-rate materials and high-class furnishings will give you the sense of your personal home.

Nimb Copenhagen, Denmark

17) Pioneertown Motel California

In 1946, the Hollywood’s actors Gene Autry and Roy Rogers established this Pioneertown to fulfill their dream of shooting a film in a town that reflects the old west. At the outer side of this motel are old fashioned boutiques, where you will find the horse tethering areas together with a jail and a typical saloon.

Pioneertown Motel California
18) Nobu Hotel Shoreditch London, U.K.
The Nobu Hotel, Shoreditch, London is equally modernized and industrial in looking. The rooms are quite different from classic London type accommodation. It is inspired from conventional Japanese drawing and street art of Shoreditch. The rooms are smaller in size but suites are spacious and certainly, you will get the beverages and food of top quality.

Nobu Hotel Shoreditch London, U.K.
19) 1950s Bristol freighter plane, New Zealand
The 1950s Briston Freighter plane of Vietnam has been transformed into a 2-rooms hotel. There is a sleeping space of 4 people in the cockpit and additional 4 people space in the tail. You can find this plane in the Woodlyn Park, New Zealand.

1950s Bristol freighter plane, New Zealand
20) Hotel des Dromonts, Avoriaz, France
The hotel des Dromonts, is located in Avoriaz town of France with its attention-grabbing construction. One of its ski resort series was constructed in 1960s in the French Alps. The hotel is pyramid in style and angular in shape, took inspiration from the cost-effective city housings of Le Corbusier, thus offering huge panoramas from all of its rooms and occupying less space while standing in a vertical position.

Hotel des Dromonts, Avoriaz, France

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20 Most Craziest Hotels & Resorts of the World – Most Unusual and Quality World Hotels

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