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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

20 Most Magical Hotels & Resorts of the World – Most Bizarre & Unusual World Hotels

1) Glass Floor, Udang House, Bali, Indonesia

Shrimp House or Udang House is an extremely exceptional property in Bambu Indah and maybe in Bali. 

The Udang House is located on top of a shrimp pond and has floor panels made of glass to sight the marvelous active views of shrimps.

Glass Floor, Udang House, Bali, Indonesia

2) Boat Hotel at Cocoa Island Resort – Maldives
In the Maldives, the Cocoa Island Resort, which is a division of COMO chain of Asian luxurious hotels, is magnificently designed undersized private isle, characterizing 33 over the water bungalows, which are each created similar to a fishing boat used in the Maldives. 

Here, snorkeling and wonderful diving facilities together with exclusive spa and awesome food are available. It is a perfect place for anybody, who is willing to rest in heaven or for romantic couples. 
Boat Hotel at Cocoa Island Resort – Maldives
3) Half Graffiti Room Marseille France
Just think about entering into the room of your hotel and watching this! The famous artist Mr. Tilt has fashioned a Panic Room within Au Vieux Panier hotel. 

All the 5 rooms of this exceptional hotel are fashioned from scratch every year by some new artists. 

In other words, painters, graphic designers, and artists are invited every year to fashion an astonishing and distinctive environment.
Half Graffiti Room Marseille France

4) V-House Jungle Hotel – Mexico
These houses are made in the jungle having V shape, which gives the impression of the overturned pyramids. These V shape houses have windows on all their sides to view the fantastic panoramas of the surroundings.
V-House Jungle Hotel – Mexico

 5) Harry Potter Hotel, London

If you want to experience to sleep at Hogwarts, then The Harry Potter, Georgian House Hotel is a place to visit. Its rooms are designed taking inspiration from the books of Harry Potter.

They correctly call their rooms as “Enchanted Chambers” and “Wizard Chambers”. To get the Harry Potter appeal, each room is featured with inquisitive artifacts, cauldrons, stone walls, and tainted glass windows.
Harry Potter Hotel, London

6) Zhangzhou Wei Qun Lou Inn – China
The Zhangzhou Wei Qun Lou Inn is actually 4 spherical shaped formations in the region of the central square. It provides you a chance to hang about in the old Fujian Tulou Building. UNESCO declared the sequence of identical buildings as the World Heritage Site in 2008.

Zhangzhou Wei Qun Lou Inn – China

7) Tarelka Hotel – Russia
Futuro House aka Tarelka Hotel is a mirror image of a UFO, which exactly appears as the spaceship has been landed on the earth from some other planet.
Tarelka Hotel – Russia


8) Katikies Hotel, Oio, Santorini, Greece
Katikies Hotel instills profound sentiments of enthrallment and delight. 

It is well-known for the warm environment and unmatched services together with providing exceptional romantic feelings in an organic atmosphere and marvelous construction. 

At the same time, it invites visitors to spend time in an unsullied extravagance.

Katikies Hotel, Oio, Santorini, Greece

9) Air Hotel – Time Circus – Belgium
The rooms of the Air Hotel are capricious and prepared from used substances. They are hanging at various altitudes above ground. 

The most out of the ordinary constructions appear like massive lamps and shelters made of wood with skylights of glass.

Air Hotel – Time Circus – Belgium

 10) Titanic Hotel, Antalya Turkey

Exclusive and exceptional, the Titanic Hotel electrifies with its state-of-the-art design and eco-friendly construction. 

This hotel offers you international standards with stylish flavors and cream of the crop cookery from all over the world. 

Together with matchless warmth and maintaining the top-class standards, the Titanic Hotel offers you entertainment, sports, beauty, and health services.

Titanic Hotel, Antalya Turkey

11) Trulli Holiday Hotel – Italy

Trulli Holiday Hotel is actually houses made of stones that show characteristics of a specific structural design having conical roofs. UNESCO has declared this hotel as the memorials of the World Heritage. 

This is also considered as the conventional residents of native people.

Trulli Holiday Hotel – Italy
12) Starlight Room Italy
Starlight room offers you the opportunity to spend the whole night appreciating the sky in the high Dolomite Mountain in a convenient room, which has walls made of glass. 

It’s just like fulfilling your dream in reality. You can enjoy the appeal of the starry sky in a moonlit light that’s nowhere near to the artificial lights.

Starlight Room Italy

 13) Capsule Hotel, Den Hague, Netherlands

The survival oil rig pods have been refurbished to make them floating housings.  

You will see these strange orange pods floating in dissimilar directions. 

Three persons can accommodate in each pod, which has its own toilet.

Capsule Hotel, Den Hague, Netherlands

 14) Corona Save the Beach Hotels

After collecting the garbage from several beaches, Corona Save the Beach hotels have been created fully from garbage at different locations of the world.

The purpose of these hotels is to bring awareness about the rubbish that people spread on the beaches.
Corona Save the Beach Hotels

 15) Safari Tree House London

Safari Tree House is located at the South Bank of London and was created by the inspiration taken from the Safari Lodge of South Africa.  It is, first and foremost constructed from wood and you can gain access to it through a staircase.

Safari Tree House London

16) Morph Hotel, Kaikoura, New Zealand
The strange Morph hotel is going to transform the cruising business. It is an idea from an architect and engineer Mr. Gianluca Santosuosso. 

The Morph is constructed around a stretchy spinal column half a mile in length, which can change shape depending on the sea waves. 

It travels slowly worldwide harboring in towns allowing passengers to get on and off.

Morph Hotel, Kaikoura, New Zealand

17) Hotel Sidi Driss, Matmata, Tunisia

A classic Berber troglodyte, constructed underground centuries ago, the Hotel Sidi Driss is a well-known filming place of Star Wars. It remains open all year long and is well decorative. Among the 5 pits of the hotel, 4 are used for rooms and 5th one is a restaurant.

Hotel Sidi Driss, Matmata, Tunisia

 18) Montenegro Mamula Island

The prisoners’ camp of World War II, where prisoners were used to agonizing and kept hungry is now going to be changed into an extravagant beach resort having a spa and a night club, regardless of the people’s objections.
The government of Montenegro is giving permission to the constructors to change the island into 4-5-star lavish resort.  In plans, there is to refurbish fortress encircled by flood pool, outdoor dining, and VIP location.

Montenegro Mamula Island

19) MuseuMotel – Bubble House – France

Keeping old fashioned construction style, the MuseMotel is a wonderful prodigy, which has been refurbished and opened in the last century. It is located in the north-eastern forest of the country and its white pod curved structures look like anything ultramodern.

Breaching the conventional structural design, the pods are created using a solid material covering construction method, which stacks coatings of polystyrene, thermal insulation and metal mesh that is lastly sprayed with solid material. 

MuseuMotel – Bubble House – France

20) California’s Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo, USA

Being an intercontinental last stop choice, California’s Madonna Inn opened in 1958, together with 110 exceptional rooms and lovely construction. 

For example, the Yahoo guestroom, which resembles a carriage with having horns hanging on top of beds or the Rock Bottom guestroom, the bed of which looks like flooded into the cavern.

You will not find anything gloomy here with numerous crazily designed guestrooms. 

California’s Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo, USA


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