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Thursday, June 7, 2018

20 Most Unique Hotels & Resorts of the World – Most Unusual & Amazing World Hotels

1) 7132 Hotel Vals, Switzerland
The 7132 Hotel Vals now shares space with the most popular Thermal Vals spa.

After an enormous reconstruction, the ancient modern hotel has been converted into the latest standards of a luxury hotel. 
7132 Hotel Vals, Switzerland

You can now make love with nature and fantastic architecture at this extravagant up-to-date hotel and spa. 

You can choose to arrive at this hotel in a spectacular way as visitors can opt for a helicopter as the way of their transport. 

Relax at the calming warmness of the spa. You will not know how the time passes away together with your day to day concerns, burdens, and troubles.

2) Golden Crown Levin Iglut, Levi, Finland

Golden Crown Levin Iglut, Levi, FinlandGolden Crown Levin Iglut is situated 6 miles from Levi, Finland. There are eighteen glass igloos and you can enjoy any of the igloos, where families and couples can reside. 

In each and every igloo, you will find a double bed with modifiable headrests for maximum panoramic enjoying, a caboose, and a full bathing facility.

3) X2 River Kwai Resort Kanchanaburi, Thailand
The admirers of fabulous Thai landscape and state-of-the-art construction will find X2 resort up to their wishes.
X2 River Kwai Resort Kanchanaburi, Thailand

This third resort of the chain sets distantly from the shoreline in the province of Kanchanaburi, western Thailand.

However, it is still nearby water providing the awfully attractive background of the Kwai Noi river.
4) Forest Hut Hotel, Kolarbyn, Sweden
Forest Hut Hotel, Kolarbyn, Sweden
If you are willing to stay in the forest in a hut, Forest Hut Hotel, Kolarbyn, Sweden is the best place for you to visit. 

If you are not carrying food for yourself, then it can be served at your place. 

This can be a wonderful change of pace and unique life experience for you and your family.

5) Argos Cappadocia, Turkey
Argos Cappadocia, TurkeyYou can find the world’s biggest stock of comfortable caves in the region of Cappadocia. The Argon Cappodocia boutique hotel in Uchisar village is a refurbished monastery.

The Argon Cappadocia is a hotel, where you can get relief from the hectic modern world lifestyle. 

The interior is decorated with enormous unevenly chopped stones, vaults, and arches, while on the exterior side is the block of weather-beaten houses of stone flowing downside the hill.

6) Conestoga Ranch, Utah
Conestoga Ranch, Utah
If the cowboy life appeals to you then the Conestoga Ranch is a place to visit. It is situated in the Yellowstone national park, which is the foremost national park in the world. 
Here you will find the luxurious Conestoga wagons to sleep in the surroundings of the grassland.
7) Anantara Golden Triangle, Sop Rauk, Thailand
Anantara Golden Triangle, Sop Rauk, Thailand
The Anantara Golden Triangle Resort Thailand is situated in the north of Chiang Rai, exactly at the core of the Golden Triangle, where Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand meet. From fanciful sceneries to wistful doings, it is one of the most idealistic hotels. 

This area is teeming with history and tradition from the opium trade era and is sure to roll your imagination.

8) Knight’s Glamping, Leads Castle, Kent, UK
Knight’s Glamping, Leads Castle, Kent, UK
If you are willing to live as the Middle Ages knights then The Knight’s Glamping hotel is a place to do so. It is situated in Kent, by the Leads Castle, the U.K. 

Here you can take a shower, a bit away from the campsite, though knights didn’t. 

Throughout your entire stay, you will be able to visit the Leads Castle as well as its ground.

9) Ashford Castle Hotel, Cong, Ireland
Ashford Castle Hotel, Cong, Ireland
The Ashford Castle was transformed into a real five-star hotel in the 1900s. 

The top-notch housings are coordinated with facilities like golf, archery, clay shooting, fishing, lake cruising, falconry, horse riding, etc. 

This hotel as well as a spa for waxing, facials, nails, body wraps, and massages.

10) Dhara Dhevi Resort, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Dhara Dhevi Resort, Chiang Mai, Thailand
You will feel like living in the time of the Lanna Empire, while you stay in the Dhara Dhevi Resort in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  

The extensive resort resembles a palace rather than a resort, and you will certainly feel royal conduct. 

Around the 118 suites, there is a rice field and an ancient farm that reminds you of the time when palaces were considered as the fully independent cities.

11) Kelebek Cave Hotel, Goreme, Turkey

Kelebek Cave Hotel, Goreme, Turkey
In the early days, the adjacent Mount Erciyes Volcano sheltered the volcanic range with ash. Due to heavy rainfall and wind engraved the ash formations into chimneys. 

The 36 rooms of Kelebek hotel were later on constructed into these chimneys. 

The guests take a day’s trip to these chimneys through hot air balloons. After spending the night in the chimneys, you will feel something special seeing them from the above.

12) Cava & Hotel Mastinell, Barcelona, Spain
Cava & Hotel Mastinell, Barcelona, Spain
Cava & Hotel Matinell of Vilabranca del Penedes, nearby Barcelona is a joyful place for wine lovers

The huge construction that looks like cava bottles are stacked on the shelf is encircled by massive stretches of vineyards. 

The actual excitements are inside, where you can taste unlimited amounts of wine or coddle in activities related to wine.

13) Londolozi Tree Camp, Kruger National Park, South Africa
Londolozi Tree Camp is the foremost game reserve that has been awarded the status of Relais & Chateaux because of its assurance to extravagant housing, extraordinary service and excellent food. 
Londolozi Tree Camp, Kruger National Park, South Africa

It is impossible to argue with the Londolozi’s excellence as only here you will see elephants walking by during your morning bathing and watch occasional lions and leopards while on the afternoon safari. 

At night you will be able to enjoy the sound sleep in the world’s chilliest treehouse accommodations. The art of furnishings is invincible.

14) The Queen Mary Long Beach Hotel, California, USA
The Queen Mary Long Beach Hotel, California, USA
An earlier ocean liner, Queen Marry has been used as a museum and hotel both since 1967 on Long Beach. The three towers of this giant throw a gigantic shadow above the horizon of the state-of-the-art California. 

During your stay in the hotel, you will find an abundance of events like dining areas, history tours to enjoy every luxury.

15) Norrqvarn Hotell & Konferens, Lyrestad, Sweden
Norrqvarn Hotell & Konferens, Lyrestad, Sweden
Above the ground, the Norrqvarm Hotell is a normal hotel that provides you high-tech meeting place amenities.  

But, when you go under the ground to sleep, you’ll be offered two lodging choices to amuse your imagination and curiosity – a troll stump and mushroom cabins to relax by the Gota Canal, adjacent Lyrestad. It is now up to you to settle on if you want to live here merrily for the rest of your life.

16) Jade Mountain Resort, Saint Lucia
Jade Mountain Resort, Saint Lucia
The Jade Mountain Resort offers you the rare picturesque panoramas of the St. Lucia bay and Piton Peaks. The hotel is itself constructed on a cliffside together with a network of sophisticated bridges. 

Each of its suites has large 15-feet tall ceilings with three walls to ensure the views of the surroundings together with private stunning infinity ponds.

17) Imaginarium Hotel, Tbilisi, Georgia
Imaginarium Hotel, Tbilisi, Georgia
You can reach the Hotel Imaginarium in just 15 minutes on foot from the Sioni Cathedral Church. Imaginarium is a family hotel that has a library and a sun terrace.

As a guest, you are free to use a pantry, coffee, or tea makers, a balcony, LCD TV, climate control system in your room. Several rooms are overlooking the mountain. The rooms are furnished with hardwood and parquet flooring.
18) Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, Tanzania
Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, Tanzania
The Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is alongside Magadi Lake and in the inner side of an ancient volcanic crater. It resides exactly in between the Kilimanjaro Mount, Nairobi, the Kenyan Capital and Serengeti National Park. In Africa, it is an ideal place to visit.

All the wildlife such as giraffes, wild zebras wander here and there on the surroundings, while elephants and lions are available after a short drive. 

The lodging arrangements are spectacular in the huge magnificent huts that provide the high-quality panoramas of African surroundings. 

We are fans of their mysterious sense of style, woven roofs, and colorful furniture.

19) Dromoland Castle, Ireland
Dromoland Castle, Ireland
The Dromoland Castle has been refurbished a few times in the past. The commanding towers and the front that was constructed in the year 1830 remind us of the knights in dragons and armors.
The interior is no less remarkable and while entering the hotel, you will realize a real one five star hotel. You can also enjoy facilities like fishing, horse riding, archery, clay shooting, falconry school, golf, and spa.

20) Art Mansion Hotel, Oia, Greece
Art Mansion Hotel, Oia, Greece
The Art Mansion hotel is hanging to the seaside cliff of a past caldera volcano. All around the world, the cruise ships arrive here at Oia to witness the sunset, however, your privacy at the infinity pool, will not be disturbed. 

It becomes more beautiful at night when the lights make it the best honeymoon place to spend time on.


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