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20 Most Famous Hotels & Resorts of the World – Most Amazing & Unusual World Hotels

The whitepod hotel is embracing the magic of the snow-clad mountains. It is a small outpost of igloo shaped pods at the top of the hill with sensational pathways down the hill. It is situated nearby the Le Cerniers town combining warmth and ecological protection, while focusing on the neighboring cookery of the whitepod restaurant.

Whitepod Hotel Switzerland

2) Nhow Berlin, Berlin, Germany

The true business model, Nhow is the single most European hotel than contains 2 studios for recording. The Sergei Tchoban’s blueprint, the construction is dazzling with upper floors jetting out above the binge together with their incredible metallic body. Mr. Karim Rashid’s creativity gives its interior designing with natural shades and kinds an innovative touch.

Nhow Berlin, Berlin, Germany

3) Great Orme Lighthouse, Wales, U.K

Great Orme Lighthouse was constructed in the year 1862 and continued alarming the ships till 1985. It has a room that offers 180 degree views of the Irish Sea and North Wales Cliffs. It is not luxurious; however, the hostess will greet you heartily and offers you insights about the past of this existing memorial.

Great Orme Lighthouse, Wales, U.K

 4) Sextantio Le Grotte Della Civita Matera, Italy

In distant southern part of Italy, is a Matera village, popular for volcanic houses carved into the hillsides, a number of them are as ancient as Paleolithic times. The fully interesting concept of hotel is derived by Daniele Kihlgren.
The distinguishing feature of this hotel is its luxury in spite of carved cave houses. The rooms, bathtubs etc. are the most lavish all around the world.

Sextantio Le Grotte Della Civitam, Matera, Italy

5) Sant'Angelo Luxury Resort, Italy

Sant’Angelo is a luxury resort cave hotel in the Matera city that is popular rock dug houses. Anyone living here can brag about living in the exact houses that dates back to 9000 years ago. Ancient workshops and stables are used to create the rooms of this hotel. You will find an art gallery, a bar and 2 restaurants here.

Sant'Angelo Luxury Resort, Italy

6) Playa Viva Juluchuca, Mexico
Playa Viva Juluchuca, is located in an isolated area with just half an hour drive from Zihautanejo.

The housings are created with thatched roofs in an open air. There are no walls so that you can enjoy the sea views clearly.

It offers diversity of pleasure trips on water and on land, meditation classes, spa services, morning yoga and much more.

Playa Viva Juluchuca, Mexico

7) Adrere Amellal, Egypt

The Adrere Amellal desert palace is situated at Siwa in the center of Saharan oasis. You can reach this strange eco-chalet after driving 8 lengthy sandy hours from Cairo.

This hotel is constructed by using mud and rock of salt, 18 meters underneath the level of sea and supervising the sparkling lake of salt. There is no electricity and rooms are lightened up with candles.

Adrere Amellal, Egypt
8) Mar Adentro Cabos, Mexico

Mar Adentro Cabos is situated in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. A Mexican architect, famous for his unusual designs, Mr. Miguel Angel Aragones is a person behind this architecture. He designed this hotel in an exceptional and outstanding way.

Every floating box holds 200 visitors’ rooms. An Italian brand Poliform decorated each of its room with all white and modernized décor. The full-sized windows let you enjoy the plentiful of sunshine and view the sea.

Mar Adentro Cabos, Mexico
9) Tree House Lodge Resort, Iquitos, Peru
Treehouse Lodge Resort, Iquitos, Peru is for those, who want to sleep in the sounds of Peruvian Rain Forest of Amazon. You can reach this place from Iquitos after one hour of boat ride. 

After reaching here, you will have to climb 34-67 feet high to reach any of the eight rounded tree houses. Sloths, macaws, monkeys, squirrels and several other denizens are common in the eco-friendly resort spreading over 345 acres.

Tree House Lodge Resort, Iquitos, Peru

10) Kruisheren Hotel, Maastricht, Netherlands

Kruisheren hotel, Maastricht, Netherlands is a revolutionary hotel, situated in a 15th century monastery. Mr. Henk Vos, an interior designer has completely changed the look of this monastery. The unique monks’ walkways and Gothic church of the monastery have been transformed into latest rooms and latest decorations.

Kruisheren Hotel, Maastricht, Netherlands

11) Alila Jabal Akhdar Nizwa, Oman
Alila Jabal Akhdar Nizwa, Oman is a modern and lavish boutique hotel, situated in Al Hajar Mountain’s range. You will have to endeavor a bit to reach there and that is the real attraction of this place. 

Besides being a seriously designed hotel, it is an oasis, isolated and autonomous together with an infinity pool and an impressive spa, which is accurately placed for striking panoramas of the stunning scenery.


Alila Jabal Akhdar, Nizwa, Oman

12) The Dovecote, England

The Dovecote, England is considered as the highest loveable place, especially for the newly married people in England.

The old Dovecote that was in the bad condition has now been repaired and transformed into a convenient self-service place, which can accommodate 4 people at a time, however, 2 are perfect.

You will find a sauna, splendid wooden roof and a bedroom having glass made balcony inside a one-meter solid wall of this hotel.

The Dovecote, England
13) Areias Do Seixo Charm Hotel, Povoa de Penafirme, Portugal
The top class Areias Do Seixo Charm hotel is situated on the northern coast of Lisbon. It contains 13 rooms, which provide cozy, minimalist place for an exclusive social get-together around unfamiliar people.

Each and every room is accommodated with wooden stoves and rustic fireplaces. Knotted, tree branches create supporting legs for the beds. Refined material and stone are repeatedly utilized. Lofty walls of glass and huge windows provide fantastic panoramas of the surroundings. A natural garden covers the roof of this hotel.

Areias Do Seixo Charm Hotel, Povoa de Penafirme, Portugal
14) Santos Express, Mossel Bay, South Africa
A permanently parked 1920 Santos Express is only 100 feet away from the Santos Beach. 4 guests’ cars have dual beds and 5 berths together with shared baths and ocean panoramas. There are 16 hogwash beds for larger families and budget tourists in the 5th car. 

A honeymoon caboose is for romantic couples, which has a private bathroom and porch that face towards the ocean. For those, who want to book a whole car, there are 2 royal suites’ cars, each having their own baths.

Santos Express, Mossel Bay, South Africa

15) Hotel Viura, Villabuena de Alava, Spain

Hotel Viura, Villabuena de Alava is situated in the conventional wine village of Spain in the region of Alavesa Rioja. Apparently, it gives a strange look of cubes stacked in a modern style.

This cubic structure confirms that the majority of 33 rooms offer corner views of the adjoining Sierra de Cantabria Mountains and the village. The furniture is fashionable together with rustic and elegant with bathrooms prepared with solid blocks of wood instead of glass or marble.

Hotel Viura, Villabuena de Alava, Spain

16) Happy Nomads Village, Karakol, Kyrgyztan
Happy Nomads village offers you to undergo conventional lifestyle of Kyrgyztan in a 3 huge bozuis, which is encircled by gardens of flowers in a hot weather. All the 3 bozuis are conventionally designed, have two-beds and warm floors and can house 5 persons. The interiors are minimalist with wall designs, multi-colored rugs, electrical outlets and Wifi internet facilities.

Happy Nomads Village, Karakol, Kyrgyztan
17) Santani Wellness Resort & Spa, Kandy, Sri Lanka
Highlighting the eye-catching picturesque scenes, the interior of the Santani Wellness Resort is completely latest solid structural design. This resort for healthiness is not simply a hotel that has a spa, rather it is a place planned completely to encourage recreation and contemplation. Simple and latest design is not opted for the reason that it is pictorial but enthused to encourage contemplative peace to really get rid of day to day worries.

Santani Wellness Resort & Spa, Kandy, Sri Lanka
18) Dromen Aan Zee, Harlingen, Netherlands
Offering 3 unusual stays, the Dromen Aan Zee, meaning “dreaming by the sea”, provides chance to enjoy the maritime culture of Harlingen. The Havenkraan allows visitors to stay in a harbor crane that is 56-feet above the ground. The surrounding Vuurtoren has now 3 spiraling rooms, which was a lighthouse constructed in the year 1920.  

The lifeboat Reddingsboot has been converted into a styles room, which you can take out for a 2 hours sail.  The previous Lilla Marras has now full bathing system with dual tub of wood, living area, double bed, kitchenette together with amusement system.

Dromen Aan Zee, Harlingen, Netherlands

19) Gorvalns Slott Jarfalla Sweden

Previously, the sandstone castle, the Gorvalns Slott Jarfalla has been transformed into a mansion, the interiors of which resemble some child’s dream.

On the Malaran Lake coast, this Swedish castle of the 17th century is situated on 900 acres area. There are 2 original buildings and 3 secondary buildings. The 38 rooms of this hotel are divided in between these 5 buildings. The decoration is metaphorical, Louis XV extreme, filigreed, curlicue; it is all in relation to headboards, gilt gesso style, cabriole legs and fur covered lampshades.  

Gorvalns Slott Jarfalla Sweden
20) Book and Bed Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
Book and Bed Tokyo, seemingly appears to be a second-hand bookstore but the visitors astonish when they slide a bookshelf and find a comfortable corner with a plain bed, an electrical outlet and a light for reading. This is simply not for the claustrophobic. There are 30 piled up small rooms behind the shelves and each single room is sufficient for one person.
Book and Bed Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

20 Most Famous Hotels & Resorts of the World – Most Amazing & Unusual World Hotels 

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