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Monday, July 2, 2018

20 Most STRANGE Hotels in World You Won't believe Actually Exist! Most Weirdest Hotels

1) Fort Leicester, Trinity, Jersey

Locating above the charming wharf of the Boulay Bay, British Chanel, The Fort Leicester has now been converted into a hotel. It has a magnificent interior and six feet broad wall. 

The suites characterize gold cutlery and Egyptian sheets of cotton, which are just fantastic. Barbeques and stargazing can be perfectly achieved from the lofty terrace.

Fort Leicester, Trinity, Jersey

2) Tundra Lodge, Winnipeg, Canada

The Tundra Lodge is an exclusive moving hotel that was customized and positioned in an area where polar bears are in great numbers. 

There are 32 cabins that look like as we see on the train having convenient beds. Here you will find the watching stands, sliding windows, dining room, sitting room, four showers, and six toilets.

This is perhaps an exclusive hotel worldwide, which allows you to view polar bears in their main territory with ease. 
Tundra Lodge, Winnipeg, Canada

3) Piramida Hotel, Tychy, Poland

The pyramid shaped Piramida hotel is a highly unusual hotel in Poland that produces healing power for its visitors. That is why no one has any complaints after reaching here. 

If you still do not feel happy after receiving the positive power that you receive here, then you can also take pleasure in the fitness center, swimming pool, spa, and a restaurant.
Piramida Hotel, Tychy, Poland

4) Vintage Hotel Brussels, Bruxelles, Belgium

The vintage hotel is so dynamic that you will hop! You will find all over the place, the designs of different shades that look like the sixties from art, wallpapers, and furniture. The airy sleeping cabin is the main theme of this hotel.

Though it is an old hotel of 1958, however, it is completely refurbished with sitting area, AC both cold and hot, a plasma television, Wi-Fi facility, a toilet, a shower and a convenient bed. 
Vintage Hotel Brussels, Bruxelles, Belgium
5) Desert Lotus Hotel, Inner Mongolia, China
Desert Lotus Hotel is unusual because of the cold climate in winter with regular snowstorms and hot in summer with regular storms of sands. 

The hotel’s recurring white tiles appear to be a flower that is blooming on top of a desert. 

A skeleton made of steel is fixed in the sand that supports the hotel building to handle the regular shifts of sands. 
Desert Lotus Hotel, Inner Mongolia, China
6) Saffire Freycinet, Coles Bay, Australia
Curled Tasmanian wood is used to construct the Saffire Freycinet hotel and it mixes together accurately with its environs. 

Twenty suites are furnished with full wall windows, which enables you to enjoy the environmental views and watch the flora and fauna. 

There is also an enjoyable restaurant and beach at a walking distance.
Saffire Freycinet, Coles Bay, Australia

7) Ovolo Woolloomooloo, Sydney, Australia
Ovolo Woolloomooloo is situated in the district of Woolloomooloo, Sydney and is a very unique place. It will be your exceptional visit there because of the latest art adorations, old game consoles, up-to-date designs, old playboy magazines in the bathrooms.
Harbor Bridge and Sydney opera are within a walking distance so it is easy to learn more about the city.
Ovolo Woolloomooloo, Sydney, Australia

 8) Hotel of Ice Romania, Cartisoara, Romania
You will not think about small ice statues after visiting the Hotel of Ice Romania, because everything is completely made up of ice including tables, glasses, and plates, etc. 

Fortunately, the bed is protected with the bags of thermal and the fur of reindeer.
You can only reach there through the cable car, so you can feel the serenity of this area. You will not feel bored here because of activities like staying at ice caves, ice skating, and skiing, etc. Really fantastic!  
Hotel of Ice Romania, Cartisoara, Romania

9) La Crete Fort, United Kingdom
Constructed to stop Napoleon from attacking England in the 19th century, the La Crete Fort is now a lavish hotel situated above a cliff with striking views of the sea and the adjacent archipelagos and islands. 

The internal look is a combination of past and modern styles but stress is given on the historic style.

La Crete Fort, United Kingdom

10) Schlaf Fass, Jenins, Switzerland
Enjoy sleeping in a barrel of wine in the Schlaf Fass hotel which is encircled by vineyards. There will be a living room barrel and sleeping barrel in your room.

A small bathroom is in the barrel and is positioned near the restaurant. It is surely the best way to discover the popular wine region. 
Schlaf Fass, Jenins, Switzerland

11) Cedar Creek Hotel, Ashford, Washington
  Situating fifty feet above the ground, the Cedar Creek Treehouse is a two-story hotel, which is constructed around two centuries aged cedar tree. 

This cedar tree passes through the center of the hotel and thus makes up a safe construction. 

The upper story is for sleeping purposes and also has a terrace for viewing the nearby mountains. The power is supplied to this hotel through a solar energy setup.

Cedar Creek Hotel, Ashford, Washington

12) Miramonti, Bozen, Italy
Miramonti is an exceptional hotel that provides some wonderful panoramas not only in the Dolomites but also in the whole of Italy. 

This hotel has no walls but the only full wall windows, which will allow you to enjoy the outside views from your infinity pool, Jacuzzi, room, lobby, or your restaurant. 
Miramonti, Bozen, Italy

13) Bochnia Salt Mine, Bochnia, Poland

At the time, canary birds, horses, and miners were struggling to obtain the valuable salt in the middle ages, the Bochnia Salt Mine was discovered.
Nowadays, it is a hotel with corridors, ferry crossing, and mining equipment.
You will find a 140 meters slide for taking you to the chamber for spending your nighttime. It is also a UNESCO heritage place. 

If you are still not happy, you can enjoy yourself with a football pitch, chapel, and a train available out there. You will also get goosebumps after sleeping in a 250-meter above the rock.

Bochnia Salt Mine, Bochnia, Poland

14) Commune by The Great Wall, Beijing, China
Twelve architects put their combined efforts and creativity to create exceptionally “Commune by the Great Wall” hotel, which will not upset you. 
There you will have the opportunity to decide on any of the forty separately designed lodges having 175 suites in total from forest house, which resembles a nest, airport house with a steam bath and bamboo wall etc.

Before discovering the surrounded area, you can dine or have a drink at the restaurant. It is considered as one of the wonders of China and is equally valuable for your money.

Commune by The Great Wall, Beijing, China

15) Het Arresthuis hotel, Roermond, Netherlands
Once a prison, but now the Het Arresthius is an extravagant hotel. In this hotel, you will be sleeping in lavish rooms instead of in prisons like convicts. 

There are seven suites viz. “The Judge” or “The Lawyer, “The Jailer” etc. The patio has been converted into an out-of-doors snack bar.

Het Arresthuis hotel, Roermond, Netherlands

16) Indigo Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland
Indigo Warsaw is a stylish boutique present-day hotel and gleams like a star. People having an artistic sense will surely admire the lively shades, sleek designs, and bold decorations.
There are ample things to take pleasure in this hotel from floating balloons at the courtyard, drinking at a shady bar or discovering sculptures and paintings strewn all over the place.
Srodmiescie is a popular place for ancient wonders, cafes, and restaurants, where this hotel is situated, Wisia riverbank and the old town are also nearby. Exciting!
Indigo Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland
17) Volkshotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Volkshotel is the most exciting place in Amsterdam with having bikes hanging on the walls, hanging beds and bathing facility in the central part of the room, bar, and sauna on the rooftop.
Discover as well the delicious food in the restaurant, bar, barber, meeting rooms, staff meeting areas. Surely a wonderful place!
Volkshotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands

18) Tree Houses Alicourts, Loire Valley, France
Locating in Loire Valley, France, The Tree Houses Alicourts is a sequence of treehouses together with overpasses to join them. 

If you choose to sleep here then be prepared to live like the people used to live in the past because of the missing electricity and running water. 

There is as well a resort that entails inside pool compound, a lake for swimming, and a spa.
Tree Houses Alicourts, Loire Valley, France

 19) Jarvzoo Wolf Hotel, Järvsö, Sweden 
In the Jarvzoo Wolf hotel, your nearest partners will be wolves. The hotel was formed inner side of the wolf enclosure with full wall windows, which enables you to watch and hear the wolves’ howling. 

Watching and hearing wolves with so close to your eyes will surely be a fantastic venture for you and your children.
There are 5 rooms in the hotel, sauna, and toilets, and nearby tavern. You will also be able to see the zoo animals like reindeers, wolverines, arctic foxes, and brown bears free of cost. 
Jarvzoo Wolf Hotel, Järvsö, Sweden

20) Nature Observatorio, Manzanillo, Costa Rica
Locating in Costa Rica, the Nature Observatorio Manzanillo is fundamentally a double floor room hotel having an observatory deck hanging on the tree with the help of ropes made of nylon. 

The complete structure was made with nylon ropes without any nail or screw. The hotel gets water from the rainfall and solar panels are used for the supply of electricity. 

As the hotel is located profoundly in the forest, the visitors have to park their cars on the outside road to reach there on foot.

Nature Observatorio, Manzanillo, Costa Rica


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