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20 The Most Amazing Hotels in the World You Won't Believe Actually Exists!

20 Most Beautiful Hotels & Resorts of the World – Most Unusual & Excellent World Hotels

1) Kex Hostel, Reykjavik, Iceland

An ancient biscuit factory has now been refurbished into the convenient Kex Hostel. It is adorned with rescued furniture and gives an industrial sensation.
Besides of main spot, here all the facilities are available as per your requirements such as kitchen and gym, no cost WiFi, warm terrace, bar, restaurant etc. Surely welcoming!

Kex Hostel, Reykjavik, Iceland
2) Yotel, New York, United States
Now, you will see for yourself that an arm of a robot is storing you luggage at Yotel hotel. Yotel hotel is a luxury hotel but affordable and convenient due to technology. Besides, automatically checking in, you will find WiFi, iPod docks and LCD television. Restaurant is also here, where fortunately food is cooked by humans. Certainly, an exceptional hotel to visit!

Yotel, New York, United States
3) HT Houseboats, Mielno, Poland
There are lots of hotels in Poland and you can reside in any one of them. But why anyone would reside in an earthy house when there is a floating house? Really Amazing! While you are in your floating house, Jamno Lake stunning views will be at your disposition. And more than that you will be enjoying your sleep in a floating house!
The floating houses are up-to-date and tidy having lounge areas for viewing, kitchenettes and bathrooms. In some of the houses, you will find facilities like barbeque, fireplace and sauna. In the close by sport field, indulge yourself in all the water related activities that you have ever dreamt for. Wonderful place for a special holiday trip!

HT Houseboats, Mielno, Poland

4) Shangri La London, London, United Kingdom

Shangri La London hotel is occupying 35 to 52 floors of the popular Shard building and offers the most excellent views of London. The reception is on the 35th floor and guestrooms are considered the largest in the whole city.
The rooms have full wall windows and LCDs incorporated in mirrors.
Dining facilities are available at the 35th floor, while swimming pool is on the 52nd floor. City of London and Southbank are nearby areas, while you can easily reach the other parts of the city through speedboat of the hotel, taxi or public transport.

Shangri La London, London, United Kingdom

5) Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, Singapore

If you like challenges in life, then swimming in the Marina Bay Sands infinity pool is certainly challenging because of the 340 meters high side.
Here you will find everything such as art and science museum, popular spa, casino, waterfront bars, vintage bars and rooftop bars etc.
There is also a sculpture 40 meters long created with the help of 16000 bars of steel. You can also enjoy the live shows from West End and Broadway.
Really a fantastic place to visit!

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, Singapore

6) Village Flottant, Pressac, France
If you recall Kevin Costner movie “Water World”, where everything had a water cover, here is your chance to visit water world exclusive village hotel Flottant, which will give you the same feeling of the movie.
The hotel comprises of floating huts made of wood, which have toilets, bedrooms and even a boat for going back to the shoreline.
If you are a fishing enthusiast, then it is the most excellent place to fish from the hut’s terrace.  You will enjoy fishing here the most because some fishes are as heavy as 15 kilograms.
Here you can also enjoy in the swimming pool or if you wish to survey the locality, bicycles on rents are available at the shoreline. Ideal place to visit!

Village Flottant, Pressac, France
7) Sublime Samana, Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic
An exclusive romantic Sublime Samana hotel is located exactly where blue ocean and green forest joins.  Here you can get almost everything that you can think of. Here are romantic gardens, where you can walk alongside canals, relax on a beach and can play all the sports related to water.
Guestrooms are cozy and balconies watching over the sea with all the 5-star lavishness. Ideal place for your holiday trip!
Sublime Samana, Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic
8) In Trees, Nałęczów, Poland
The most modernized tree house hotel “In Trees” is located in Naleczow. Almost every child desire to build a thrilling house on a tree in his childhood with various outcomes possibly. Now, you can fulfill your childhood dream!
Fortunately, few fanatics join together to construct a cozy and convenient hotel on the top of the trees, where you can reside during your visit to Poland.
It is a very exceptional hotel with dazzling interiors, mini bars, bathrooms, electricity and huge windows. We are confident in saying them the most excellent tree houses in the whole of Europe.  
Encircled by the enormous ravines and spectacular jungles, these tree houses will surely remind you your childhood period. Simply ideal! 

In Trees, Nałęczów, Poland

9) Canvas Hotel, Norway
If you like to live in charismatic yurts close to the nature, then Canvas Hotel is the place to visit, which is situated on a small-sized isle. In order to reach there, the hotel guide will take you there on foot or on a bicycle.

 After reaching there, you will find nine appealing yurts spreading out there with a bar and dining in the middle. In the evening, you can soak yourself in the sauna yurt and the fresh coffee will greet you in your yurt in the morning.

Fishing facilities are also available here or you trek or cycle the locality in the limitless routes created in the mountains for armatures and for professional bikers as well. So, all of you will enjoy here!

Canvas Hotel, Norway
10) Castle Cottage Treehouse, Pulborough, United Kingdom
Enjoy your venture in the lavish Tree House, a division of the Castle Cottage mansion encircled by lush green landscape and jungles and located in the West of Sussex.

This hotel is constructed in the region of a chestnut tree and you will experience its presence in the bedroom.

The tree house has been decorated perfectly that matches with the jungle environs. There is a swing on terrace, from where you can see this resemblance.

For more excitement, you can take flights of hot balloons, Pilates, gliding, horse riding or trek with guides. Valuable!

Castle Cottage Treehouse, Pulborough, United Kingdom

11) Del900 Hostel Boutique, Buenos Aires, Argentina
The Hostel Del900 Boutique is a serious place to stay while you are in Buenos Aires. The interior is as strange as the name itself, which gives you the touch of diverse royal environment. See the picture!

Other facilities include room service, televisions in guestrooms, Air conditioner, personal bathrooms and much more. It is impossible to get all these in any other hostel. Exceptional!

Del900 Hostel Boutique, Buenos Aires, Argentina

12) Glendoria, Łukta, Poland

Are you willing to get a cozy and appealing glamping that will give you a chance to experience Polish nature? Then Glendoria glamping is the answer. Glendoria glamping is the single most glamping in the whole of Poland and it is located in the middle of Masurian District Lake.

Therefore, gird up your waist to take pleasure in hearing the crackling of fire, sense the wind and make fun with the sunsets.

Elegantly designed tents will provide you the feeling of African Safari but without lions. But, you will scuba dive, cycle, kayak, swim and watch countless varieties of birds. Ideal place to experience countryside Poland!

Glendoria, Łukta, Poland
 13) Hotel Semiramis, Athens, Greece

Hotel Semiramis is the most multi-colored hotel in the world that looks like a colorful candy shop. Mr. Karim Rashid is a person behind hit, who owned more than 300 awards.

The exceptional hotel Semiramis is a place where you will get vigorous environment and latest exhibition of art.

Here you can enjoy watching art pieces like Laura Owens, Christopher Wool or Damien Hirst. You can also go around in the pool, bar or exciting restaurant. Certainly, not a normal stay!

Hotel Semiramis, Athens, Greece

14) Beresheet Hotel Mitzpe Ramon, Israel

Beresheet Hotel features thirty-four deluxe suites having a restaurant, spa center, stone walls and a personal pool.

It is situated on a cliff of Ramon Crater, which is located in the Negev Desert.
Among all the natural craters worldwide, Ramon Crater is considered as the biggest one, which is 25 miles or 40 k.ms in length and 6.2 miles or 10 k.ms in breadth and 1640 feet or 500 meters in depth.  

It looks like a heart that is stretched out.

Beresheet Hotel Mitzpe Ramon, Israel

15) Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge, Machu Picchu, Peru
Now, you have a chance to enjoy Machu Picchu when there is no rush. Majority of people are compelled to go through the forest to view this outstanding place.
Fortunately, credits to the unusual Sanctuary Lodge, where you can reside and go back the other day. This will provide you an opportunity to feel the vanished town throughout your stay, when there are no people. Valuable!
The Sanctuary offers train rides, spa and also has a restaurant! Exciting!
Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge, Machu Picchu, Peru

16) Gstaad Palace, Gstaad, Switzerland

The Gstaad Palace has the biggest spa in the world and appears as castle. There are 250 people workforces to fulfill your requirements, a popular night club, two bars and five restaurants.

However, the main appeal is possibly a spa, which is spread over 1800 square meters, which comprises of recreational healings, seven Hammam rooms, personal suites with spa, sanunas, out-of-door warm pools, steam bath together with awe-inspiring panoramas of Alps.

If you are not fulfilled yet, then there are tennis ball courts, Pilates studious and also a gym. We think it’s sufficient to keep you amused during your whole stay!

Gstaad Palace, Gstaad, Switzerland
17) W Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
Get relaxation from the swimming pool at the rooftop of W Barcelona hotel situated close by Las Ramblas, which shows the main character of the town. It is vigorous, amazing and multi-colored inside and outside.
Amuse yourself with the astonishing rooftop infinity pool having a bar and lounging place.
Bravo24 restaurant will provide you delicious foods. Enjoy and appreciate the music in the restaurant and the bar at the beach. Surely, the most excellent hotel!
W Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
18) Soneva Kiri, Trat, Thailand
If you want to live in a paradise in this world, then you will like to visit the Soneva Kiri, the distant paradise situated on an isolated tropical isle.
There are plenty of beaches together with conventionally adorned villas outfitted with baths, iPods stations and televisions.
Enjoy yourself in an open-air cinema, library, spa or personal white sand beach.
Canoeing and snorkeling facilities are also accessible here. Taste worldwide dishes or Thai Cuisine at View Restaurant and The Benz Restaurants. Thrilling!

Soneva Kiri, Trat, Thailand

19) Camel Camp, Jodhpur, India

Now, you have the chance to have the real safari exposure at the Camal Camp, Jodhpur! Are you aware of the fact that the term Safari was originated from India? The meaning of Safari in Hindi is to travel and Brits made it famous in Africa. 
Cheers to Reggie Marwar, the family’s successor, who governed this area for eras. You have a golden opportunity to discover the Desert in Rajasthan and experience the travelling on camels and even on elephants.
You can view the desert life from the camp such as weavers, potters, shepherds, Bhils, Bishnois and animals like Partridges, Peacocks, Foxes, Gazelles and Blubulls etc.

Camel Camp, Jodhpur, India

20) Borealis Hotel, Úlfljótsvatn, Iceland

Avail the golden opportunity to watch the stunning Aurora Borealis with elegance! The exceptional Borealis Hotel is situated nearby Thingvellir National Park. Real pleasing chic has been used in the construction of this exclusive hotel.

The interiors are decorated with cozy modernized rooms together with attached bathrooms and a restaurant providing conventional meals prepared from fresh constituents.
Outside is spacious enough for ventures like observing attractive Aurora Borealis, refreshing in Jacuzzi, watching nature, walking and trekking. Complete adventure
Borealis Hotel, Úlfljótsvatn, Iceland

20 The Most Amazing Hotels in the World You Won't Believe Actually Exists!

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