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20 Most Insane Hotels You Won't Believe Exist – Most AMAZING Hotels!

20 Most Expensive Hotels & Resorts of the World – Most Famous & Amazing World Hotels

1) The Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur, India 

The Oberoi Udaivilas is situated at the brink of Pichola Lake and spread over on 50-acres of Mahrana of Mewar’s two hundred years old hunting ground. The wildlife sanctuary entails wild boar and deer. The walkways and domes are filled with sunlight, embraced by pleasant breezes and provide stunning panoramas of lush gardens and dazzling lake.
The Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur, India 
 2) The Cambrian Hotel, Adelboden Switzerland
The Cambrian Hotel offers you the most excellent infinity pool worldwide, which is warm and offers fantastic panorams of the surroundings. You will find wrinkles on your skin when you come out.
Here you will discover cozy guestrooms with T.V. and WiFi facilities, comfortable restaurant serves delicious foods, Blackberry wraps, Finish Sauna, Spa and Scotts bar. Really Amazing!
The Cambrian Hotel, Adelboden Switzerland
3) Ship in The Ice Hotel, Norway
Now, you have a chance to reside in a chilled ship! The Ship in the Ice Hotel is situated 60k.ms away from the closest residential area and is the most unique world hotels. As the name depicts, an ancient ship is fixed in the ice for good and converted into a hotel.
Look forward to the most excellent place Norway has to provide such as polar bears, dog sledging and Northern lights and much more…A unique sensation!

Ship in The Ice Hotel, Norway
4) Blue Lagoon Iceland, Grindavik, Iceland

The National Geographic titled Blue Lagoon amongst 25 worldwide wonders and surely it is worth-seeing and worth-experiencing place. No matter how long you reside there, you will dive into this world wonder anytime you want.
The grand Tese geothermal springs are popular worldwide because of their therapeutic characteristics. There are no demerits in giving it a try!
Here you will discover anything you possibly will require such as bar and a fine restaurant, personal geo-thermal lagoon, sights of lava fields. Take pleasure in your Iceland visit!
Blue Lagoon Iceland, Grindavik, Iceland
 5) Bill And Coo Suites, Mikonos, Greece
Bill and Coo Suites are ideal for romantic couples and it provides you all the things that you possibly will be looking for in a couples’ only hotel. It has an infinity pool at the top of the cliff and guestrooms have hot tub and personal terrace. You will get the food prepared by prize winning chef. Just ideal!
Bill And Coo Suites, Mikonos, Greece
6) Igloo Hotel, Alta, Norway
While living in the convenience of your hotel, you can now watch the Northern lights. If you want to view the incredible Aurora Borealis, then the Norway vale alongside the river Alta is the most excellent place worldwide.
The igloo hotel is constructed every winter to host scientists to research this phenomenon. The room temperature is nearing 0 centigrade, however cheers to the insulated warm bed that will keep you warm. Breakfast and morning time sauna are also included in the price.
The restaurant of the hotel offers you wild meat from Tana, Karasjok and Kautokeino, berries from close by forest, vegetable and potatoes from neighboring farmers and fish from close by fjords.
Despite having a chance to watch Northern lights together with the researchers, you can trip neighboring Sami people, attempt ice fishing, start snowmobile ventures or get on dog sledding.
Book your hotel before time as the hotel normally starts in the month of December and remains till April. The easiest method to reach here is to fly from Tromso, Oslo or Gardermoen to Alta. Due to the lack of public transportation; you can book a taxi or rent a car to Sorrisniva.

Igloo Hotel, Alta, Norway

7) Wieliczka Mine, Wieliczka, Poland
The salt mine buried deep in the surface consist stuff that is hard to believe. Every liter of the under the ground lakes of salt contains 300 grams salt, the 17th century chambers covering 22000 square meters, dwarfs and religious figures carvings of salt.  Throughout your trip, you will observe 3.5 kilometers of passageways encompassing simply 1% of this puzzling salt mine.

However, the fantastic option is that you are allowed to opt for ancient stable or slowacki chamber, 125 meters underground.  Moreover, you will have access to the underground gym, entertaining areas such as table football, table tennis, arcade games, multimedia stands etc.
On top of that microclimate of the mine is well-off with healthy elements and does not contain any contaminations or allergens. So cool!
Wieliczka Mine, Wieliczka, Poland
 8) Klængshóll Lodge, Klængshóll, Iceland
Klaensholl Lodge offers you a chance to sense the loveliness of Iceland right from the orthodox lodge. If you ever visit Klaengsholl, never forget to book your lodge to enjoy the stunning panoramas of neighboring mountains and river together with ample space in the surroundings.
The delicious food, sauna and hot tub await you to calm down, when you return from taking pleasure in horse riding, whale watching and trekking. Super Amazing!
288) Klængshóll Lodge, Klængshóll, Iceland
9) Hanging Gardens Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
The exclusive hotel was particularly constructed for you to take pleasure in the up-to-the-minute extravagant boutique hotel, which is located in Ubud, the most beautiful organic sensation.
After booking in, you will reside in an orthodox villa having facilities of rain shower, convenient bed and thatched roof.
Here, you can see the sights of the close by villages, rice fields, horse ride or climb volcano and then enjoy the beautiful infinity pool or spa.  A real 7-star!
Hanging Gardens Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
10) Thorngrove Manor, Adelaide, Australia
Thorngrove Manor is an attractive dream hotel, which will surely trigger your emotions. It appearance is similar to as a fairy castle and everything here is decorated with a romantic touch. The old furniture, small balconies and arches will take you back to the Romeo and Juliet era.

Privacy is its main feature, only 4 persons can accommodate in a room, regardless of its enormous size. So, you are at liberty to walk through the battlements and corridors an idealistic isolation. Awesome place to visit!
11) Beckham Creek Cave Lodge, Parthenon, Arkansas
 A magnificent cave lodging, The Beckham Creek Cave is spread over 6000 square-feet and contains 4 bedrooms with attached baths with a complete kitchen, several chairs and couches and 75 inches television. A lot of space is there to get together and even you can spend some lonely time in private areas.

Furniture and showers are smartly placed into the walls of the cave. The lodge is designed on mountain’s side, thus offering panoramas of the below valley and the mountains. This natural world and outdoor ventures are not far away from the River Buffalo. A great escape!

Beckham Creek Cave Lodge, Parthenon, Arkansas

12) Andels Hotel Lodz,  Łódź, Poland 

The famous London artists Whiles and Jestico renovated an award-winning, only one of its kinds, the Andels Hotel, which was once a weaving mill.
The interiors of this place are valiant, multicolored and industrial recalling us about its original function. The high-quality structure, irregular display of art and real machines that were functioning in the mill are here on exhibit.
The guestrooms are of high-quality providing every facility anyone may require. The spa and restaurant of the hotel are very popular locally.
The Lodz is transforming fast and offers many choices to discover such as seeing the sights particularly industrial houses, shopping and food. Have fun!
Andels Hotel Lodz,  Łódź, Poland 

13) 12 Decades Art Hotel, Johannesburg, South Africa

The worldwide artists joined together to construct the stunning interiors the 12 Decades Hotel, which confirms that it must be attractive.
According to the Johannesburg’s exciting commercial and mining past, each and every guestroom has been given a diverse theme. The hotel is situated at the Maboneng district of Johannesburg, which is popular for its shops, galleries, bars and restaurants that conclude that all the charms are build up nearby.
Don’t forget to visit boxing gym at the top of the roof for fast exercise, nearby concierge for enjoyment and food and nearby cocoon spa for diversity of actions.
On the whole if you wish for a place, which provides in excess of orthodox facilities and lavishness, then this hotel is an exact preface of the history, cuisine and culture of Johannesburg.
12 Decades Art Hotel, Johannesburg, South Africa
14) Loisaba Star Beds, Laikipia, Kenya
If you are sufficiently courageous, only then you can stay in Loisaba Star Beds because there are no walls to completely enjoy the wilderness of Africa. An exclusive quality of this hotel is its star-beds that are fully as it sounds that is stars and beds.
Here you will have to spend your nighttime on a terrace made of wood so as to have enhanced sights of the environs and untamed animals will be wandering here and there and below your room.
All the things of necessity will be available at the close by hotel and welcoming Maasais will arrange an orthodox camp together with wine and BBQ dine. Memorable escapade!

Loisaba Star Beds, Laikipia, Kenya
15) Red Caboose Motel, Ronks, Pennsylvania

The Red Caboose Motel has 38 cabooses, a mail car and a baggage car and all of them are adorned to compete with the popular railroads of America.
You can opt for from the 9 floor plans (2-6 for sleeping). Here on the site, you can even charge your car at no cost and also discover Amish buggy rides, a gift shop, a petting zoo, an arcade and a movie theater.
You can watch the passing by trains while eating dinner, lunch and breakfast at the restaurant. A pleasant trip!
Red Caboose Motel, Ronks, Pennsylvania
 16) Al Maha, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The Al Maha is a lavish escape on the Arab Desert and an ideal place for your holiday’s trip that provides you an incredible idealistic escapade. It takes only 45 minutes to reach here from Dubai.

The best way to get a feel of this place is to think highly of this awe-inspiring desert panoramas that spread without any end in all ways.
A good idea is to do it while on the desert; you take a ride on a camel or organizing a dreamy dinner and regard the nighttime sky among the cushions, Bedouin tables and lanterns.
Besides above, the Al Maha has organized to introduce the local wildlife again and flora and for that purpose they have already planted over 6000 trees. On top of that, the resort has the latest water filtering and purifying plant for irrigation. So, it’s a perfect deal now!
Al Maha, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
17) Winvian Farm, Litchfield Hills, Connecticut
Now, you can opt for any of the exciting rooms at Winvian Farm. Thirty-five feet in the air, there is a double storey jumbo-sized Tree house having facilities of Jacuzzi, steam shower, gas fireplace and bed on the initial floor and second floor has a full bar and a wood burning fireplace.

Another choice is a Helicopter converted into a small house, where you can enjoy cocktails, watch a movie or simply sleep at the outer side that is arranged in a structure similar to a scarlet barn. Then again you can choose to reside in any of the sixteen huts for example Beaver Lodge or the Library or sleep in the Hadley suite of a 1775 home.  

The property spreading over 113 acres of meadows and woodlands also offers a farm to table dining restaurant, natural gardens and a spa. Close by is a Connecticut’s biggest Bantam Lake. Amazing!

Winvian Farm, Litchfield Hills, Connecticut
18) East Brother Light Station, Richmond, United States
You have a chance to stay in lighthouse that is 250 years old. The East Brother Light Station was constructed in 1874 when government decided to build a Light Station at the East Brother Island.
Until 1971, the station used to warn courageous sailors but after that it was converted into a unusual hotel.
Here you can watch the most excellent sights of San Francisco Bay apart from enjoying convenient beds. Obviously, you can discover the small isle or link with the touring trips managed by the volunteers.

East Brother Light Station, Richmond, United States
19) Monte Pacis, Kaunas, Lithuania
Monte Pacis Palace was constructed approximately in 1600s; the major part of it still has the original structure together with working monastery. This provides you an opportunity to reside in a 400 years old construction having oak furniture, window shutters and window beams.
Fortunately, you will also find latest comforts such as heated floors and television! In our opinion the highly exciting rooms are those that were devoted to the ex-habitants of the monastery.
The entire construction is encircled by vineyards and lush green gardens and the most thrilling thing is that you can fish, cycle or go for walks here. Ideal Recreation!

Monte Pacis, Kaunas, Lithuania
20) Carska, Bialowieza, Poland
The ancient "Bialowieza Towarowa" railway station constructed for the Tsar Nicholas II in 1903 has now been transformed into an unusual hotel. Fortunately, the railway building didn’t get damage during both the World Wars and as a result, we can now take pleasure in the wooden structure of this hotel with its full characteristics.
You can choose to spend your nighttime in the Tsarist saloon cars that were converted into the extravagant railroad wagons. If you are not happy yet, then you can also have a chance to spend your nighttime in the two lavish apartments and an orthodox one situated in the water tower.
Here you can also watch deers, wolves and bisons wandering here and there in the close by ancient Bialowieza forest. After all these excitements, you can taste the Russian Sauna or consume unique local cooking in the Carska restaurant. Just amazing!
Carska, Bialowieza, Poland
20 Most Insane Hotels You Won't Believe Exist – Most AMAZING Hotels! 

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