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Monday, July 9, 2018

20 Most Unusual Hotels In The World | World's Most Unusual Hotels | Most Insane Hotels

1) 25Hours Hotel Number One, Hamburg, Germany             

Taking inspiration from the sixties and seventies, the 25Hours Hotel will take you in the old time. The popular designers adorned stylish interiors with aluminum reception, funky wallpapers, and shell chairs.

Besides enjoying the welcome drinks, this unusual hotel has an outstanding restaurant, mini cooper on rent but no cost bicycle for discovering the town, docking place, rooftop terrace for enjoying a barbeque with your buddies.
25Hours Hotel Number One, Hamburg, Germany
2) Sand Hotel, Holland
Almost certainly, all of us have constructed a castle from sand in our childhood, but in my opinion, no one of us would have constructed a sandcastle large enough to be able to really live in it. 

However, you have a chance to really live in the huge castle of sand every year in Holland throughout their sand sculptures festival season in September.

Sand Hotel, Holland
3) Makanyane Safari Lodge, South Africa
Makanyane Safari The lodge is for those who are fonder of elephants than giraffes. 

So, you will see the elephants in place of giraffes walking freely from your windows. 

This will be your exclusive chance to feel the presence of elephants so near to you.

Makanyane Safari Lodge, South Africa

4) Patagonia Eco Domes, El Chalten, Argentina

Nani, Yerko, and Javier opened these Patagonia Eco Domes in the year 2001 and since then it has transformed the Patagonia travel for good. 
These eco-friendly pods are completely durable and have no bad effect on the stunning environs instead they appear so fantastic!
On the interior side, there are seating areas, fireplaces, and bathrooms with toiletries and showers. 

In the common pod, you can discuss with other visitors your experiences about horse riding, cycling, fishing, and trekking in Patagonia! So cool!

Patagonia Eco Domes, El Chalten, Argentina

 5) Anderson School, Bothell, Washington
Anderson School is now a stylish hotel, which was once a high school constructed in 1931 and spread over 5 acres. 

The school pool has been refurbished into a lagoon with dining at the poolside.

The woodshop has been converted into a pub and classrooms have been converted into hotel rooms.
Anderson School, Bothell, Washington

6) Kirkenes Snowhotel, Kirkenes, Norway

Are you brave enough to stay in any of the twenty chilly rooms of exceptional Kirkenes Snow hotel? Two to five persons can reside in each of the snow compartment and consists of wonderfully in-depth carved out attractive snow sculptures. 

The temperature of the rooms is below zero degrees i.e. -4 degrees centigrade. However, thermal sleeping bags and insulated mattresses are there that will enable you to spend the night quite easily.
Kirkenes Snowhotel, Kirkenes, Norway

7) Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lloyd hotel offers you an opportunity to reside in any of the room categories from 1 star to 5-star. That’s amazing! You can choose the rooms that are within your budget. 

However, it is better to decide on any of the five-star rooms, which includes hammocks, 8 person beds, or yet a piano. An extremely extraordinary place to hang about!

Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands

8) Traustholtshólmi, Selfoss, Iceland

If you are willing to feel the nature of Iceland, then Traustholtsholmi hotel is the best place to visit. 
This exceptional hotel is situated on the personal isle and will provide you as much isolation as you are looking for.
You can also stay in the convenient Mongolian yurt, which will provide you warmth due to insulated walls and fire stove inside. 

You can also get the island tour for hiking, fishing, or watching birds or seals. Awesome escape!

Traustholtshólmi, Selfoss, Iceland

9) Como Shambhala Estate Bali, Bali, Indonesia
The award-winning well-known Como Shambhala hotel with popular pool and spa facilities offers you the chance to take rest in any of the villas, suites, and rooms. 
All of them are just fantastic but villas have an edge because of their infinity pools. 
There are many ways by which you can refresh yourself, such as yoga, spa, and take help from an acupuncturist, dieticians, Ayurvedic doctors, and Pilate’s instructors. 

Further, there are rafting, cycling, and trekking facilities available for exploring the area. Really compelling!
Como Shambhala Estate Bali, Bali, Indonesia

10) Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace, Budapest, Hungary

Four Seasons Hotel is located in Budapest, Hungary, and is considered the prettiest hotel in the world. The old traditional approach has been mixed by the latest style to generate extreme exceptional sensation. 

There you will discover every facility from the concierge, excellent dining restaurant, pool, and spa.
If you are looking for some additional extravagance, then executive suites have the facilities of airport transfer and personal butler as well. Exceptional!
Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace, Budapest, Hungary

11) Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Do you want to sleep in a railcar or a building? The Chattanooga Choo Choo hotel allows you to choose your room in any of the forty-eight railcars or in a nearby building. 

There is a world-class restaurant, comedy place, diversity of art places, 2 music places, museums and much more. Really Exciting!

Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel, Chattanooga, Tennessee

12) Hans Brinker Hostel Amsterdam, Netherlands
The only one of its kind, the Hans Brinker Hostel claims itself to be the most horrible place in the world to sleep in. You must watch the videos and photos of this hostel before deciding to visit there. 

You should not expect here anything from the bed, staff, and electricity and to water. 

But when you reach there, you will be pleasingly amazed that you will find all the above facilities there including staff, clubs, restaurants, and an excellent bar. Ideal place for your retreat!

Hans Brinker Hostel Amsterdam, Netherlands

13) Storfjord Hotel, Skodje, Norway
Storfjord Hotel is constructed by a conventional method Lafta of constructing houses from beams of wood filled with wool of lamb. 

This combination makes the environment extremely comfortable, both from inside and outside. 

The interiors remain convenient and warm because of the floor heating system.
You can also discover close by Stofjorden or superb sites of UNESCO Hjorund and Geiranger fjords. Ideal place for the real experience of Norway!
Storfjord Hotel, Skodje, Norway
14) Kennedy School, Portland, Oregon

Once an elementary school, the Kennedy School has been converted into a hotel in 1915. 

Classrooms have been transformed into 57 rooms. Some of these rooms still have actual cloakrooms and chalkboards.

The hotel also has a gift shop, pool, theater, boiler room, bars, and restaurants. There are lots of outdoor and cultural activities in Portland. It is the best place for your tour.

Kennedy School, Portland, Oregon

15) Hotel Villa Honegg, Switzerland
You can visit one of the most excellent pools in the Hotel Villa Switzerland. It’s the right choice, whenever you need it. Viewing Alps throughout sunset and infinity pool will be the best illustration. 

Or else, you can also enjoy the local food on the restaurant’s terrace and top of that a cigar lounge. Really fantastic!
Hotel Villa Honegg, Switzerland

  16) Czoch Castle, Leśna, Poland

You have an opportunity to spend your nighttime at the primitive Czoch Castle in Poland. 
Many strange stories have been linked to this castle; however, the renowned ones are about hidden treasure, ghosts, heartbreaking coincidences, and kings. 

When you check out, you will be aware of all of them. 

There you will discover the hidden treasure, ancient chamber, and old gothic castle. 

The owner Ernest Gutschow modernized it to a greater extent by constructing lockers, hidden passages, and secret chambers.  

Just twelve entrances have been found out of thirty till yet and the huge art collection has never been discovered after the demise of Gutschow.
Czoch Castle, Leśna, Poland

17) 101 Hotel, Reykjavik, Iceland
Spend your nighttime at the 101 hotel, which is measured as the top boutique hotels worldwide. 

You will find lots of artistic characteristics strewn everywhere, such as chairs and tables constructed from trunks of trees, fireplaces, many faces huge painting etc.
There is a sauna facility and you can take pleasure in the under the floor heating system. 

Even you can take warmth from the shots in under the ground sophisticated bar. Surely, the best excursion!

101 Hotel, Reykjavik, Iceland

18) Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan, Yamanashi, Japan
Nishiyama Onsen is the oldest world hotel, which was started in 705 A.D. it will take you well back in time. Actually, the exact family’s fifty-two generations have been operating this hotel.  
Up-to-date conveniences have also been introduced in the hotel that enables you to take pleasure in your visit slightly more as compared to the people who visited here during the past 1300 years.
Indigenous onsens are well-known in Japan that is making use of warm springs accumulating water from 888 meters underneath the ground level.
Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan, Yamanashi, Japan

19) Conscious Hotel Vondelpark, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Conscious Hotel is the most eco-friendly and green hotel in the Netherlands. Sam and Marco, the hotel owners used salvaged wood, recycled glass, and plastic for the construction of this hotel. 
They utilized silk, rubber, cactus, horsehair, goose down, wool, and cotton for making beds.
All this is because you can have a sound sleep at night in a wonderful surrounding. 

It doesn’t stop here; bar pressed paper is used for making bar counter and coffee cup holders are used to making tables. 

On top of that, you can even enjoy the recycled floors! Really exciting!
Conscious Hotel Vondelpark, Amsterdam, Netherlands

 20) Old St. Francis School, Bend, Oregon

Once a Catholic schoolhouse in 1936, the old St. Francis School has now been converted into a hotel. The school halls have now been decorated with hotel furniture, while classrooms have been changed into guestrooms.
Here you will find various drinking and eating choices, entailing blues bars and cocktail, a coffee house, broom closet, theater bar, brewpub. 

Tile art and stained glass have been used all through the hotel that completely befits its past.

An exceptional characteristic is its soaking pool with an open ceiling and both public and guests can access it. The Bend is popular for the out-of-doors recreations and shopping offers. Really great! 
Old St. Francis School, Bend, Oregon



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