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Diagnosing Obstructive Sleep Apnea - Is Monitoring Right Choice?

Diagnosing Obstructive Sleep Apnea - Is Monitoring Right Choice?
Diagnosing Obstructive Sleep Apnea - Is Monitoring Right Choice?

According to the recently published procedures by the “American College of Physicians“, portable monitors are just an appropriate alternate for the whole night in-lab sleep study test for the majority of people.

The obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) can be diagnosed in-lab, where the patient has to stay overnight in the laboratory or in the absence of sleep laboratory; he can be given a sleep apnea testing monitor for in-home sleep study.

Dr. Jon Erik Holty, who is a co-author of the recently published procedures by the “American College of Physicians“says that the in-home sleep monitors are now frequently bring into play during the last some years.

The insurance companies also prefer in-home portable monitors due to their low price than in-lab sleep study that cost higher amounts. He further states that portable monitors are as perfect as in-lab sleep study for an average person.

Nonetheless, the authors of the procedures of the “American College of Physicians“ warned the patients having neurological disorders, acute lung disease and congestive heart failure to check themselves for sleep apnea in the sleep lab rather than using the in-home monitor.

The “American College of Physicians“ is now presenting fresh procedure for the analysis of sleep apnea as an addition to the preceding procedures from the “Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality”.

About 9% of U.S.A. citizens have been estimated to have moderate-severe sleep apnea. Older people are more victimized of this condition, Dr. Jon Erik Holty stated.

The sufferers of sleep apnea frequently have difficulty getting sound sleep at night for the reason of blockage in their airways. This hindrance wakes them subconsciously to restart their respiration.

The destroyer sleep apnea syndrome not only steals deep sleep of people and make them drowsy throughout daytime but also has been connected to greater chances of having thinking issues, diabetes, stroke and heart attack. However, scientists have yet to prove that in fact sleep apnea is responsible for these diseases.

Erik said that sleep apnea condition is not diagnosed in the around 90% of sleep apnea sufferers.

The latest published guidelines are extracted from the several decades of scientific studies.

Erik explained that in-home sleep study with portable monitors is now more frequent for they are inexpensive around US$200-US$250. The insurance companies continuously do not accept to compensate for in-lab sleep tests because of their lofty expenses around US$1100.

He further said that if you use portable monitor in place of in-lab sleep study, then you are saving the money payable otherwise for night monitoring, electricity and rent. Patients, who live far away from sleep laboratories, find in-home portable monitors as a substitute to sleep labs.

The Director of “MonteFiore Medical Center New York”, Mr. Michael Thorpy indicated that the in-home study with portable monitors is not able to offer helpful information in around 20% of people. Also they cannot be relied upon on diagnosing mild sleep apnea conditions.
Therefore, the insurance companies are required to go through these recently published guidelines to comprehend the limitations of these portable monitors. He added.

Majority of times the patients are recommended masks in order to keep the air passages open by means of the air pressure, which gets into the nostrils. However, lots of people are not able to bear with the masks and turn down to utilize these masks.

Sometimes, by losing weight or other treatments can help in improving sleep apnea. However, obesity is surely a threat element for this state. 

Thorpy said that curing sleep apnea successfully can be a big difference in the sufferers’ lives. The patients feel the improvement in their overall health and they are so gratifying for the reason that their lives have been changed significantly.



Are Sleep Apnea Monitors Right Choice for Diagnosing Sleep Apnea?

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