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How to Memorize Fast & Easily | 10 Secrets to Memorize Things Quicker Than Others | Brain Power Tips

1) Focus on the little chores that you do
We do not focus on little chores that we do such as unplugging the iron before going to work or putting our eyeglasses. The reason behind it is that these things do not require our attention, but remember focus is essential for retaining things in the memory.
How to Memorize Fast & Easily | 10 Secrets to Memorize Things Quicker Than Others | Brain Power Tips
How to Memorize Fast & Easily | 10 Secrets to Memorize Things Quicker Than Others | Brain Power Tips
Therefore, practice focusing on little chores that you do as well in order to build up long lasting memory. The latest technology and the mindfulness training sessions also emphasize on it.

2) Teach Yourself New Skills
Teaching yourself new skills can better your memory. Several researches have proved it. Also remember, it will be more beneficial if the skill you are teaching yourself is more challenging.

3) Read Aloud
If you read aloud the information you want to memorize the chances of retaining it in the memory elevates by 15% according to a research study. So, practice reading aloud the information you are reading and want to memorize it.

4) Think Positive
We all know that if we want to change our lives, first we have to change our thoughts. Similarly, the Harvard University research scientists discovered that people over sixty perform well when they fill their subconscious minds with positive messages.

5) Try Memorizing Something
Devoting simply sometime to keenly compelling yourself to memorize something will considerably increase your capability to memorize it for a long period. The research scientists examined the influence of practice on memory retention power on the participants and showed them video clips.
After a week time, they observed that participants who keenly practiced memorizing the clips still remember the clips as compared to those who didn’t practice memorizing them.

6) Memorize through Association
The approach to remind you important things through association with hints that are found around can be beneficial in reminding us to carry out those important things at later stage.
For example, suppose at night while going to bed suddenly you recall an essential mail needed to be mailed tomorrow is hidden under a pile of papers in your office. 

You can make sure remembering this important task by the association approach. Think about unique things around your desk that will most probably draw your attention. You can associate your important mail with a bouquet of flowers on your desk.

According to psychologists, these reminders are most of the times extra helpful than electronic or written reminders. However, people undervalue and underuse these reminders.

7) Calm Down
Nervous tension is a main reason for forgetfulness. Actually, cortisol, a stress hormone is responsible for obstructing functioning memory.

Functioning memory facilitates us keeping record of instant information, such as maintaining grocery list mentally, solving arithmetic mentally or jotting down notes.

Here are some tips you can act on to reduce stress.
ü Doing nothing: Simply vacant your mind and do not concentrate of anything.

ü Get involved in hormone replacement treatment

ü Have a break

ü Meditate

ü Carryout Yoga

8) Working out
Researchers have proved that frequent working out can increase your memory power together with spatial memory, which is a capability of remembering particular article, infrastructure of a town or the interior of the house of your friend.

A study discovered that carrying out aerobic working out four hours later on assimilating fresh information develop associative memory. In this memory, we recall particular events, places or people such as hearing a specific song may trigger the thought of our ex into our mind.

Another study proved that the high interference memory of the young adults was improved by carrying out high power working out. It is a memory that differentiates between similar stuffs such as identifying your car from others having exact model and make etc.

9) Improve Your Memory with Foods
You can improve your memory by taking certain foods rich in Vitamin B and Omega-3.

Foods for memory improvement contain fish oil, leafy greens, berries, coffee, chewing gum, sugar, dark chocolate etc.
Refrain from red meat, dairy and alcohol.

10) Have Sufficient Sleep
It’s difficult to remember things if we are not getting sufficient sleep because memory consolidates itself mostly during sleep.

The “National Sleep Foundation” says that sleep activates adjustments in the brain, which includes shifting of information from one part of the brain to another, intensifying brain cells’ associations and solidifying of memories.

Moreover, the research has proved that after a quick nap or sleeping immediately after getting fresh information assists us recalling the exact information afterwards.

Please inform us about the activities you carry out in order to improve your memory?  It would be a great pleasure for us to get your feedback.

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