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Anger and Displeasure Events Negatively Affect on Your Digestive System

Thinking and body system has deep relation with each other. Ascending and descending of mental thought develops condition of restlessness, which specifically causes harm to the digestive system.

This is why experts emphasize on keeping your atmosphere healthy while eating. If any displeasure event occurs during eating, it primarily affects negatively on our digestive system.

The upper part of stomach feels unknown restlessness due to negative effect of displeasure event. Sometimes, it causes vomiting or leads to motions. Appetite vanishes and brain feels dizziness. Students must have felt these conditions during exams. These conditions are seen more obvious in children than elders.

In chores of daily life, the emotional ups and down, anger or fear, affects badly on the excretion of stomach enzymes, provision of blood and in the stimulating of stomach.

The stomach cells becomes sensitive, sometimes pain is felt and causes indigestion. Excess of physical or mental work, lack of rest, fatigue, lack of proper sleep, lack of proper food also affects digestive system negatively.

Likewise, pain in any part of body, tension, worry also affects the performance of stomach. As a result, the disease of diarrhea comes up. Experts exemplify this condition as nervous stomach.

In order to save the digestive system from harm, it is necessary to cultivate habit of moderation. Act strictly upon health rules and specially keep the mind free from all pressures and worries at the time of eating so as to keep the digestive system in order.

Anger and Displeasure Events Negatively Affect on Your Digestive System

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