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Signs of Depression and Anxiety - Easy Ways to Get Rid of Your Depression Fas

Depression is not a new disease, the historical people also remained victimized of it, but the rate of depression is increasing worryingly these days.

There are many reasons for it, for e.g. for many people, only the schooling of their children becomes the reason of depression, to get them ready in the morning, to drop them at the school in time and to reach your office in time.

Additionally, the schooling and utility expenses, waiting for the public transport for reaching office in time and getting into it hurriedly, traffic jam, crowd, many problems and fewer resources are some of the many reasons of depression.

Actually, the factors like not caring about you, to maintain the standard of living make the weak nerves people peevish and ultimately depressed. And afterward, these depressed people always remain indulge in different worries. They don’t feel enthusiasm in any work and find no meaning in anything.

Normally, people try to find peace in medicines, which is not a right thing to do because such medicines provide temporary peace but gradually destroy the nervous system. 

Remember, these medicines are not the solution of your problems at all rather the reason of several other worries and disappointments.

If you want to remain safe from depression, then act on our few suggestions below:

ü Pray five times regularly and recite the Holy Quran with translation.

ü Read the biography of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and try to act on it as well.

ü Try not to solve the difficult issues, while in the mental state of disappointment.

ü If you feel burden on your heart, then spend time with any frank and sincere friend or relative. In this way, your burden will reduce.

ü Go for a lengthy walk in the morning and evening daily.

ü Adopt some hobby, such as any sport to keep you away from worries.

ü Try to bring balance in your life.

ü Keep faith in God in difficult situations and try to keep you patience.

ü Helping others give you peace. So, try to make any such activity also a part of your life.

ü Do light exercise daily. It will improve your mental and physical health.

ü Keep an eye on your present and do not worry much about your future.

ü Do not tie many hopes with others.

ü Never take support of smoking for keeping you away from depression and leave it immediately if you are indulged in this bad habit.

ü Forget about the office or business problems, while you are at home and spend as much time as you can with your loved ones.

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