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How to Work in Google | Google IT Certification | Best Online Certification | Free Online Courses

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Google has much to offer that it wants to teach others. The biggest search engine of the world offers several free online courses for the interested people. Google accomplish this task with its (https://grow.google) project.  The Google targets students and fresh graduates for these free online courses.

By the way, there are many free online courses available on the internet that you can choose to learn according to your taste.  Besides students, Google also targets teachers, merchants, job seekers and technology developers through these courses.

If you are an entrepreneur or want to be an entrepreneur then Google wants to guide you through its free online courses in this regard.  How to create a product? How to do a start up? How to do app marketing? Google will guide you through all the steps.

Below, we are introducing you few of the most learned free Google courses so that you can guess how Google works.

How to scale a start up?

Start up is the most favorite field of today’s competent and self independent youth. By way of which, you can become the owner of your future and destiny in a short span of time, provided your idea is strong enough.   If you require further guidance, then Google is ready for it.

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This course will present you the complete overall overview of starting a start up. In this you will write the mission and vision statement. You will be taught how you can search for a mentor or a team member, how you can get the capital for the start up and how to create a (Pitch Desk), where you will take the customers and VCs on board.  You can complete this course is three weeks.

App Marketing

This is another best free online course presented by Google, which is very much attractive for the entrepreneurs.  If you are an app developer and wants to launch your app but you need some guidance, then Google offers you this online course free of cost. Not only the app developers, but this course will be beneficial to all the entrepreneurs who are connected with the online marketing.  You can complete this course in two weeks.

App Monetization

This is one more fantastic free online course offered by Google, which talks about app development and free online content creation. If you want to create an app or want to create free online content for earning money, then this course is a great opportunity to get a basic training and expertise in this field. You can complete this course in one month.

Product Design

Do you have any fantastic product idea in your mind? Do you want to bring this product up in front of the world? If your answer is “Yes”, then this course is for you.  In this free Google course, you will be given tips to further improve your idea, to create a (Mock Up), to design it soon and you will be helped to connect with your prospective customers. 

In this way, you will get an idea if your product will be able to make its room after arriving in the market?  This will save you from the pain and perhaps financial difficulties after knowing that there is no buyer of your product after bringing it into the market.


This course is a part of the entry level syllabus of “Grow with Google”. That’s why if you are networking expert of existing Linkedin customer, then this course is not for you. On the other hand, if you have just started networking or about to start, then this course can guide you in this respect.

If you think that you need to improve your Linkedin profile and think that you need to improve further in the networking programs, then this course will be very much beneficial for you. However, this course is taught in a single class. If you can attend it, then surely apply for it. In this course, it is also taught that how you can email someone that he must reply to you.

How to Work in Google | Google IT Certification | Best Online Certification | Free Online Courses

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