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Top 5 Hollywood Celebrities Revealing Their Anti Aging Secrets for Glowing Skin, Sparkling Eyes & Wrinkles Free Face | Simple Beauty Tips to Look 20 Years Younger

 Acne No More Video - Heal Acne In 7 Days
Acne No More Video - Heal Acne In 7 Days

No matter, how younger the film actresses look like, but the first year of the release of their films reveals the secret of their present age.  The day they celebrate their birthdays, shocks us that the seemingly appearing 25-30 years of age, are actually nearing 40-50 years. But, the most amazing thing is that they appear 15-20 years younger than their original age.

The secret of this is not hidden. Most of the celebrities are using surgery, fillers or Botox to look younger. However, a question pops up in mind that you have taken support of technology for the complexion of your face. But, there must be some secret behind glowing skin, sparkling eyes and absence of wrinkles around eyes.

Is there anything that celebrities know and you don’t? Or they are getting the services of the world’s best dermatologists and cosmetologists, who give them suggestions of the world’s best creams and lotions. Only celebrities can give the answer of these questions.

Demi Moore

The 56 years old Demi Moore says that moisturizing is the only conventional anti-aging prescription according to me.  It doesn’t matter how late night you use it. Whatever time I reach home, I took enough time to clean and moisturize my face.  I have much believe in it. If your focus is on a good skin care then you don’t need to do a lot of makeup.

Jennifer Lopez

J.L has seen the 49 springs of her life and there is not a sign of a single wrinkle around her eyes. In order to protect and remove these wrinkles, you need deep moisturizing and such ingredients that stop the production of collagen and cells that become the reason of wrinkles. 

For this J.L uses famous brand eye cream with other products line such as facial resurfacing serum for night usage. If you also use this serum, for four weeks regularly, not only your wrinkles can be removed but you will also feel reduction in the floppiness of your skin.

 Acne No More Video - Heal Acne In 7 Days
Acne No More Video - Heal Acne In 7 Days

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock is currently of 54 years of age but still her skin looks dewy and straight.  But, appearing like this was never easy for Sandra. She spent some years of her life in severe depression and her face should show its marks but it didn’t happen. So, what she did it so special?

The Sandra uses cream that has moisturizing anti-wrinkle powder. She uses a cream that has plant-based ingredients.  It means that there is the inclusion of spinach, rosemary and evening primrose oil that help the skin to remain young and fresh.

Julianne Moore

If anybody asks about the secret of her straight nose from the Julianne Moore who is celebrating her 58th birthday in December, she tells him that no day is passed when she does not use the high SPF sun screen, whether it is sunny or rainy, she never forgets to apply the sun screen and she has been abiding by this habit for 20 years. 

Additionally, she tries walk in the shadows like vampires while walking on the road in daylight. So, it means that you should also protect yourself from sun like Julianne and get the healthy skin.

While going on, let’s unlock one more secret of Julianne Moore that whatever sun screen she uses, it includes the ingredients that fight against the rays of UVA and UVB.

 Acne No More Video - Heal Acne In 7 Days
Acne No More Video - Heal Acne In 7 Days

The formula of sun screen under use of Julianne Moore absorbs in the skin easily and leaves a greasy layer on the skin that keeps it safe from the harmful sun rays.

Eva Green

Eva Green likes scarlet red lipstick more than the red carpet that is the part of Eva’s personality and she considers herself incomplete without it. Like Julianne, Eva Green also thinks herself Vampire who do not come out in the day but whenever she has to go out in the daylight, she uses lots of sunscreen. 

She considers Ultimate UV Defense the best for her skin. Even then, she thinks it better to not come out in the sunlight.  If she is in the house and shadow, still she moisturizes her skin with costly French Brand.

Eva Green tries to take full sleep for her best health and also succeeds in taking 5-6 hours sleep. However, when she is not engaged in shooting, she takes her heartfelt sleep.

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