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Nigella Seeds | Cure For All Diseases except Death | Good Bye to Cancer, Diabetes, Stroke, Arthritis, Etc.,

The old Arabic books also talks about the benefits of Nigella seeds.  The history tells us that it was first cultivated in Rome and then all over the world. The Nigella plant is about 45 centimeters high, whereas its leaves are 2-4 centimeters long and are divided into 2-3 parts.

Every branch of it has black granular seeds, which are used for fragrance, taste or medicine. The effect of Nigella seeds is warm and dry; therefore, the medical experts have alarmed the extremely hot tempered people to use cold and juicy food along with it.

These granules are though smaller in size but are extremely beneficial. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “Use Nigella seeds because it contains treatment of every disease except death.”

These black granules are beneficial for stomach, digestive system, weak brain, weak nerves, amnesia, paralysis and Parkinson related diseases.

For e.g. if the powder of 1 grams of Nigella seeds mixed in a glass of water is drunk, it gives immediate relief in case of digestive issues.

If the powder of 2 grams of Nigella seeds is mixed in honey and taken early in the morning, it keeps the nerves strong.

The oil of Nigella seeds is extremely beneficial for eczema and psoriasis.

If Nigella seeds oil is used with vinegar, it’s beneficial for teeth and gums.

Similarly, for cough and allergy, take one cup of warm water and mix one spoonful of honey and half spoonful of Nigella seed’s oil. Use it early in the morning and after night’s meal.

If a diabetic patient, use the Nigella seed’s oil mixed in a cup of coffee, the diabetic level remains in control.

The use of Nigella seeds is also beneficial in heart related diseases if you use half spoonful of Nigella seeds oil mixed in a cup of goat’s milk.

In case of Arthritis pain, you can get relief if you massage a mixture of half spoonful of Nigella seeds, one spoonful of vinegar and two spoonful of honey.

In order to improve your memory, you can boil the 10 grams of mint leaves in a cup of water and add half spoonful of Nigella seeds oil and drink it.

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