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Diabetes | 7 Best Exercises for Diabetes – Control High Blood Sugar| Therapy, Exercise, Workout

A 48 Year Old Mom Fixed High Blood Sugar With Simple 60-Second Habit!
48 Year Old Mom Fixed High Blood Sugar With Simple 60-Second Habit!

Exercise is necessary for everybody, whether you are a business man or a celebrity. However, if you are a diabetic patient, the importance of exercise increases two-fold.

The regular exercise is the best way for reducing weight, reducing body fat, controlling sugar in the blood and for insulin.  Not only this, but exercise is an important source of providing the best sleep and strengthening the immune system.

Here, we will talk about the exercises, which will be helpful in controlling the sugar level of your body.


Walking is the best way for getting pure oxygen and keeping the body fit. Walking swiftly for 30 to 40 minutes, 3 to 4 times in a week proves beneficial in controlling the sugar level.

According to the “International Dietician”, the sugar patients should prefer walking instead of relying too much on motor bike or a car. Make exercise you daily routine.

Walk swiftly for at least 30 minutes or maximum for 40-45 minutes daily. In this way, you will be able to lead a balanced and happy life even in the presence of diabetes.


If you are suffering from Diabetes, then   is the best aerobic exercise for you.  This is an exercise in which your whole body remains in action at the same time.  This exercise is not only helpful for the strength of nerves but also in many other diseases. It is better to use semi warm water for swimming.

Swimming is helpful in reducing the cholesterol level and burning calories. If you swim in a breast stroke way, then it will reduce your 60 calories, back stroke 80, free style 100 and butterfly stroke can reduce up to 150 calories. However, it is important to inform the lifeguard that you are a diabetic patient.


Cycling is also the best exercise to combat diabetes. If you ride bicycle 3 to 4 times in a week for half an hour, it will help you maintaining the level of your blood pressure, blood sugar and weight. Cycling helps in providing strength to the heart and lungs to function well.

You can bring a cycling machine at home in order to keep you healthy. This machine is the best option for the diabetic patients. It burns calories and improves the blood circulation in the legs. Both of these things are important for the diabetic patients.

Exercise for the Muscles

Keeping balance in the weight of your muscles is of utmost importance for the diabetic patients. If you succeed in reducing the muscles’ weight, the sugar level can also be controlled easily.

The following exercises can prove helpful in keeping the diabetic patients healthy. You even do not need to go to any training center for carrying out these exercises. You can do them easily at your home as well.

A 48 Year Old Mom Fixed High Blood Sugar With Simple 60-Second Habit!


Pushups are one of the many ways of doing exercise. The diabetic patients can also do pushups. Pushups are the extremely healthy exercise, which not only keeps you physically fit but also shapes your muscles and makes you smart.

Wall Squats

For carrying out this exercise, just stand in front of any wall of your house with a support in a way that your feet remain one foot away from the wall. Keep holding the wall with your hands. Fold your knees and acquire a position as you are sitting in a chair. Remain in this position for few seconds and then stand up.


Most of us are aware of curls exercise. The diabetes patients can control their sugar level with this exercise. Pick up light weight dumbbells in both of your hands (if dumbbells are not available, then you can also do this exercise by picking up two bottles of water or cold drink cans in your hands). Keep the palms in an upward position. 

Without moving the elbows, bring the dumbbells at the level of your shoulders and then take them back to the original position.

Last but not the least is that do not put unnecessary burden of problems on your brain and instead make a habit of keeping smile on your face all the times. In this way, not only sugar, but you will be able cure every disease.

Note: This article is written for the information of the viewers/readers. The diabetic patients must consult their doctor before carrying out these exercises and also take the precautionary measures as well.

A 48 Year Old Mom Fixed High Blood Sugar With Simple 60-Second Habit!

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