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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Memory, Brain Power, Concentration – 13 Easy Ways to increase your Mental Capabilities many times Fast

mental and personality skills
mental and personality skills

Students need to take a full part in co-curricular and non-curricular activities as well along with curricular activities, so that their mental and personality skills can be sharpened.

What steps other than traditional education that students should take to perk up their mental capabilities. Let’s see.

Reading Newspapers and Magazines

Reading newspapers and magazines will help you to remain aware of all the important world issues.

It will help to shape your opinion and connect to such things that seemingly appear un-related.  

But the most advantageous thing is that you will be able to talk confidently in different ceremonies and in your friends' circle.

 Book is your Best Friend

Make sure to read a book in a week. It is not difficult to spare time for reading. You can also read reference books related to your syllabus. 

Good reading not only keeps your brain sharp but also helps in finding people of the same taste.

Fiction books are best to understand different personalities. 
You get a chance to look at life from a different perspective, whereas, non-fiction books are the best source of introducing yourself with new topics like politics and psychology.

Share the Knowledge

If you discover something after analyzing any debate or thought, then you can share it with others to find out their opinions.  

In this way, when you explain your thoughts in front of others, it also means that you have expertise in this idea. 

You don't need to share it only by talking; you can also share it by writing a blog or diary.  

Make Priority List

Make a to-do list of the related capabilities that you want to learn. Make another list of things that you want to achieve in the future. 

In this way, it will become easier for you to target your goals and apply your energies.

Analyze your Successes

At the end of each day, write down the works that you started and the extent you finished them. It will provide you a chance to admire yourself on little successes as well, especially when you are gloomy or down.

Mental Health is Important

Running daily is the best way of mental sharpness and it also keeps you mentally fit. Similarly, analyzing different decisions or new information also proves to be the best exercise in motivating your mind.

Search for the Betterment

Spend most of your time with people more intelligent and sharper than you.

Walking with such people can bring a considerable change in your personality. Always show humility and interest in learning more. 

Ask questions and if there are more knowledgeable people around you, then there will be no option left except for learning more and more.

Living Close to Nature

Watching natural sceneries increases the mental capability of solving problems by up to 50%. 

Research tells that watching the natural scene improves creativity and the ability to solve problems. 

This is beneficial for the part of the brain that helps in decision making, planning, and controlling the anxiety.

 Come out of Specific Circle

Coming out of your specific circle always proves beneficial. Somewhat of daily progress, speaking in front of people, offering suggestions in the office or sending an email or a letter to your favorite personality, all these activities proves helpful in increasing mental capabilities.

Playing Mental Games

Some games such as chess sharpen your mind. You can also play on your own and challenge yourself. You can also get this advantage by solving puzzles. Games like scrabble are also beneficial for you in this regard, especially when you try to play them without a dictionary.

  Keep an Eye on the Bad Habits

Use your time in a better way to overcome your anxiety and replace good habits with bad ones.  A difference between a successful and the most successful person is that he negates every bad habit.

Spare Time for Yourself

Often, you also get an opportunity to learn and examine your problems and ambitions from just sitting silently. You can also get help in overcoming your weaknesses by examining them throughout your day time. 

Take Sound Sleep

Sleep is helpful in the overhauling of the brain. 

Research has discovered that the brain cells excrete toxins during sleep that accumulates during wakefulness throughout day time. 

A good sleep makes the brain sharp, improves concentration, ability to solve problems, memory, and boosts logical thinking.


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