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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Old Age Dilemma | It’s not easy to Accept Your Old Age and Crime | Cool and Funny

Old Age Dilemma | It’s not easy to Accept Your Old Age and Crime | Cool and Funny

Old age neither asks before coming nor does it go with pushing. It is considered as a disease in the East and the real-time to enjoy life in the West.  In the old age, the teeth start falling and wisdom starts coming in.  Children and body organs start leaving. 

The association of wife and memory starts reducing. The food and health come to half. The hair and eyesight also start dropping. When the old age comes it accompanies till death.

The first indication of old age is that the beautiful girls start calling you uncle. The Parkinson and stick make their places in the hands. You need to check the sugar level continuously and it is also considered evil to even put a sugary sight.

The wrinkles and eye-glasses start taking place on the face.  Suddenly, the hair starts whitening, pain starts residing in the knees and the heart.

A human accepts two things with much difficulty i.e. old age and crime. Our childhood is for the encouragement and happiness of others. Youth is for us and old age is for doctors.

When you continuously start recalling Allah, Wife and Doctors, then get it that you are now becoming old, sick and harmless and cannot harm anyone except you.

If children start calling you grandfather and beautiful women as an uncle, then don’t get worried, at the first instance of isolation, just blow the whistle from your mouth to forget your grief, because you are now only left for blowing whistles. 

In the old age, if your children serve you best, then it means that you have given full time on their good training and your life insurance.

“A man never gets old” this is a saying of not only one but hundreds of men. Being old and looking old are two different things. There is hidden a child and a young person in every old person. It is not easy to be an old man; it takes hard work of years.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to being old. The biggest advantage is that people leave their seats after seeing an old person except for politicians.  Good family and good government always take care of their old people.

If there are no old people, the eye-glasses and dental businesses will flop completely. Women also get old but their age always remains as of their youth time.

The western woman doesn’t hide her age but in Asia, a woman who tells her age as thirty-five looks like fifty. In Canada, the woman who tells her age as fifty-five looks like thirty-five.  Asians are good at hiding their income and age.

A person comes to know about the reality of relations, two times in a lifetime, once, after the arrival of wife and second, after the arrival of old age. 

Dying in the late old age is actually like giving you grief. An old is hidden in every child, provided he gets long age. 

What an awesome era, the start of old age? In childhood, we used to take tests or check tests and now doctors write tests for us. It is our message to all of the old people to enjoy the world before the world starts enjoying with you.


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