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Sea Food for Winter | Fishes & Prawn are the Must have for the Super Health | Benefits of Fish & Prawns

The Paleo Diet
The Paleo Diet

It is not possible that the winter arrives and one would not enjoy eating fish. In the chilly climate if a hot, dry and spicy fish is presented, no one can stop his hands from eating it more and more. There are types of fishes tasty to the extent that even their thorns cannot stop people from eating them.

However, rush has been adding up in the fisheries and fish parties have started shimmering our homes. There are many benefits in eating fish in winter and we should take full advantage of this blessing.

Selenium is an ingredient that plays an important role in providing strength to our immune system.  Selenium is found in abundance in fish.  Therefore, if the intake of fish is made a part of our meal, it helps in evading cough and flu. 

The fish meat is full of energy and is digestible.  The healthy nutrients are found in great quantity in fish. The presence of phosphorus not only helps in growing our bodies but also provides energy to the brain that boosts up intelligence.

Fish is called the treasure of vitamin A and D. Both of these vitamins are beneficial for skin, teeth and bones. Vitamin B is found in abundance in fish that helps in digesting proteins. It also helps in overcoming disturbances and weaknesses of nervous system. 

Potassium, Iron and Iodine are present in fish. The fluoride in fish makes the teeth strong and safeguards them from disease.

The Paleo Diet
The Paleo Diet

It is said that fish is a diet for brain, whereas, a research has also declared it useful for brain and nerves. It has also been discovered by the research that the fish benefits in heart disease by reducing cholesterol and fat levels. This thickness in blood often becomes the reason of heart diseases.  The fish oil stops the blood from thickening.

According to a research the omega 3 reduces fat and blood pressure and helpful in skin diseases. It is helpful in the growth of brain tissues. Fish is the best source of getting less calories proteins that reduces the chances of heart diseases.

According to the medical and health experts, the omega 3 fat found in fish is beneficial for the heart and its arteries. This fat is found in a special kind of fish.

This is the reason; the heart patients are suggested to eat fish.  The beneficial fat for the heart and its arteries is in fact fatty acids that are gained from plant sources other than fishes. Soya bean oil is worth mentioning in this regard.

Proteins, iron, calcium and vitamin B are gained from fish meat, whereas, iodine is got from sea fish. Likewise, the fish oil also have the alike characteristics.

According to the up-to-date research, the blood cholesterol and triglycerides levels are decreased due to eating fish. According to the research, the fish intake stops the blood pressure from increasing that possibly also keeps the paralysis away.

The human brain is an oily organ. Besides water, its main constituent is fat. The fat we eat reveals itself in our moods. The depressed people have low intake of omega 3.

That’s why the depression is less seen in fish eating countries.  The use of fish reduces the aging process and controls the inflammation in the lungs due to smoking.

The fish researchers say that any type of fish is helpful for the heart related diseases. It helps in maintaining cholesterol and sugar levels in the body. Its usage in the winter season is helpful in maintaining the super health.

The Paleo Diet
The Paleo Diet

The Benefits of Prawns

The nature has made the sea food full of immense benefits for the humans and its best example is prawn that has proved to the best prescription for the safeguard of men’s health and overcoming the liver problems.

In the fresh research of Stanford University of America, the surprising benefits of prawn have come forward.  The scientists of the Hopkins Marine Center of the University have found that meat of prawn stops the way of infertility, liver disturbances, cancer of urethra and several brain diseases by stopping the proliferation of the disease known as schistosomiasis.

One more important thing has come forward that if medicines fail in controlling the schistosomiasis, then prawns can be used to control this disease.

A shocking discovery has also been revealed in this research published in the scientific Journal “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” that around 800 million people all over the world are victimized of schistosomiasis and women are facing the possibility of infertility due to this disease.

The experts say that the easy solution to overcome these problems is to make prawns found in fresh water, a part of your daily diet.

The Paleo Diet
The Paleo Diet

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