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Birbals's wisdom | A Short Story about the Wisdom of Birbal | Moral Stories for Kids

Birbals's wisdom - A Short Story about the Wisdom of Birbal - Moral Stories for Kids
Birbals's wisdom - A Short Story about the Wisdom of Birbal - Moral Stories for Kids

One night, the King Akbar and the Birbal disguising them were touring the city that they happened to pass by the barber’s hut.  The barber was smoking Huqqah sitting on the cot outside his hut. Akbar asked him, “Brother, tell me, how people are doing these days under the ruling of the King Akbar?”

The barber abruptly replied, “What to talk of our King Akbar, prosperity and peace prevails everywhere under his ruling. People are enjoying luxurious lives. Every day is an Eid day and every night is a “Diwalee.”

Hearing the talks of barber, the King and the Birbal moved ahead.  Akbar said to Birbal proudly, “Birbal, Have you seen, how much public is happy in our ruling?” Birbal submitted, “No, doubt, Your Majesty! You are highly regarded.”

After few days, once again, one night they both happened to pass by this area. The Akbar asked the barber, “How are you? Brother!” The Barber immediately replied.

What do you ask about the welfare? Destruction and chaos is prevailing everywhere. Everyone is painful in the age of this King Akbar. May Allah destroy this jinx King Akbar? Akbar was shocked that the same person was admiring the King so much, but what has happened now?

As far as his knowledge was concern, he had no information about the worse conditions of the public. Akbar tried to ask the barber,” What was the reason for the destruction of the public?” The barber continued cursing the government without telling the reason. Akbar got worried hearing his talks.

Taking Birbal at a separate place, the Akbar asked him, “Why this man said like this? The Birbal took a bag out of his pocket and replied, “There are ten coins in it, and actually I had them stolen from his hut two days ago. He had wealth in his hut at that time.

He was feeling the King and the government, everything fine and was guessing everyone happy and cheerful like him.  Now, he is sad after losing his wealth. He is now guessing the whole world is suffering from poverty and destruction.

Your Majesty, he was trying to bring into your notice from this incident that a person guesses the happiness of other people in the perception of his own happiness.  Therefore, the Kings and the rulers have to come out from their personas and look deep and wide to understand the grievances of the public. 

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