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Monday, January 14, 2019

Immune System | Simple Ways to Boost Your Immunity Naturally | 6 Natural Foods for Strong Immune System

Immune System | Simple Ways to Boost Your Immunity Naturally | 6 Natural Foods for Strong Immune System

Whether it is flu, cold, or stomach issues, you need a strong immune system to deal with them. 

Although, the vaccines, medicines and prescribed treatment provide help in getting rid of bacteria, viruses from the body of the patient, however, the immune system is very important for bearing all this and even safeguarding you from the illnesses.

That’s why a strong immune system is considered very important for a healthy body. What a person eats or drinks and how much he does exercise? All these things play an important role in strengthening the immune system.

If you are willing to increase your immune power immediately, then the use of the following natural ingredients could be beneficial for you.

The Apple Vinegar

The apple vinegar is full of nutrients and has anti-microbial characteristics that keep the body away from infection and is a wonderful choice for immediate immunity growth.

The pectin found in the apple, when digested turns into good bacteria. As a result the number of antibodies and white cells increases in the body that fights against the diseases.

Method: Mix a spoon full of apple vinegar and honey in a cup of water and use it twice daily.

The Tea of Ginger

The antioxidants found in ginger play an important role in strengthening the immune system in the body. The “Gingerwills” matter found in the ginger though makes the ginger sour but it is also a reason for its medicinal benefits.

Method: Crush little amount of ginger thoroughly and let it boil in a cup of water for 5 minutes. Then cool it after taking it away from the stove and mix a little amount of honey well in it and use this tea twice daily. Besides, tea, ginger can also be used in salads and meals.

Turmeric is beneficial for the human body is not only one but many ways. Turmeric is an excellent antioxidant, the use of which has been considered important in the medical field for centuries.

Due to its anti-inflammatory characteristics, the
turmeric is capable of solving many health issues instantly; even it keeps you safe from cancer as well.

Method: Mix a spoonful of turmeric powder thoroughly in a glass of warm water and when it cools down, use it once in a day, especially at night.

Green Tea
There is not only one but many health benefits of green tea. The use of it reduces the attacks of fatal diseases such as arthritis, heart diseases, and Alzheimer's, etc. 

It also provides mental peace. Not only this, but there is a rich amount of polyphenolic that produces resistance power against fatal cancer disease.

Method: Pour 1 spoonful of green tea in a cup of water and let it boil. When this mixture cools down somewhat, mix a little bit of honey and uses it twice daily before it cools down.

Lemon Juice

Vitamin C is essential for the immune growth and there is 55% of vitamin C in a lemon. Lemon is full of many vitamins and its ingredients help fight against germs.

Method: Squeeze half piece of lemon in a glass of water. After mixing it well, pour a little amount of honey and then again stir it well. Use this juice two times a day before it went sour.

Olive Oil

If you are wishful for a strong immune system, then olive oil is the best and useful oil.
There is omega 6 an element found in olive oil that prevents the body from several fatal diseases. 

Being an antioxidant, olive oil prevents the body from toxins, infection, and several germs. 

Method: Make your habit of using half a spoonful of olive oil daily in your salad.
Different exercises can also be used along with the use of natural ingredients and natural foods to increase immunity power such as yoga, swimming, and walking, etc.

These exercises are not only helpful in regulating the blood properly but are also beneficial in preventing obesity, arthritis, and certain kind of mental illnesses.


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  1. Ginger tea is really good and I liked it. Take immunity herbal supplements and this will helps for a strong immune system.