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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Latest Research: Multivitamins can Radically Minimize the Risk of Cancer

Latest Research: Multivitamins can Radically Minimize the Risk of Cancer
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Cancer is a chronic disease overwhelmed the world with sickness and ultimately death, yet to find out the cure. 

Amazingly, the disease considered so complicatedly and untreatable can be controlled by simply changing your daily eating habits or taking the best multivitamin daily.

The truth is not like that the huge amount of money that is used up for overcoming cancer in the past years is actually a total squander of time and resources. 

On the other hand, oftentimes the simplest resolution is the finest resolution.

 According to the latest research, scientists appear to believe that medical science has already recognized in the recent past time that a healthy and balanced diet is actually a revelation to a sound healthiness.

A recently released test of about fifteen thousand men over 50 years of age recommends that having a daily multivitamin can minimize the cancer risks at the rate of around 8%. 
It probably will not appear enough but still, it is sufficient risk minimization while just taking a small amount of multivitamin daily.

Dr. Michael Gaziano who is the Harvard Medical School professor and the front-line writer of the research recently published in the “American Medical Association Journal’ says that regardless of the insufficient data available for the proof of reduction of cancer risk by daily intake of a multivitamin, however, many people take multivitamins for the same purpose. 
He further said that our latest research shows a significant reduction in the treatment of cancer by way of taking a multivitamin daily. 

 Variations observed over the previous researches

The examination was not carried out on people who were below 50 years of age and that’s why it is not apparent if the below 50 age people would also receive the same results. 
However, it is noticeable that normally cancer affects people over 50 years.

Comparatively larger studies that started in the year 1992 together with 18 million people and the Health Initiative Research on 16 million women, which was conducted in the year 2009 and ABC news stated that the intake of multivitamins had almost shown no positive signs on the treatment of cancer.

Another news representative informed that according to the study carried in Sweden in the year 2010 on around 35000 women observed that the danger of breast cancer was risen up by the use of multivitamins.

Let’s examine the difference between the past and present studies?

At the outset, the recent research was carried out on two different groups of men. The first group was taking the multivitamin, whereas the second group was not. 
On the contrary, past researches were carried out based on the observation that shows that the people were not match up to another.

Furthermore, people, particularly men over 65 or above were observed for more than 11 years, which is clearly the long observation period as compared to the previous researches as 11 years are enough period for cancer to show up.

Finally, the previous tests were based on the fact that the multivitamins that were used to cover the deficiencies of diet in people’s food intake. 
Whereas, recent tests were based on using specific vitamins such as A, D or E in huge dosages that is totally unusual from the approach people usually take the forms of minerals and vitamins they require from diets.

Gaziano briefed that the research disputes that the risk of cancer can be reduced if lower dosages of minerals and vitamins present in a multivitamin are consumed in comparison to the previous tests that used higher dosages of minerals and vitamins may be useful for controlling or minimizing cancer risks.

Bad eating practices make room for a multivitamin

Dr. David Katz, who is the director at Yale Preventive Research Center was not present in the research stated that past researches that emphasize on the importance of taking the single vitamin at higher dosages proved them to be fruitless.

He further said that the extra dosages of single vitamins have been proved worthless repeatedly.
He continued that if a multivitamin is the only way left to fulfill the nutrients need in a person then why not people take a mixture of diets that offer them all the required vitamins by eating properly balanced diets and that could also help them minimize the risks of cancer.

The studies accept the dilemma that only a negligible number of people take the suggested daily amounts of fruits and veggies. Katz mentioned.

He further said that now it is apparent that altering the food intake habits is actually difficult than getting a multivitamin.

The government research conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics discovered that now more and more Americans are getting additional food supplements. 
It is estimated that more than 50% of people are getting some kind of food supplements.


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