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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Advantages and Disadvantages of a College Hostel Life

Advantages and Disadvantages of a College Hostel Life

A hostel of a college is a wonderful advantage to those whose homes are lying distantly. To such boys, a hostel is like a home residence, where they can seek enjoyment from most of, if not all, the comforts and pleasures of a home abode. A college hostel life has indisputably definite advantages.

The inhabitant considers himself to be an element of his college. He goes into more profuse into the business life of the college than the regular students who simply attend college and then go away home. The fortitude of the association is for all times stronger amongst the hostel students than amongst the regular students.

Yet again, the hostel student takes delight in the communal life of the college. This is unused by a normal day going students for the reason that they are more or less entirely restricted to their classes. The boys, who subsist mutually in a hostel, get to be familiar with one another and develop friendships that often last for life.

They bond jointly in all college games; sharpen one another’s intelligence in dialogue, become recognizable with one another’s personalities, and take advantage from all the delights of high-quality friendship.

Then the hostel accommodator is required to pursue the system of the boarding house. This is an exceptional work out in developing good manners and composition of character.

It tests out him from going away astray and spoiling in certain wickedness tendencies.

Those who live together in a cluster of people study to articulate kindness with one another and build up a tolerance.

An additional advantage attained from life in a hostel is the construction of disciplinary observance in life. The hostel accommodator is not free to do what he is keen on.

Here he is obliged to take meals at specific hours have to return to the boarding house in the evening before a preset hour, and has to toil till the horn sounds for his sleep.

These routines of punctuality have a propensity to expand his individuality and make possible for him to rise to an immense degree in his forthcoming life.

But boarding house life has its pitfalls too. The strength of autonomy and independence integral in the boy is squashed.

Simultaneously as this may do some good to boys of violent and unmanageable temperament, it does productive harm to boys of reclusive disposition.

It is a hard-luck that under the sway of too harsh parameters practiced in some hostels, the placid stances of boys are squashed that are required after leaving the hostel to be well equipped for the contest of life.

Also, there is one more hitch. It divests the lodger of house influences.

Not anything can substitute the affectionate outcome of the adoring mother or the penalizing measures taken by the father whose trials are at all times governed by a heart full of love for his son.

If he is ever atrocious to the boy, he is “atrocious only to be kind.”

After that in a hostel, save there is very strict ruling, continual and inexhaustible learning is impracticable.

Bawling, and the jaunts of the sluggish boys, and the annoyances formed by mischievous boys, often make it unworkable for receptive boys to relate themselves devoted to their books.

Before I finish, there is every odds for scrupulous boys to lacerate into bad camaraderie. They often figure injurious friendships that acutely maneuver their character in the skewed direction.


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