Friday, December 6, 2019

Good and Bad Effects of Media on Society - Merits and Demerits of Media

Today's world communicates through media. The print media includes. magazines, newspapers, and other weekly editorials, etc., whereas electronic media includes radio, television, Cable TV Networks, internet, etc.

Good Effects of Media on Society

Print media has a great positive influence on society. The majority of people read a newspaper daily early in the morning. Without any doubt, the big source of mass communication is electronic media. The majority of people directly get affected by electronic media. It also provides a lot of entertainment.

The cable transmission, dish, satellite, and electricity greatly affect society.  The information provided by these channels is very helpful as we come to know about the politics, society and dissimilar cultures of the world

Bad Effects of Media on Society

movies and dramas
movies and dramas
We also come to know about the worldwide news and current situation, new discoveries, and geographical facts. The media is a great source of providing a large amount of information about the universe, oceans, science, sociology, and policies.

As the media has its positive effects, it has also some bad effects on society. Lots of students browse websites on the internet and waste their precious time.

The new generation is losing their creative faculties by indulging in sex talks and watching naked pictures or reading sex material online In this way, they are leaving behind the moral values of the society.

The TV and satellite channels are hindering the peaceful lifestyle of people by showing them glamorous dramas, movies, sex inspiring, and fashion related scenes.

violence containing scenes
violence containing scenes
The younger generation tries to copy the violent scenes as shown in the movie, which increases the crimes, violence, and terrorism in the society. Since the media puts direct effects on the moral values, therefore, it should show only programs that could enhance the society's overall moral character.

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