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Positive and Negative Impacts of Media on Society

Media is a way of communication in the modern world. Media is divided into electronic media and print media. Newspapers, magazines and other weekly editorials etc. are included in print media while Television, Radio, Cable TV Network, internet etc., are included in electronic media.

Positive Impacts of Media on Society

Print media has its great positive influence on society. Majority of people read newspaper daily early in the morning. Electronic media in its every form is a big source of mass communication. It produces direct effects on the minds of common people. It is a great source of providing entertainment as well.

The impact and influence of electronic, satellite, dish and cable transmission is great on the society. The electronic media in the form of satellite transmission, internet, cable net, and dish has many useful effects. It helps to give information about different cultures, social and political systems of the different part of the world.

It gives current news and information about what’s happening in the world. Electronic media is the great source of knowledge about geographical facts of the world. It also provides information about new discoveries. Media is a wonderful source of getting knowledge about science, universe, oceans, sociology and politics.

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Negative Impacts of Media on Society

As media has its positive effects, it has also some negative effects on society. Student’s and young boys and girls waste their precious time in browsing websites on the internet and cable net.

Nude pictures, sex material, sex entertainment talks on internet directly influence on the creative capabilities of the young generation. This kind of entertainment destroys the moral values and due to these sex crimes are increased.

The movie channels on satellite transmission and cable TV network channels provide movies and dramas with full of glamour, fashion and sex motivating scenes which cause damage to the peaceful life.

In movies, the violence containing scenes produce great negative effects on young people. They also try to react in the similar way as they have seen in the movies. The violence, terrorism and crimes are increased. The role of media is very important in the modern world. It is a source which is directly related to the moral values of the society.

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The media concerned authorities should try to broadcast such programs, which can build up the moral values in the society.

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