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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Recipes for Preparing Delicious Summer Drinks at Home

Recipes for Preparing Delicious Summer Drinks at Home
Watermelon Drink

Everybody wants to drink something cold in the scorching sunlight of extreme summer season.

Especially, when you enter into the house bathing with perspiration, it is the only wish to get something cold to drink that can provide freshness to the whole body.

Here, we will tell you some summer drink recipes. With little effort, you can prepare these drinks and keep them in the house and when required drink yourself as well as serve your guests.

Grewia Drink
Nature has attached several health benefits to fruits. Grewia is also among them. Grewia is delicious, full of nutrients, and a gift of God, especially in the summer season to recover your lost energy.

Vitamin C is found in abundance in Grewia, therefore, its juice is considered the best tonic in the summer season. By preparing Grewia juice by the following method, you can enjoy its taste and nutrients both at the same time.

Ingredients: Grewia 1 k.g., water 3 cups, a little bit of black salt, sugar 750 gm or as desired, 4 lemons.

Recipe: After washing Grewia thoroughly, put water in them and boil.

Now separate the marrow through a sieve.

Put the sieved marrow and sugar in a pot and cook.

Then mix salt and lemon juice in it. Now pour this mixture in a bottle and put it in a fridge.

Whenever you need it, mix one spoon of this mixture in a glass of cold water and enjoy yourself or present it to your guests.

Unripe Mangoes Drink

Ingredients: unripe mango 1 piece, sago (1 tablespoon), sugar (4 tablespoon), dates (100 gms), mint (¼ of the bundle), black salt (¼ of teaspoonful), water (2 glasses)

Recipe: Put small pieces of unripe mango, sago, and 2 glasses of water in a pot and cook it on moderate heat.

When sago swells and becomes thick, take out the kernel of dates and put them into the pot after rubbing them among your fingers.

Let them cook for some time.

Finally, put sugar. When sugar dissolves, put mint and turn off the stove.

After the evaporation of steam, preserve this mixture into some bottles.

The unripe mango drink will provide you health, energy, nutrition and freshness in the intense heat of summer.

Watermelon Drink

Ingredients: Watermelon (take the seeds out) 1 kg, sugar (6-8 tablespoons), red syrup as desired, ice (ground), water (4 glasses), a little bit of watermelon (cut in the shape of cubes).

Recipe: Put the watermelon, water, and sugar into the blender and red syrup as well. Blend them thoroughly.

Afterward, put the ground ice and blend the mixture once again thoroughly.

First, fill the glasses with the drink and then put some cubes of watermelon in them.

Here you are!

The delicious watermelon drink is ready in the home.

Mango Milkshake

Ingredients: Mango ½ kgs (in the shape of cubes), sugar (6-8 tablespoons), milk (2-3 glasses), water 1 glass, ground ice, few small cubes of mango.

Recipe: Put mango, milk, water, and sugar into the blender and blend them thoroughly, then put some ice and blend them again thoroughly.

Pour the drink into the glasses and put some ground ice and small mango cubes into it.

Now present it to your family members and guest with pride.


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