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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The Aged People Can Save Their Brains from Contracting By Way of Exercising

 The Aged People Can Save Their Brains from Contracting By Way of Exercising

It is normally seen that aged people avoid indulging in any physical activity that encircled them into various diseases. The experts of Eden Burg University says that the risk of Dementia (losing memory gradually) reduces in aged people as a result of exercising.

During the research, the brains of such 638 people were screened who were reached the age of retirement.

People, who were physically extra motivated, their brain was compared to a lesser amount contracted during the last 3 years of the period.

The experts say that exercise doesn’t mean extremely tough physical activity, simply going for a walk many times in a week is also sufficient.

To solve any complex puzzle, the mental activity has not that much effect as physical activity. That is why various mental activities such as reading books or other social activities such as passing time with friends etc. have not that much positive effect on human health as physical activity.

When the experts observed the gray matter of the brain by ways of which the brain performs messaging work, they come to know that people crossing 70 years of age and were habitual of exercising have that part of the brain less affected than others.

Besides, the gray matter was also comparatively on the high side. This is the part of the brain, where the messaging function starts.

The experts are already aware of the fact that as our age rises, the brain starts to contract that puts adverse effects on memory and thinking capability. Previous studies also tell us that the risk of losing memory also reduces as a result of exercising.

As a result of exercising, the continuation of blood remains in the direction of the brain that continues to provide oxygen and other necessary elements to the brain cells.

Doctor Simon Ridley says, “In this study the connection of exercise is attached to the fact that it reduces the possibilities of aging in you, which keeps your mental health intact.

risk of losing memory in old age
In the light of the recent research, however, we cannot say it for sure that the mental health of these people is only due to exercising but we know at least for sure that the risk of losing memory in the old age is reduced by doing exercise in the middle age.”


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