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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Concepts and Expectations of Future Cars - Upcoming Automobiles Scenario


Concepts and Expectations of Future Cars - Upcoming Automobiles Scenario
cars that can fly in the air

 If you search the internet for the scenario of the upcoming automobile, you will be amazed and may want to laugh on the concepts and expectations of what people have created in their minds about future cars.

Majority of people seems to have an opinion of driving the flying cars in the 21st century, while many others have mixed up the concept of driving or flying in bicycles or hot air balloons.

With the little rational approach, any sensible person can predict that we can’t be flying in a flying automobile and something like that shortly.

The concepts of the majority of people are nowhere even close to reality rather they are very far from the feasibility point of view.

We will look deeper into the possibilities of flying automobiles that would be in use by a common man in the future.

Besides, we will also take a closer look at other facts that would be impacting the feasibility of the upcoming automobiles to fly.

At the outset, forget about the concept that we would be driving flying cars shortly.

Believe me, it’s not at all practically possible for the automobiles to be flying in the air for a century from now or maybe even more than a century.

The reason for it is not that we are short at technology rather we are quite able to make cars that can fly in the air.

The real reason for never being able to fly a car in the air is SAFETY. If you look into the facts and figures of everyday accidents that we are having around the globe, you will quickly come out of the idea that there are far more chances of accidents if we give automobiles two more dimension (Up and Down) of travel besides two that we already have. Certainly, accidents, injuries, and deaths rate will rise dramatically.

Here a question might arise in your mind that if we are not short at technology then it is possible to create an automobile that only requires our typing of the desired location and we would reach there without any risk of an accident.

Yes, this is a good point but the thing is that that kind of technology is still to come up and by the time it is ready to be installed in vehicles after passing perfection tests, it is most likely to be very costly.

There will be a disproportion between rich and poor. The richer people would be flying in high-tech flying cars while the poorer just traveling in the ground cars having safety issues attached with the two-dimensional vehicles.

Keeping in view the above facts, it is not possible flying in automobiles unless and until we can create that hi-fi technology that is errorless and economical at the same time.

As you know that the air traffic is controlled by the central governments and concerned officials of the air traffic approve beforehand the routes of the flights that are scheduled to go in the air. The concerned officials keep a full check on the air traffic flight destinations.

In this scenario, the challenges of the air traffic department would rise to a great extent in case they would also have to check the flying vehicles.

Therefore, it would not be wrong saying that the upcoming automobiles would most probably remain on the ground, where they are right now.

Maybe there would be a day when the flying automobiles would get the clearance of flying in the air but it doesn’t seem to happen for now or even in the next century.


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