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Friday, April 24, 2020

Statistics about Sleep Apnea – Sleep Apnea Facts and Figures

Sleep apnea is a breathing disorder that happens due to some blockage in the airways. “Apnea” is a Greek word, which means “scarcity of breath”. It is a serious issue and can actually worsen with time.

Such types of obstructions in breathing can exist for 10-30 sec and above. In case of severe sleep apnea, these cessations in breathing can exceed 400 every night. 

Some people are so overwhelmed by this disease that they receive sleep apnea attacks every 30 sec every night. 
The sleep apnea the syndrome is yet not understood clearly by the therapeutic people while research is going on.  

Many people still don’t know that they are suffering from this disease. 

Every so often, any family member or a bed associate informs the sufferer about his disease.

Sleep apnea is considered as the severe healthiness issue, which can be life taking in case it is left untreated and undiagnosed. Three types of sleep apneas are well known i.e. obstructive-sleep-apnea, central-sleep-apnea, and mixed-sleep-apnea. Among these three, obstructive sleep apnea is highly prevalent.
The highly prevalent obstructive sleep apnea can be mild-moderate or severe. This sleep apnea can easily convert from mild-moderate or moderate-severe. It is not particular to age and influences every age of people and children alike.

Although, males and females both can have sleep apnea, however, it is mostly general in males as compared to females, particularly in obese males of middle age. 

It is also considered factual due to the reason that males’ neck circumference is thicker as compared to women.
We are giving you hereunder some figures in regards to shockingly widespread suffering.
Sleep apnea is speculated along in about 18 M United States people, which means that roughly 1 person in every 15 American people or in order words 6.62 percent of the entire United States population is suffering from sleep apnea syndrome.

According to California’s university research, where the study was conducted for the existence of sleep on 346 Caucasians and 54 African Americans, the outcome proved 17% of African American and 8% of Caucasians had a sleep apnea existent. 

As such this report signifies that the prevalent threat of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is present in the African Americans.

Around 2-4% of all the United States people have an unrecognized sleep apnea condition, which means roughly every single in fifty persons is unrecognized.

Sleep apnea patients continuously confront the apparent risks of indulging in any traffic accident. Their possibility of dying in a vehicle accident is 6 folds extra because of their inability to focus and drowsiness. 

The “National Highway Traffic Safety Administration” has mentioned the fact that every year around one hundred thousand vehicle accidents occur, in which around forty thousand get injured and around fifteen thousand and fifty people die due to sleepy driving.

According to estimation, every year around 263000 children go through tonsillectomies surgery. The majority of these surgeries are carried out to remove tonsils that are hampering their airways because of the existence of sleep apnea.

A study carried out to know about the influences of CPAP therapy to help the bed associate of a sleep apnea patient. 

It reported that a considerable amount of sleep can be lost by the bed associate of an untreated sleep apnea patient. 

The bed associate loses around an hour of sleep every night because of the gasping and breathing of the sleep apnea patient.

Sleep apnea patients are 4 times more apparent to the threat of stroke as compared with those who are not sleep apnea patients. 

They are also 3 times more likely apparent to heart-related disease.

A sufferer may undergo sixty apneas episodes every hour, which sum up to around four hundred apneas events every night.

Approximately about 50% of all the hypertension patients are diagnosed by hypertension and on the other side approximately about 50% of all the sleep apnea patients are diagnosed with hypertension.

The “National Commission on Sleep Disorders Research” informs that roughly about 38000 people die every year due to heart-related issues that are in some way or other are related to sleep apnea. 

Among other, stroke, hypertension and high blood pressure are the issues that are connected to these deaths.

According to an estimation, about 6 M United States people are afflicted by moderate-severe sleep apnea and may need a visit to a medical center. 

Unluckily, lots of people don’t, as mentioned earlier, even recognize that they are suffering from sleep apnea. Such types of people are about five hundred million in number.

As cleared by the above statistics that one should not take sleep apnea easily. 

The unhealed OSA patients are highly apparent to the risks of death that are not just right, when there are so many kinds of treatments handy.


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