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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Vitamins and Human Health is Reciprocal to Each Other – Importance of Vitamins for Human Health


Vitamins and Human Health is Reciprocal to Each Other – Importance of Vitamins for Human Health

Appropriate Intake of Green Vegetables, Fresh Fruits, Milk, Yogurt, Eggs, Cheese and Grain is Necessary

Vitamins are such mineral compounds that perform a very vital role in our body, whether they are in limited quantity in our body, but are essential for our health. There are many kinds of Vitamins, the majority of which our body cannot create itself.

Thus by including these in our food, we can get the required vitamins. Which Vitamins are necessary for human health, their work, and which one saves a human from diseases, a detailed view is given hereunder for your knowledge.

Vitamin “A”

Vitamin A is responsible for human sight, an external surface of the skin, digestive system, the safety of the respiratory system in our skin surface. This Vitamin can be acquired from Green leaves vegetables, spinach, cabbage, maize, peas, pulses, carrots, etc.

Besides, it is also found in abundance in fish, milk, egg yolk, butter, and cream. Skin becomes dry and blunt due to its deficiency, whereas, a person can get caught in the disease of night blindness which can lead to total blindness. Vitamin “A” is also effective in the treatment of cancer, skin diseases, and safety from boils.

Vitamin “D”

Vitamin D plays an important role in the safety of human bones and teeth. Its role is to establish a balance in the level of calcium and phosphorus. This vitamin is found in very fewer amounts in vegetables and grain, whereas, sunshine plays a vital role in its provision.

Due to its deficiency, the children's bones cannot grow properly, due to which the bones become soft and weak. This disease is called “Rickets.”

Vitamin “E”

Vitamin E works in our body as an Antioxidant. This vitamin is sought from vegetables and meat. The most affected are those children who were born before the stipulated date. Its deficiency also affects red blood cells.

Vitamin “K”

Vitamin K plays an important role in the clotting of blood in case of injury. This vitamin can easily be sought in spinach, cabbage, grain, tomato, carrot, and potato. Besides, “friend bacteria” present in the intestines also make Vitamin K, which dissolving in blood keeps it healthy.

Its deficiency can be caused by excessive usage of antibiotics because of friend bacteria present in our intestines, which makes this vitamin also, die by antibiotics.

In this condition the seepage of blood from the wounds takes place. The deficiency of Vitamin “K” can easily be caused in infants since their intestines are clean from bacteria.

The vaccination of this Vitamin is essential for infants at the time of birth.

Folic Acid

The deficiency of this Vitamin is very common in America and this is generally seen in pregnant women and users of excessive Alcohol (liquor). Folic acids are also formed by friends bacteria present in our body.

Besides, it is found in abundance in vegetables and fruits. Its deficiency can cause a severe deficiency of blood which is called Megaloblastic Anemia.

Folic acid must be given to pregnant or milk feeding mothers. Its deficiency can cause defects in the growth of the spinal cord and backbone during pregnancy, which is called “Spina Bifida” and since this problem arises in the first week of pregnancy, the mother could not get aware of her pregnancy. Therefore, every woman, who is capable of pregnancy must take 0.4 mg of folic acid daily

Vitamin “C”

Vitamin C plays an important role in building vessels in our body, recovery of the womb, and growth of bones. This vitamin is found in abundance in green leaves vegetables, green chili, lemon, orange, tomato, mulberry, turnip, and potato.

Its deficiency cause bursting of small blood vessels that leads to leakage of blood from gums, their swelling and teeth start falling. This disease is called “Scurvy”. Its deficiency cause swelling of joints and wounds also don’t recover quickly.

Vitamin “B1”

Vitamin B1 is found in pulses, peas, and fruits. The weakness of muscles and nerves takes place due to its deficiency, which is called “Berry Berry”. People in America, who takes a lot of alcohol becomes a victim of its severe deficiency and thus a disease of indifference and forgetfulness is commonly seen in them. This condition is also called “Wemicke Korsakoff’s Syndrome.”

Vitamin “B6”

Vitamin B6 is acquired from vegetables, wheat, eggs, and curd. People who use medicines for T.B can be victimized of its deficiency. In this situation, Vitamin B6 can be sought from medicines or food.

Vitamin B12

A very crucial Vitamin B12 can only be acquired from animals. Its scarcity can also cause a severe deficiency of blood which is called “Pernicious Anemia”.


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