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Sunday, September 6, 2020

Kinds of Fossils

Kinds of Fossils

Fossils are found in many shapes. The reasons for this difference depend upon the kinds of animals, the atmosphere in which the animal was buried and the chemical effects after its burial.

The procedure of saving Fossils is divided into four groups.

1) The fossils of hard parts
2) The fossils of soft parts
3) Alternate fossils

4) The shadow of fossils and animals

The soft body-parts of animals are preserved in the snow or amber (the matter excreted from trees) type of atmosphere.

The extinct kind of enormous elephant of Siberia was also buried under the frozen earth. An extinct kind of Poland’s Dinosaur is as well discovered in the oil seeping earth.

Besides, many other ancient animals are found preserved in amber.

The hard body-parts of animals are easily buried under earth such as the shells of animals, outer covers, the bones of animals that have a backbone, the outer skeleton of the insects etc.

Sometimes, few changes also appear on the actual parts of the animals. These changes depend on the burial place and atmosphere.

Kinds of Fossils
Few parts of the few animals as well excrete nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen and the carbon of the body remains in the shape of thin membrane.

The hard parts of few animals are changed due to the accumulation of minerals in the holes of the hard parts.

And sometimes chemicals dissolve to prepare different kinds of minerals such as Silica, Lime and Litharge (red lead) etc. Such changes demonstrate the alternate kind of fossils.

The shapes of few animals are saved in the form of mould such as the shells of the animals get filled with soil and their shadow is preserved on the earth in the shape of fossils.

The scientists take much interest in the research of fossils and their discovery unlocks many burial secrets of the earth.

Fossils not only tells us about the animals existed in the ancient times but also informs us about the weather conditions of the area and sometimes even tells us about the presence of oil and various minerals.

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