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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Our Earth is an Abode of 8.7 Million Different Living Species

Our Earth is an Abode of 8.7 Million Different Living Species
8.7 Million Different Living Species

Our earth is certainly much bigger place than the present man considers about it. The recent research of the scientists of Canada provides solid reason to this theory.

According to this research our earth is an abode of about 8.7 million species and the man has discovered or knows about ¼ out of them. The team has reached to this conclusion by taking support of the latest simulation of Mathematics.

It should be kept in mind that it was thought in the past that our earth consists of 3 million to 100 million kinds of living species.

Zoologists and Botanists are researching on the kinds of living species for more than 250 years but up till now 1.3 million species have been discovered. Every year about 6-15 thousands new species are discovered. If the scientists continue to discover new species with this rate, even then lots of years are required to discover the total kinds of species.

According to a new research, there are 7.8 million animals, 3 hundred thousand plants and 6 hundred and 60 thousands kinds of fungus on the earth. The Biologist of Dalhousie University, Boris Worm, the co-author of this research says that human is spending his life neglecting the beautifulness and complexity of nature. We need to know more about this wondrous planet.

This research has paved way to the discussion that why it is necessary for us to know about the kinds of living species on the earth? But the supporting scientists of this theory say that it is essential.

According to Edward Wilson, the biologist of Harvard, there can be many benefits for human in the undiscovered species. Therefore, it is essential to know about them before they get extinct from the world.

Boris Worm and Camilo Mora, who belongs to University of Hawaii says that this simulation not only informs about the new species but also tells about their classification and genealogy. Their research has been published by the Journal PLOS Biology (Public Library of Science.)

Among 8.7 million species, 6.5 million are earthly living species, while 2.2 million are said to be sea species.

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